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lunes, 1 de mayo de 2017

Disclosing the Extraterrestrial Presence Among Us [FULL VIDEO]

The planet earth is being engaged by extra-terrestrial civilizations and it has been for some time, certainly since the mid 1940’s’, Perhaps hundreds of years, the government made a decision that this information needed to be embargoed because they did not know the intentions of these beings-since then there has been a conscious and premeditated effort on the part of ‘these’ people to hide the truth from us.’ UFO disclosure is inevitable. The fact that they have been able to maintain this embargo is extraordinary but the extra-terrestrial phenomena is global news. There are ufo sightings every single day and witnesses are always coming forward. We absolutely must have disclosure. On a fundamental basis the idea that certain individuals in the government know that we are not alone in the universe is unacceptable-every human being on this planet needs to know.’ adding, ‘There’s also the matter of sequestered technologies. We think that the United States and one or two other countries have terrestrial based technology from crashed vehicles. They have been studying and re-engineering these vehicles for many years. There is evidence that they have created their own anti-gravity vehicles and there is the matter of the energy systems that drive these crafts. That technology could be beneficial for the planet which is facing so many problems but that technology is not being used for the planet because they must maintain this veil of silence.

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