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viernes, 31 de enero de 2014

Best UFOs Sightings

Best UFOs Sightings

Daily UFO sightings

Posted: 31 Jan 2014 11:18 AM PST

Daily UFO sightings

UFO in sky USA - January 30, 2014

Posted: 30 Jan 2014 08:32 PM PST

Giant UFOs near the Sun - Review of NASA images for January 30, 2014

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UFO over Moscow, Russia - January 29, 2014

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UFO in night sky USA - January 29, 2014

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UFO over Mexico - January 28, 2014

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Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena

Posted: 31 Jan 2014 09:44 AM PST

Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena


Posted: 31 Jan 2014 08:46 AM PST

The Cornwall UFO Triangle - image from the Cornwall UFO Research Group.
Publisher's Note: I came across this item in my Google Alerts and it reports a possible discovery of a UFO Hot Spot in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. The Cornwall UFO Research Group has stated that in an area known as the Cornwall Triangle multiple UFOs sightings are being reported. The article appeared online on the http://www.westbriton.co.uk/ website and was written by WBMiles. Please follow the link at the bottom of the article to read the entire story. Enjoy DIrk
The truth is out there – and it's apparently in Cornwall.
Researchers into the paranormal claim a Cornwall UFO Triangle exists in the county.
The triangle shows the area that has the most reported UFO and paranormal activity, according to the Cornwall UFO Research Group.
The triangle of apparent alien activity runs from Land's End to Falmouth bay to St Ives Bay.
Extra information about the article: 
The Cornwall UFO Triangle - image from the Cornwall UFO Research Group.


