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viernes, 14 de julio de 2017

Eerie Undground Cave System Discovered on the Island of the Dead [FULL VIDEO]

Using historical accounts this video will venture into an ancient cave system in an attempt to discover the truth, about the place dubbed 'island of the dead' This is a truth which does not want to be discovered. Barrys research has lead him around the world finding similarities in cultural and tribal tradiations which ultimately brought him to the doorway of the underworld both within his own culture and others around the world. The Neolithic of Ireland were simply not communing with their imagination, through his research he will explain the connections between the Neolithic chambers and accoustics. The images left behind by our ancestors indicate particular frequencies to activiate these doorways to other places beyond our normal sphere of existance and how this ancient knowledge has been hidden in plain site. These doorways are not for the faint hearted and many are still gaurded by gatekeepers to this very day, entities that portray themselves as gods and continue to have an effect on our lives in the modern world.

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