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miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

10 Mysterious Events Caught On Camera

Please comment, like and subscribe for more Thanks for watching! Mysterious Events Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life! 10. Poltergeist spoils little girl birthday party. In the home video captured by her family, an aggressive ghost manifests itself, opening and closing cupboard doors causing the family to panic. 9. Some co-workers look on at a strange occurrence, as foam on the floor mysteriously begins to spiral in an unending loop. 8. Footage of the "hovering plane" phenomenon caught on camera. 7. Baby dragon opens its eyes just after being born in China Want to see more? Check out this Playlist: https://goo.gl/kY0S6T -------- *SOCIAL LINKS* Blog ► https://goo.gl/WZKbL3 Channel ► https://goo.gl/CGBDkn Facebook ► https://goo.gl/w4dH3N Tumblr ► https://goo.gl/avbvGZ --------

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