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viernes, 30 de junio de 2017

Amazing Future Technology that Could be Mistaken for UFOs [FULL VIDEO]

We have several prototype aircraft and drones and other future technology you won't see on the news for another 10-15 years so if we did face a threat from the unknown then even if there is no Torchwood around now, there would be something like it by then and they certainly would have some great kit to help in the fight. Look at the Taranis, which is a prototype made by BAE Systems. It looks for all the world like a spaceship in the hanger. Regarding his time working for the governmet Nick Pope said that the official position of the British government that UFOs pose "no significant defense threat," really means "we don't know." He added: "My colleagues and I said, whatever our official position - the one we gave to the public, media or parliament, - privately, where five per cent of UFO sightings remained unexplained, at the very least there has to be a potential threat." Pope goes on to explain UFO secrecy and disclosure.

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