Posted: 31 Jan 2014 08:18 AM PST

A negative statement concerning the original Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP) volunteers, accessed on Facebook and written byWoodvale & Ainsdale Community Association (WACA), has come to our attention.
WWP must consequently correct the wide-ranging inaccuracies in the following WACA statement that has been brought to our attention by a well-wisher. 
Please note: our WWP responses shall appear in red text beneath the WACA claims
NB. We however note that this WACA content link is now unavailable to some people but this is the Facebook link in question:
Statement by Woodvale & Ainsdale Community Association ("WACA") January 24, 2014 at 1:35pm
Above: WACA staff members (Julia MacKenzie driving mechanical digger) and manager, Davina Suthren, seen here with Tory Cllr Ted Hartill at Woodvale Centre. 
WACA says:
We have been made aware of several media items in relation to the WWP and WACA that appears to originate from a grievance between one family and the WWP. This has been very upsetting for the staff, trustees and volunteers at WACA and such statements have been extremely detrimental to our small charity. Due to some inaccurate information being circulated we would like to clarify the following:
WWP response:
The "grievance" mentioned by this 'anonymous' WACA writer is NOT confined to one family. Furthermore, it is not a single grievance but a whole, series of serious complaints that have remained unaddressed.  Although the Regan family has committed a great deal of time and energy into this project, other people from other families have also worked very hard to make the Project successful. WACA does these volunteers, a huge disservice by seeking to mislead readers like this. The only "inaccurate information" has been circulated by WACA/Tory Cllr Hartill and not others. WACA therefore can 'only' blame itself and their Chairman's unacceptable conduct for the current situation at hand!
WACA says:
 The Woodvale Woodland Project ("WWP") was initiated in 2012 by Woodvale & Ainsdale Community Association ("WACA"). 
WWP response:
Members have no issue with this statement! However, the Project only effectively kicked into gear at the first public meeting, back in March 2013. We made the Project what is was and most of the time we were the 'only' members who turned up for work! 
WACA says:
While WACA has no political affiliation, we are grateful to current chair of the Community Association, Cllr Ted Hartill, him for all the many hours he has contributed as a proactive trustee, helping at the Youth Club, taking local young people Mountain Biking and Blo Karting, helping young women to learn Self Defence, and project managing the WWP for the benefit of the community. Ted Hartill has done all of this on a voluntary basis for the past 8 years.
WWP response:
This WACA statement is wholly immaterial and has no feasible link to the current problems between Cllr Ted Hartill's conduct and the vote of 'no confidence' he has received from our original WWP members. Cllr Hartill's 'leisure time' hobbies, as noted above, are of no concern to us. Nevertheless, the WACA chairman, Cllr Ted Hartill, has blatantly sought to use the Project to increase his political standing in the community and this was validated in his emails to members. See this link for details:
WACA should realise that very many ordinary people in fact volunteer freely over many years for all sorts of things. These good people do not run around seeking accolades and do it because they care! 
WACA (not us) mention the "Youth Club" here for some unspecified reason. Serious issues about a certain drug-related prank (between a young person and a youth club volunteer) are 'not' something that WACA will however wish to unduly highlight at this stage we imagine? 
WACA says:
The WWP continues to be, and always has been, part of WACA. Any volunteers working with the permission of WACA are covered by our public liability insurance up to £5,000,000.
WWP response
This statement is somewhat comical and astonishingly misleading, as the original WWP team is the one that has done 99% of all the hard work and the one that still makes up the lion's share of the volunteer team.  
Serious insurance issues under Cllr Hartill's careless remit have been appalling. He had WWP members operating dangerous power tools and starting fires all summer long 'against' Council advice. Thus, any insurance cover WACA claims to be applicable herein would of course be entirely invalid. Is WACA honestly seeking to claim that any WWP volunteers may do whatever they like with whatever power tools they wish to use and 'still' be covered for insurance on Council land? Is WACA also seeking to mislead others as they 'know' their statement herein is being very economical with the truth! 
Cllr Hartill was told by the Council that use of machinery had to stop until further notice. Anyone for example using a chainsaw must have a valid chainsaw certificate of which they would have to obtain at their 'own' extensive expense. Also they would need to have all of the relevant PPE equipment and have the appropriate insurance. Use of power drills, generators,  etc on the Council site was also unauthorised. Cllr Hartill dismissed requests to halt the use of such power tools and referred to an officer who had told him to cease this activity as an "old woman."
Council training sessions are for basic gardening 'only' and will not cover anyone for anything more than that. WACA and Cllr Hartill appear to be unfamiliar with the facts, or simply ignoring them! Insurance accentuated by WACA was clearly NOT adequate and that was 'why' the Council finally stepped in and made WWP volunteers sign their Parkforce training cover agreements in October.  Parkforce training cover in fact ONLY gave workers the cover to use basic tools (e.g. spades, rakes, etc) and NOT power tools, as Cllr Hartill had persistently and carelessly urged other volunteers to employ over the previous 9 months. Photos on the WWP blog give clear evidence of this. 
Some WWP members in fact left the group due to dissatisfaction concerning the way it was being directed. Other highly concerned WWP members however  blew the whistle on what was happening and for their trouble and courage they were told by the Council's Mark Shaw to either work under Cllr Hartill's absurd direction or consider themselves to be 'banned' from the Project they had made so successful over a period of 9 months. 
To add sheer insult to injury the Council also rather clumsily suggested that our WWP team may prefer to go and work in 'another' area as volunteers, away from our Woodvale project.  Such insensitive and official victimisation of a good community volunteer group in this day and age is reprehensible and beyond belief!The Council chiefs above Mr Shaw are also fully aware of all the facts and have so far remained in total silence! 
WACA says:
The woodland located, at the end of Meadow Lane, backing on to the public playing fields is owned by Sefton M.B.C., who recognise WACA as being the only authorised organisation which has permission to work on the land.
