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Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta aliens. Mostrar todas las entradas
Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta aliens. Mostrar todas las entradas

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President Eisenhower Meets With The Aliens At Holloman AFB

Learn about this shocking story kept from the world for over 50 years from many of the actual people that lived it! This is NOT the incident often spoken about when people talk about Eisenhower meeting the Aliens at Edwards Air Force Base, but a different and far more documented one that happened at Holloman AFB.

Lean how U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower met with Aliens in 1955 and how they may have saved us all from a Nuclear Holocost. UFO Researcher and Author ART CAMPBELL tells the amazing story.

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Aliens travel on other "space time"

Scientists studying the ages as man could make intergalactic space travel beyond the barrier of time and distance of millions of light years from Earth to their destinations in the Universe.One way that has been proposed study is the ability to be made through other "space-time" and through ladesmaterialización.

According to a compilation of interviews selected by the Italian Ufology Center, astrophysicists believe that if there are aliens traveling in the environment of our planet, they would have used any of these two methods.

The German astrophysicist Johannes Von Buttlar said long ago that more than likely that other civilizations in the Universe are looking at other solar systems and other planetary systems, so that human beings should already be accustomed to the idea that we are observing.

For these beings, traveling from one star to our solar system "would be like traveling from London to New York," he says in the interview.According to the American nuclear engineer Tom Bearden, if we could build an interplanetary spaceship as extraterrestrials with, travel the universe would not have to travel a defined space, but would have to rotate and travel by other "space-time ".

"We must make a twisting motion, rather than proceed as do the rounds. Just simply rotate back and forth and the game is already done, "he adds.

"With these moves you can reach the third and the fourth dimension, and further, back to our own elsewhere in the space" and thus, according to the engineer, "you can skip road travel between galaxies and galaxy to another," Ufology reports the Center.

Explained in the interview, which in the model interspatial, turning at a right angle is lost in 3 dimensions and turning angles are lost three dimensions, and this is the model in the case of dematerialization.

By his count, in the case of UFO sightings, 83% of cases is constituted by such circumstances. First come, that is, materialize and dematerialize then."When you lose a dimension appears as a flat surface with a light way," he adds. For some "dematerialization is a utopia, but in future it should be possible," says the engineer.

Von Buttlar astrophysicist, says that other civilizations may reach Earth from distant parts of the universe and realize these interstellar travel, had to use more advanced technologies than those currently used on Earth, although, according to the scientist, already aware that these other technologies exist, at least as a theoretical model.

"The range of possibilities (of how they travel) is very broad, and we have many models," says Von Buttlar, adding that those who come to our Earth, and all those found extraordinary ways to travel.However Hans C. Aeronautics Petersen of Denmark, says that the aliens are here to control us.

According to Petersen, opened its exploration program around 2000 years ago and are very advanced from a technical standpoint.

"They have a technique to predict the development of the universe for centuries." "Already thousands of years ago knew what would happen on Earth and many of them are in the atmosphere."

According to John Lear, U.S. pilot, perhaps the Americans themselves looked low to his people, feeling that it was not able to take and respond to this situation (the aliens in the atmosphere) "but the truth is the truth and nothing can change, or the military. neither the government nor I, "he said in an interview recorded by the Italian Ufology Center.

In recent years there has been an increasing number of sightings, of which we have provided more information, information that is known by governments, says John Lear.But also true, according to Lear, who for years has been misleading the public by the secret services of different countries and it is likely that extraterrestrial visitors are aware of it.

The term "space weather" is registered in the literature of different cultures but remains an enigma to humans from the point of view of modern science today.

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