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jueves, 6 de julio de 2017

Linda Moulton Howe (06-20-17) Symbols and Binary Code in High Strangeness Phenomena

th Century to 2016, there have been high strangeness reports of symbols on unidentified aerial craft and in crop formations. Some of those high strangeness cases have also included binary code that has been translated. There have been a few similarities in symbol patterns and repeating themes in the binary code in which Something warns about threats to human survival. One current experiencer is a U. S. Army Sergeant. He and his family had an encounter with a craft he estimated to be 820 feet in diameter with symbols at its mid-section. After that encounter, he began to have zeros and ones filling his mind nightly. He began to write the binary code down and the translations have led to a surprising implication. Linda Moulton Howe is a graduate of Stanford University with a Masters Degree in Communication. She has devoted her documentary film,television, radio, writing and reporting career to productions concerning science, medicine and the environment. Ms. Howe has received local, national and international awards, including three regional Emmys, a national Emmy nomination and was an honored producer for medical and science programming in a WCVB Boston Station Peabody award. Linda's award-winning documentaries have included Poison in the Wind and A Sun Kissed Poison, which compared smog pollution in Los Angeles and Denver; Fire In The Water about hydrogen as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels; A Radioactive Water about uranium contamination of public drinking water in a Denver suburb; A Prairie Dawn about astronaut training in Denver;and A Strange Harvest that explored the worldwide animal mutilation mystery that has haunted the United States and other countries since the 1960s and continues to date. As Director of Special Projects at the KMGH-TV station in Denver, Colorado, she received the Aviation & Space Writers Association Award for Writing Excellence in Television; a Chicago Film Festival Golden Plaque for A Radioactive Water; and Colorado’s Florence Sabin Award for “outstanding contribution to public health.” Beginning in February 2017, Linda's new web TV series TRUTH HUNTER Reported by Linda Moulton Howe will debut on the GAIA digital network. On February 20, 2016, Linda was honored at the LAX Hilton with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Conscious Life Expo and The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens TV program, one of TLC’s most popular series in which Linda has been interviewed for each of nine seasons.In addition to her television productions, Linda produces, reports and edits the award-winning science, environment and earth mysteries news website, Earthfiles.com, honored with a Web Award for News Standard of Excellence, a W3Silver Award in the news category, an Award for Standard of Excellence presented by the internet’s Web Award Association and Encyclopaedia Britannica Award for Journalistic Excellence.

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