WWP response:
Yes, the land is the Council's and the trees that are in question were planted by WWP member Pat Regan in the 1970s with a small gang of workers. The Council had in fact suggested to WWP members that the Project may be able to become a 'Friends Group' and sent members all relevant documents on this sensible move. However, Cllr Hartill ignored democratic WWP mandate and immediately 'refused' to allow such a move. 
The Council then went on to back their Conservative councillor, U-Turned on the Friends group proposal and supported this politician 'against' the original WWP group. 
The equality and democracy of the Project that Cllr Hartill had initially promised one and all was by this time seen to be bogus and utterly fictional. The Project was in fact an autocracy controlled 'only' by the councillor himself. This was also proven last spring with controversial issues about fire-starting. 
Davina Suthren, manager of WACA, had urged WWP members NOT to light fires, as that activity was not authorised by the Council for reasons of insurance and health and safety. Nevertheless, Cllr Hartill 'overruled' her and constantly told members to "ignore" her and that, "she had no idea what she was talking about".   
At one stage WWP member, Pat Regan, had 'strong words' with another member, who wanted to continue starting fires. Pat advised this man that WACA staff (not Cllr Hartill) had stated that the Council would NOT permit fires (which was true) but the member dismissed this advice. Several large blazes were lit and local residents/dog walkers were understandably concerned.  
At one stage back in April 2013 the Fire Bridge was in fact called out to this area to extinguish a blaze. 
WACA says:
All funding for the project is part of the same strict accounting guidelines as with any other charity and any volunteer expenses are strictly covered by our Volunteers Policy. Funding bodies are given copies of any and all specific expenditure related to that funding. We have a treasurer who checks all our expenses before they are audited yearly by an independent body.  
WWP response:
WWP members requested (as was their right) to examine WWP accounts, not WACA's.  To this day we still have not seen full copies of all WWP related accounts, etc. Matters of misused WWP- ring fenced funding were validated by One Vision Housing some time later on. Other concerns about usage of WWP funding are 'ongoing!' 
WACA says:
Training was offered to support volunteers of the WWP and several members participated in a Level 2 accredited First Aid training course, the cost of which was covered entirely by WACA.
WWP response:
This is a highly ambiguous declaration. The First Aid course was 'not' specifically aligned to WWP members and was open to all members of the local community. No other training was given by WACA and volunteers had to rely upon their own initiative and personal experience for most of the time, including when Cllr Hartill was in foreign parts on his regular holidays. No training in any aspect of gardening, forestry or horticulture was ever given or offered to WWP members. Experience relating to this eco-project basically came down to Mr Regan, as he already had extensive work experience in these issues. This fact is validated via all correspondence to and from WACA. 
WACA says:
 A local family made a request to see WACA's accounts last year. All members of WACA are entitled to ask for a copy of the charity's annual report including accounts, and regardless of the fact that neither party of this family had current membership of WACA, we provided such information. The family then chose to contact a number of our funders to make complaints about how we had spent our funding. The funders were subsequently given a copy of all expenditure. There are currently no issues arising from our funders about how we have spent our funding.
WWP response:
WACA are 'not' naming anyone here but are referring to the 'Regans'. The Regans, speaking with permission for the whole group, made several requests to view accounts relating to WWP as they were original/long term members of the group. Following a frustrating period of being passed from WACA's manager to WACA's chairman and vice versa members requested advice from the Council and also from One Vision Housing.  
One Vision confirmed that WWP- ring fenced funding had been 'inappropriately utilised' and had to be "removed" from the itemised listing. The Council's officer however showed 'no' interest whatsoever in the accounting concerns at hand. This is very odd when we remember that the Council owns the land and gives funding. Something simply does not add up here! We of course retain proof of everything we say. 
We ask here: what exactly does one call it if a person takes allotted money (of 'any' amount) they were 'not' entitled to take and use it for their own 'private' use? 
WACA says:
We were saddened that this family chose to leave as they have made a significant contribution to the initial phase of the project. We were happy for them to continue working with us, but they refused to work with the project lead of the WWP, which was entirely their choice.   
WWP response:
100% wrong again. WWP members have NOT 'left' anything! WACA know this and are thus being rather economical with the truth! So far as we are concerned we are 'still' awaiting a proposed meeting between the original WWP  group and WACA representatives (not including Cllr Hartill). 
WACA indicated that they had to seek advice about our sensible proposal to work with WACA but 'not' with Cllr Hartill, yet instead we now see them presenting a series of somewhat eccentric inaccuracies (that WWP are addressing herein) on their Facebook page. 
WACA/Cllr Hartill appear to be playing a very bizarre game here because they 'know' that the Council/Mark Shaw is waiting to hear if they will agree for us to work 'without' Cllr Hartill (as we frequently have done in the past). And we DO of course hold Parkforce cover, which enables us to work alone! 
Original WWP members have voted that Cllr Hartill is not capable of leading such a volunteer Project properly and all available evidence substantiates this claim! We, as local residents and volunteers, are committed 100% to our local woodland and our previous efforts validate that fact very well! 
Therefore, it is provably 'not' WWP members who are delaying progress but WACA (or perhaps just Cllr Hartill?) in this particular instance. 
WACA says:
We wish to make no further public statement at this time. However, if any individual wishes to make an appointment with us regarding the above issues, we would be glad to take the opportunity to discuss volunteering with the WWP, as it continues to be an on-going project for people to enjoy. 
WWP response:
It is quite amazing that WACA is now asking for 'volunteers', whilst at the same time doing its very best to ensure that the loyal volunteer team that has already done all the graft, remains ostracised! What an incredible insult off a charity that is supported by local funders and allegedly is supposed to work WITH our local Woodvale community! 
