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martes, 2 de mayo de 2017

What you need to know about Shadow People [FULL VIDEO]

They lurk in obscurity. the Shadow People. Looming human figures, blacker than darkness. Millions across the globe see them. There are numerous reports of malevolent Shadow People, the most common physical contact that these Shadow People do to people is jump on their chest and choke them. From the gray area between realities, strange figures emerge. Djinn, Shadow People, Grinning Men, Pukwudgies, and Black-eyed Beings. These and many others have been encountered through the ages, but their true agendas remain unclear. They appear unbound by our natural laws, and, in fact, seem to relish breaking the natural order of things as we understand it. In the wake of their intrusions, questions remain: What are they? Why are they here? And will they return?

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