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miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Extraterrestrials in our Universe, a True Story of Alien Encounters [FULL VIDEO]

We have Aliens in our universe. This video describes one man's experience of communicating and working with other-dimensional and extra-terrestrial beings over a 50 year period. For anyone who has ever questioned why aliens are here and why they haven't landed on the white house lawn - this is a must watch. For anyone who has encountered a ufo or had contact experiences.. this video will help you to integrate and move beyond the surface level of that contact. A lifetime of alien contact has left him with the inescapable feeling that "he" is one of "them",come to Earth to experience our way of life and help us get ready for that step up into Galactic Federation membership despite all the denial and trickery of governments trying to suppress the shocking truth.

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