Cath Regan of WWP and Davina Suthren of WACA have already met (December 2013) and 'agreed' to hold a meeting with the Council. It is therefore misleading of WACA to claim otherwise. Has Mrs Suthren forgotten this already? Has she perhaps 'again' been overruled? Volunteers who have merely blown the whistle on a great deal of wrongdoing should not be victimised like this. 
One would expect more from a local charity that is allegedly set up, with a great deal of funding, to help the community. Moreover, all businesses/charities should uphold a whistle blowing policy.
Above: Health and Safety, training and proper insurance cover for volunteers on Council land using unauthorised power tools and starting fires  - are they joking? 
The following is a directory of some of the reasons why the WWP team will 'not' work with WACA Chairman, Cllr Ted Hartill, and why they have no confidence in his project management.
Improper 'Duty of Care' to the group, via placing WWP members (including children) at dire risk of accident from uninsured usage of power tools (chain saws, drills, strimmers, mowers, generators, etc) and unauthorised fire starting. Such unauthorised/uninsured equipment practice also of course placed the Council at serious risk of being sued if accidents had occurred
·    Failure to keep all concerned stakeholders properly informed about matters that affect the Project
·    Direct or indirect misuse of WWP ring-fenced funding, substantiated by other concerned bodies
·    Failure to provide the group with all up to date accounting information requested regarding various donations to the group
·    Encouragement of WWP and WACA admin members to drive a mechanical digging machine on Council land 'without' any training or proper insurance/risk assessment      being in place
·     Use of the WWP community group to promote private political agenda
·    Cllr Hartill's reckless attitude regarding his responsibility to our team over youth offenders who were questionably brought into the woodland site, whilst the WWP team were engaged in usual voluntary tasks and while he was not present!
The full facts of this odious matter and why the team will not work with Cllr Hartill may be accessed here:
Currently, original WWP members are effectively 'banned' by the Council from working on this very Project that we made into such a success. Nine months of working hard for wildlife and the local community and our group gets treated like dirt. 
And the biggest joke, that is NOT in fact funny, is that WACA are now actively seeking NEW volunteers! Can anyone believe such nonsense? 
It is a total disgrace that shames our community and potentially a breach of our rights.  
NB. We reiterate that this WACA content is now unavailable to some readers: 
Has it been removed or have WWP members simply been selectively barred by WACA staff/Cllr Hartill from seeing it? This appalling issue shames the whole Ainsdale community. We ask - does it  have more to do with protection of exclusive positions than any care for the Woodvale community at large? 
Ainsdale Councillors - 'against' a Community group
We also reiterate that Southport Tory chief, Cllr Terry Jones, was given fair warning and several opportunities to address Cllr Hartill about this fiasco. Cllr Jones however failed to assist our WWP group in a time of crisis and apparently dismissed our concerns as insignificant; choosing instead to maintain 'good relations' with his Conservative colleague. 
Local politician who is 'not' happy with the Woodvale fallout fiasco... 
"..formal written question to the Cabinet member in full council."
Nonetheless, other local councillors have been less than happy with the way in which WACA/Cllr Hartill and the Council have treated WWP's hard-working volunteers and their children. 
Liberal Democrat, Cllr Haydn Preece, stated that:
"Community initiatives have to be centred on group co-operation. It is very evident that some outstanding work has taken place and it is massively disappointing a significant, pro active part of this original team has been recently disenfranchised from the original inclusive project. The reasons have been documented in several ways and I have asked the council officers and Chief Executive to look at the factors behind this very disappointing occurrence. I have also this week raised a formal written question to the Cabinet member in full council. Health and Safety plus trust in co ordination of such a significant and Multi faceted project have to be central at all times. Participation by all for the better good of our community as a whole should always be our philosophy and we need to ensure we return to this rationale at the earliest opportunity especially for the children who at this time who are missing out on something they started with zest and hard work through no fault of their own. There is a lot of disappointment at the moment which concerns me after such an excellent beginning."
WWP once again sincerely thank Cllr Preece for his insight and support. Credit where it's due! 
It is most encouraging to discover that 'some' elected representatives actually do what they are paid to do and that is toassist residents in times of need within their given ward. 
Yes, "health and safety" have been serious  issues that Cllr Hartill has apparently dismissed as trivial in this project and as for "cooperation" and "trust", well, our vote of 'No Confidence' in Cllr Hartill's ability to direct this eco-project in a safe and effective manner was not one taken lightly, yet we had no feasible option under the impossible circumstances! 
He may of course seek to 'make light' of the entire situation behind the public gaze; but we find his ongoing conduct, as our local political representative and as one chairing a local charity, to be utterly appalling!  
Thanks to combined efforts by Selton Council, Tory Clir, Ted Hartill and WACA the WWP team, plus the children are currently "unauthorised" to work on the woodland project that they devoted 9-months of hand work to...
And yes, the young WWP people in particular deserve 'much' better as they have devoted hundreds of their free-time hours to this scheme! 
WWP welcome any genuine requests to help us to highlight the appalling situation, created by Cllr Hartill. WACA and the Council that shames our Ainsdale community! We are just ordinary residents who have sought to make the area in question better for the wildlife and community... 
The local media have been kept informed by WWP and so are also well aware of the ongoing situation, but as yet have not addressed it! 
Above: some of our hard-working WWP team in action that WACA has conveniently 'dismissed', whilst asking for NEW volunteers.  
If you can help our 'original' WWP team against the above official oppression and censorship, rather than the bogus spin put out by others, then please support us now! 
Our volunteers do what they do freely, 'not' to preserve well-paid jobs, over-inflated political positions or any fat bonuses. 
We do it to: conserve the environment, aid wildlife and improve our local Ainsdale community! 

