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domingo, 16 de julio de 2017

Crop Circles Are No Hoax, Unbelievable Evidence [FULL VIDEO]

There are a lot of strange things that happen in the world, and when they do Scientists do their very best to explain them. Most times they do come up with a logical explanation, but there are times when they simply cannot. So does the crop circle phenomenon fit into this latter category? Dedicated researcher Dan Vidler looks at how the magnificent spectacle of crop circles draws us into a unique mystery, intriguing with precise and complex geometry, their placement within the landscape and often sheer scale. Looking closer, on hands and knees, lifting stems and counting layers can add another dimension to the realisation that we are involved with something unexplainable and magical. Trying to unravel the way certain stems have fallen leads to us question our perception of the material world. Dan shares over twelve years of ground research, highlighting features which can often be missed. Recorded at Truth, Mysteries and New Frontiers [Glastonbury Symposium]

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