Pat Regan © 2014

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Posted: 31 Jan 2014 06:55 AM PST

At a hotel, in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, the Raddison, where I booked a four stay at a 1920's restored gem, named the Lord Baltimore, ostensibly to attend a wedding of my wife's niece, I ran into a paranormal wall.

As soon as I walked in I felt the undeniable burning touch of a spiritual attachment; something had tried to crash my defenses.

We were shown to a 18th floor building corner room, a lovely suite, but when the bellboy opened the door, the reek near the window overlooking the corner was of death and suicide and I at once announced the room, was "unsatisfactory".

From the frying pan into the fire, we went back down to the front desk and up again in a haunted elevator to another lovely appointed suite where I had persistent and intermittent visions of a young girl emotionally bereft screaming a face of frozen horror!

I could not surmount my own dread and disquiet enough to offer her solace or attempt a loving message of healing.

After three sleepless nights, replete with nightmares, I was able to checkout and return home, the most horrid weekend ever spent in a haunted place.

That girl has appeared to many others, I learned later, after I wrote a mused letter telling this story and receiving answers that such a weeping young girl in a long cream colored gown has been seen crying, by guests and staff, alike.

My wife, as psychic as a rock, slept like a heavy stone dropped into a deep lake.

Here's my note to my daughter, Allison, about my stay at the Radisson Lord Baltimore Hotel:

"Who needs ghosts fouling up a wedding celebration?

Staff told me and mom about a suicide of a young woman on the 19th floor, and about the elevators' odd constant trips, up there, late at night, with no one having rung the bell, and no one being seen emerging from the elevator, when doors open, after its trip from the 19th floor, back to the lobby.

I did not beforehand research the hotel being a hotspot, as I had no motive or reason or inkling beforehand to do so, simply put.

I was there, for a wedding.

After I felt the touch of spirits in the lobby and in the elevator, on the way up to our first "unsatisfactory" room, I quickly asked the bellhop if there were any reports of ghosts in the hotel. 

We were then told only about this woman's supposed suicide on the 19th floor; I stupidly insisted to mom that we directly go up there so that I could open myself and explore the hallways. 

Only after a time, did she humor me. 

It was, in retrospect, a grave mistake to brazenly open myself when I have had so much trouble with negative energies, which float in too often enough, when I am just sitting in the house! 

I asked the staff, repeatedly, always in Mom's presence, about ghosts seen in the hotel. 

We heard nothing from them at that time or any other time about the ghosts mentioned in Amy's book. 

I ran into a spirit in the front lobby, opposite the desk and a real pain in the ass, other(s), in my room, 1620. 

Not one staff member, at the time, however, ever mentioned a ghost of a long gowned screaming child. 

That image, before my eyes, fully awake, prevailed and was persistent and strong, and she was both frantic and terrified. 

I thought it so sad. Ghosts almost always say, "Please help me." 

In another twenty years I'll hopefully be so much better at this, that I will learn how to avoid being sensitive enough to be up with bad dreams all night when any lost, insistent or sinister spirits are around. 

Or, even better, learn how to counsel and cross them over.

Allison, the clear fact that YOU were psychically sensitive enough to get hit with a psychic attack, an imposed imagery nightmare scenario of a serial killer, a reflection of a spirit's peculiar mental illness, suggests, to me, at least, that you're more capable than you suspect, of assisting and sensing the unseen. 

By comparison, my wife and son, Ian, were so very untroubled.

I Googled the Hotel's name and came up with Amy's book, 'An answer from Amy': 

Hi Paul, Thanks for your email. What an experience!

Here is our story about the Radisson Lord Baltimore from our book.

We'd love to use your account in future research and if we write a follow-up book.

Here's an excerpt from my book about the hotel that you wrote me about: 

(from the desk sign-in book in 1921:) 

The Radisson Lord Baltimore Hotel 

I came to stay two weeks. I never left. It was fascinating. It was exciting. - Rose Bisasky, former 26-year employee. 

Dear Folks, We're having a big time. I'm not tired at all now. We were surely dead the first of the week, though - from postcard depicting the Lord Baltimore hotel, dated April 3, 1921. 

We never asked (for guests to limit their stay to 5 days) in the old days. Or if we did, it was because we hoped the answer would be that they intended to stay forever. - Sanford Core, Assistant Manager in charge of reservations. 

Another Account: 

Francesle (Fran) Carter has worked at the Radisson Lord Baltimore for many years. She currently functions in the role of captain, supervising a team of people overseeing the food, beverage, and setup needs of the hotel. 

In 1998 Fran was on the 19th floor of the building preparing a small meeting room for future use. She was working at a table facing the wall with an open door to her left. She bent over the table for a few moments, absorbed in her work. Then she looked up and to her left at the doorway. A little girl wearing a long cream colored dress and black shiny shoes ran by the open doorway, bouncing a red ball before her. 

Fran immediately ran outside calling after her "Little girl, are you lost?" 

The hallway was completely empty. Fran, quite shaken at this point, turned around to go back to the meeting room when she saw two people walking down the hallway toward her. The first was an older gentleman dressed in formal attire. A woman in a long ballgown accompanied him. Frank asked them if they were looking for their granddaughter because she had just run by. She turned to point in the direction that the child had passed. When she turned her head back toward the two people, they had just vanished right before her eyes. 

Fran was then so frightened that she called a security guard. He stayed there with her until she finished her work, and no more ghostly visitors appeared on the 19th floor that evening. 

A few years later a guest at the hotel told Fran that she believed that her room had a ghostly visitor. She was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of a child crying. As she sat up in her bed, she saw a little girl crying and rocking herself back and forth while sitting in the window of her room. As the woman rose to go to the girl, she slowly faded away. The little girl was wearing a long cream colored dress with black shoes. 

One evening a few years later, Fran was approached by a co-worker who told her that three people were standing in the dark in the ballroom of the hotel. The hotel's ballroom is a very large room, which can accommodate 1,250 people seated at banquet tables. 

Three arched ceiling length windows dominate the far wall of the room- the side of the room opposite the entrance doorway. When Fran entered the ballroom, she walked across the room in the direction of the windows. 

She noticed that there indeed were three people standing there in the darkened, moonlit room. One man stood before the far left window, another stood before the far right window, and a woman stood a few feet behind the two men before the middle window. 

They were all looking upward through the windows. Fran noticed that they were standing in what she described as a triangular formation. 

Fran passed within 5 feet of the man standing in front of the window on the left. She noticed that he was wearing a dark, possibly blue, sport blazer with metallic buttons that gleamed in the darkness. He had an ascot tied around his throat and appeared quite the dapper gentleman. She thought that his clothing was odd, but at this point didn't know that her visitors were out of the ordinary. She then asked them if they would like some light and walked by the man in the ascot to turn on the light switch, just a few feet from where he was standing. 

Light immediately flooded the room- and the three visitors were gone! As earlier noted, the Lord Baltimore hotel has had its share of guests who were very reluctant to check out. It appears that some of them never did. 


Amy "

Here's my initial, original note, to the hotel, after my sleepless, troubled stay: 

"As a newly budding psychic, open to unseen energies, I found myself attending a wedding this past weekend, and I stayed at the Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore. 

I spent two sleepless nights, inundated with nightmares, complaining all the while to my wife, about the constant touches and psychic turmoil of the unseen. I have stayed at many hotels and sensed spirits, all untoward and lost. 

But this hotel, still gorgeous in its age, was positively infested. A young girl, weeping, mouths agape in horror, in a very long gown dress, startled me as a persistent image. 

My wife wanted no part of any of my startling unpleasant discoveries. 

I also felt spirits of ignominious sinister gangster types, which didn't surprise me in the least: if you're afraid to cross over, why not haunt a favorite place? What can you tell me about the history of the place that supports those "images" that I had?  

Paul Schroeder


Author's note:  what is it like to receive telepathic images from a deeply disturbed Earthbound human spirit, or worse, a demonic who attacks in kaleidoscopic psychic images?




Posted: 30 Jan 2014 03:03 PM PST

THE ELUSIVE S-4 (Site 4), nowhere to be found south of Area 51 except in this "modified" air chart of unknown origin.
In Nevada, the only recognized Site 4 is in the Electronic Combat Ranges around Tonopah Test Range, Nevada.
In Southern California there is a Site 4 (Northrop Grumman) at the Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale. 
Site 4 (in Palmdale) used to be the most classified facility in Plant 42 when the B-2A was in development and construction. 
Presently this Site 4 (in Palmdale) is used by both Lockheed and Boeing for the JSF Program.   
The only thing correct about this "modified" art chart is the location of Sandia Labs' operations location.


Ufology News

Posted: 31 Jan 2014 03:37 AM PST

Ufology News

Argentina: Police Report Documents 1978 UFO Teleportation

Posted: 30 Jan 2014 04:28 AM PST

Source: VISION OVNI and Planeta UFO
Date: 01.28.2014

Argentina: Police Report Documents 1978 UFO Teleportation
By Andrea Perez Simondini with documentation from Daniel Lecomte

As we have often stated and written about the value of campaigns that serve not only to make people aware of a concept or an idea, they also allow us to find what we least expected, as occurred here: a document!

Researcher Silvia Pérez Simondini, CEFORA's press officer, has among her functions contacting people who approach her with questions or any other information. In this manner, documentation was found that enables us to delve into the files of the Buenos Aires Provincial Police Department, containing hundreds of UFO reports.

Since the year 2012, Silvia has been in contact with Daniel Lecomte, interested in the UFO phenomenon and a resident of Buenos Aires province, who advised the researcher that he has in his possession a series of police files given to him by a retired officer.

Incredible though it may sound, this documentation was going to be discarded (literally thrown to the trash), but given that the officer was aware of Daniel's interest in the subject, decided to save them and pass them along.

The documents, which include all manner of police reports from Southern Buenos Aires Province, contained within them a jewel, as far as our research is concerned, into the case of the Vuelta de America del Sur Rally on September 23, 1978. Unknowingly, the recipient of the file kept the information as it was given to him, unread. It was only recently that the protagonist decided to open the folder, coming across the famous case after a conversation with Silvia, who wanted to know what cases were contained within.

For those of you who do not remember or have never heard of the case, here is a chronicle, well documented, of perhaps one of the best known cases of the 1970s, involving two Chilean race car drivers during the first Rally de la Vuelta de America del Sur. Here are the details of the case through the excellent investigation performed by Guillermo Roncorconi in UFO Press No. 9, October 1978. http://factorelblog.com/2013/09/22/uf ... archivos-desclasificados/

Technical Details of the Case:
Location: Intersection of Route 3 with the rural road leading to town through Cardenal Cagliero (now R1 – Carmen de Patagones – Viedma – Prov of Buenos Aires)
Witnesses: Miguel Angel Moya and Carlos Acevedo
Date: 23 September 1978
Time: About 3 a.m.
Investigating Authority: Police Department of [the town of] Pedro Luro – Inspecting Officer Daniel Osimi, Corporal Jesús García and patrolman José Bordenave.
Secondary Witnesses: Eduardo Forechesatto (service station watchman)

The Case:

On 17 August 1978, Carlos Acevedo and Hugo Prambs departed the city of Buenos Aires aboard a Citroen GS 1220 as part of the first leg of the Rally de America del Sur, organized by the Argentinean Automobile Club and the Banco de Intercambio Regional.
The competition was truly exhausting for men and machines alike: a marathon lasting a little over a month, during which they had to reach Caracas (Venezuela) from Buenos Aires, returning along the Pacific coastline of South America.

The crew of Citroen Number 102 faced countless problems, particularly in the last segments of the Rally, which caused them to realize they might have to quit the race altogether. However, thanks to Acevedo's determination and the assistance of over racers, they were able to "hook up" with the race again after deserting it, with a view to reaching their goal.

On September 16, Hugo Prambs quit the race due to personal reasons, and was replaced by Miguel Angel Moya. In the early hours of 23 September, Acevedo and Moya were covering the last 1000 kilometers of the Rally. At approximately 2:00 a.m. they stopped at the ACA service station in Viedma (Rio Negro Province) where they took on fuel (filling up their standard 50 liter tank plus a 40-liter backup tank), drank coffee and spoke to other racers for a few minutes. A 02:30 hours, Citroen No.102 was enroute again to Bahía Blanca, after crossing the Rio Negro and crossing the town of Carmen de Patagones.

At around 03:00 hours, having left behind the intersection of Route 3 with the rural road leading to Cardenal Cagliero, near Salitral del Agarrobo and Salina de Pedro, some 30 kilometers north of Carmend de Patagones (approximate location 40* 29' North, 62* 49' West).

Carlos Acevedo was at the wheels of the Citroen when he suddenly saw a bright light reflected in his rear view mirror. It was a dense, yellowish light. At first it looked like only a dot in the mirror. However, its size increased as he watched.

Acevedo and Moya were driving at around 100 kilometers an hour at the moment. In spite of this, the light was closing in swiftly, causing Acevedo to believe that it was the headlights of one of the heavier vehicles (Citroen 2400s or a Mercedes Benz), causing him to slow down and pull over to the right edge of the asphalt in order to allow another Rally competitor to pass him by.

The light was already filling the rear view mirror and kept closing in. Suddenly, the passenger compartment in Acevedo and Moya's Citroen became filled with light.

"Light flooded the passenger compartment and I couldn't see beyond the hood of the car. It was a dense, brilliant light, yellow in color with some violet hues. I thought I'd lost control of the car at the moment. I looked through the window and saw were nearly two meters over the asphalt surface. I suddenly thought we had jumped over a speed bump and braced myself on the steering wheel, waiting for the moment we'd hit the surface again," Acevedo explained.

However, far from descending, the car seemed to keep rising into the air, out of control. "After a few seconds, I don't know, maybe some 5 or 10, I reacted and realized that something completely abnormal was going on. I wanted to look out the window again, but all I could see was that dense light. I remember I started screaming 'what's going on?' but Moya wasn't answering. When I looked to my right, my companion wasn't there, or at least I couldn't see him. I couldn't even see the dashboard. I could only see that dense light that looked liquid, I don't know, sort of viscous," Acevedo recalls.

Miguel Angel Moya, on the other hand, was paralyzed by fear, and explained: "Initially I also thought it was a speed bump, and was scared at the thought of the vehicle overturning, but when I noticed that the car appeared to float in the air and wasn't coming down, I became even more frightened. It was a situation I couldn't really understand. I looked at Carlos and I saw him completely stiff, clutching the steering wheel with his arms outstretched and staring forward. It seemed like he was screaming but I couldn't hear anything. I could see everything as if through a yellow fog, as if I was distant, somewhere else. I think my first reaction was to try and flee from there, but when I tried to open the door it wouldn't budge, as if welded shut. I noticed the temperature was rising, although it could have been the result of my state of fear. Suddenly the light covered everything and I couldn't see a thing, not even my hands, nothing."

The witnesses lost all notion of time. They felt a sudden jolt and noticed the vehicle was on the road again.

"I think a minute or two went by, I'm not really sure, and I felt a shudder, but I had the immediate impression that the car was on the road again. The yellow light appeared to dim, and I was gradually able to see my surroundings, the dashboard, the hood of the car. I looked through the window and saw the ground. We were on the shoulder on the opposite lane of the road, fully stopped. Suddenly the light vanished from the passenger compartment and saw it fading away into the west, like a cone of yellow light, but one that didn't end in a tip, it was somewhat truncated. I don't know. It might have measured some five meters at the base and two or three at the cusp, measuring some six or seven meters in height. The base lit the ground, ahtough you really couldn't see what it was lighting, that is to say, you couldn't see through the light. A few seconds later, the light…how can I explain it? …retracted itself or drew up like a curtain, from bottom to top, and all that remained in view was an oval, whitish-yellow light that kept heading west until it vanished in the distance," said Acevedo.

Moya took a few seconds to recover from the impression produced by the abnormal situation. "Suddenly it was all over, and we were alone on the road. Carlos and I exchanged looks, but couldn't say a word. I was numb. My hands were shaking and there was a pressure on my chest. Breathing was hard."

Acevedo and Moya remained silent for a few minutes, unable to engage in any action or activity. Finally, Acevedo got out of the car to "make sure everything was in place", as he said. A minute later he boarded the Citroen and headed north along Route 3 at full speed.

Fifteen minutes later, the Chilean drivers of Citroen No. 2 reached the town of Pedro Luro, a community located in the Province of Buenos Aires some 123 kilometers north of Carmen de Patagones. They stopped at a service station in order to ask for the location of the police barracks. When checking the dashboard, they ascertained two anomalous events: the odometer showed that they had covered 52 kilometers from the city of Viedma to Puerto Luro, when the actual distance between both places is 127 kilometers. Moreover, they had reached Pedro Luro at 05:10 hours, having departed the city limits of Carmen de Patagones at 02:50 approximately. Driving at an average speed of 100 kilometers an hour, it shouldn't have taken more than 75 minutes to cover the distance between both points, but they had in fact taken 2 hours and 20 minutes.

There was a third inexplicable event: when they decided to fill up the main gas tank, they noticed their backup tank was completely empty, despite having been filled with 40 liters of fuel in the city fo Viedma. These unexplained events added to the witnesses' confusion. In spite of their growing fear, they decided to tell their story to the police at Pedro Luro, heading to the respective barracks.

They spoke with Inspector Daniel Osimi, to whom they told the details of the incident they had experienced, asking for police custody to the city of Bahia Blanca.

The press covered the story, including magazines like Cuarta Dimension, whose Number 58 tells the story, comparing it to an event of similar characteristics in Brazil.

[Readers of Inexplicata will remember an article on the 1978 Rally involving two Ecuadoran drivers who discussed Acevedo and Moya's own experience: http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/2010/03/ecuador-ufos-at-1978-rally.html]

[Credits in Andrea Pérez Simondini's article: Investigación Guillermo Roncoroni - Ufo Press, N° 9, octubre de 1978. Alejandro Agostinelli – Blog Factor 304 http://factorelblog.com/2013/09/22/uf ... archivos-desclasificados/ Daniela Ciancia - Patagonia Ovni http://patagoniaovni.blogspot.com.ar/ ... ica-caso-rally-de-la.html/ Investigador Rodrigo Fuenzalida - Organizacion AION - Chile Asesor Programa OVNI
Producción TVN de Chile, Programa OVNI/Royosobocoto:http://www.youtube.com/user/royosobocoto?feature=watch/Emociónrally:

[Translation © 2014 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology with thanks to Guillermo D. Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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