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Best UFOs Sightings

Best UFOs Sightings

Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 09:24 AM PST

Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena


Posted: 30 Nov 2013 08:44 AM PST

Publisher's Note: I found this sighting report on the MUFON website and although the witnesses remain anonymous and there are no photos or videos this sighting was witnessed by several people.  I have edited the sighting report and corrected spelling,  grammer etc. Enjoy Dirk

MUFON Case Number: 52494
Date of Incident: November 28, 2013
Date reported to MUFON: November 29, 2013
Location: Fort Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Alberta, CA

At around 11 at night, a bright pulsating light appeared over the horizon and increased in brightness. It then began to move frequently in many directions, changing its pattern as well as observable light characteristics during the hour it was observed. 
The UFO was seen over Fort Saskatchewan, a small town 20 minutes North East of Edmonton, Alberta. This object was seen by 4 individuals, video taped by 1 and then disappeared before we could properly investigate. 
These objects are appearing more and more frequently in this area, increasing from one a month, to one a week. 
Other sightings have included 1-3 objects in close proximity. All were observed for around an hour at a time, before flashing brightly and disappearing. These are still ongoing. 
All parties felt nervous then overwhelmingly frightened after observing the object, having feelings of being watched. One individual became suddenly overcome with vertigo and vomited. I personally felt as if something was scratching at the back of my mind, and would not go away for almost 4 hours. All who observed the object are fine currently, but become anxious if the subject is brought up.
Map courtesy: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Posted: 30 Nov 2013 08:19 AM PST

Dr. Roberto Banchs: Humanoids at Pampa de Agnia, Chubut (1978)

Driving two F-100 pickup trucks, Alfredo Giannoni and Jorge Castillo were faced with the prospect of a 634 kilometer drive along National Route 25, linking the communities of Trelew and Esquel, communities located in the Province of Chubut.

Click here to enlarge top photo.

They had departed at 19:00 hours on 12 October 1978, driving at an average speed of 80 Kmh. Upon reaching the Las Chapas Wilderness, Castillo overtook his companion and remained at a close distance. Around 22:00, and some 10-15 Km after Las Plumas, in the Los Altares Valley, Castillo was startled to see a small light in the sky through the windshield: it increased in magnitude, toward the right and running distantly to the left.

As the source of silvery light grew in intensity, Castillo's disquiet toward the phenomenon also rose. He decided to stop and consult with Giannoni about the observation, who unhesitatingly tells him it is a "flying saucer"

The shocking presence of the UFO: After filling up, the headed to the restaurant of the Automovil Club hostelry, where they state having eaten fish and consumed some cold sodas. Feeling considerably more tranquil, they discussed their experience with the person running the location – which we have been able to confirm – and renewed their journey at 02:15 in the morning. They would stop every so often along the road, chatting a while to keep from falling asleep and staying close to each other at a 30 meter distance. Giannoni was up ahead until he stopped at a given point, complaining of a headache, and saying he could go no further. Castillo replied that he would go ahead, as they were very near their destination. At that time, he was about to get down from the pickup truck when both men witnessed an object measuring 3 meters in diameter with an intense white, phosphorescent light that appeared to emit a sound similar to that of a teletype machine ("beep-beep-beep"). The object was suspended one meter above the ground and some 10 meters from the startled witnesses. Upon seeing this portent, Jorge Castillo entered the pickup truck while Alfredo Gianonni – still drowsy and feeling the headache – managed to quickly pull away from the site.

It was then that UFO rose into the air, making itself plainly visible in a matter of seconds. Castillo, stepping on the gas, managed to catch up with his traveling companion.

The strange occupants: In these conditions, a startled Jorge Castillo looked through his rear view mirror and saw "a thing with many lights and two square things in the rear of the pickup truck" where he carried four drums of ink for the Esquel newspaper in the city of the same name.

After having driven some 10 kilometers and around 3 in the morning, near Pampa de Agnia – a locality that only appears on the map – Castillo looked through the mirror again and saw four "square" figures in the payload that appeared to be "looking" at the drums. He continued driving nervously, glancing at the figures without stopping. According to one version of the story (2), upon delivering the ink, operators found it to be much more fluid than previous deliveries from the same factory and lot number.

They had covered another 15 kilometers prior to going up a long, steep rise when Giannoni, who was following closely but without seeing anything odd, said he was going to stay behind, as he was fatigued. Curiously enough, Castillo said that he could still see the humanoid figures through the mirror as well as an oval grey cloud that appeared to follow him on the side. Nonetheless, the witness gave the impression of contradicting himself when he points out Giannoni's location with regard to his own. It is necessary to add here that at no point did Giannoni see or become aware of the presence of the alleged occupants, despite the fact that they shouted to each other from within the cabs of their pickup trucks, driving close together along the road.

When he saw those figures, Castillo was driving at some 70 Kmh (bear in mind that the vehicles were in a break-in period) and when he turned on the cabin lights to see if the beings were still behind him, since the sight couldn't be clear, he noticed to his surprise that there was nothing there, just the four ink drums. However, when he turned off the light, he could see them once more.

View of the mountains: Alfredo Giannoni could go no further and decided to stop a while to sleep. Castillo, on the other hand, chose to continue the trip with great fear. Upon reaching a steep rise, he noticed that "the mountains on the side of the road joined as if they were made of rubber – they joined together and shut the road before me. Perhaps I was ill and grabbing my head, I stopped and thought: do I go through or not go through, will they take me away or not take me away…" However, moments after turning off his lights, the mountains returned to their rightful places. Suddenly, he sees two humanoids approaching him swiftly, walking along the desolate Patagonian road. They were a meter and a half tall, looking like astronauts in white outfits. Upon seeing them, he turned on the lights again and the disquieting vision vanished. He figures that it lasted barely a second.

Facing this circumstance, he tried in vain to go and find Giannoni, as he was exhausted and with a pounding headache, and pain in his arm. His pickup truck was diagonally across the road, with all of its lights on. He tumbled onto the seat, covering himself with some rugs he carried as samples, allowing an indefinite period of time to go by. Giannoni appeared out of nowhere, urging him to continue the trip. Traveling at 80 kmh, Castillo was some 10 to 20 meters behind, all the time seeing the mysterious cloudy object through his rear view mirror.

An unusual turn of events? : With less than 60 km to reach Esquel, in the vicinity of the Tecka River, Giannoni's pickup truck "slid on the shoulder and went up in the air, landing in a very deep ditch," according to the description given by Castillo, who did not hesitate in ascribing it to the strange phenomenon he was seeing, adding that the vehicle "was lifted from the front, without overturning any cement barriers, passing over them as though lifted. Furthermore, there's nothing broken on it. Just a dented roof, as if they'd lifted it and turned it around." Giannoni rested against the steering wheel, and while somewhat bruised and with a clamped leg, he exclaimed that he was okay. Castillo then got down rendering assistance and getting the motor going again with the lights on. He brought his companion back to his own pickup and they arrived in that vehicle, reaching Esquel after 6 in the morning.

An Analysis of the Case

Upon performing our investigation, approximately one year after the event had taken place, we covered the 634 kilometers that Alfredo Giannoni and Jorge Castillo covered between 12-13 October 1978, passing through the localities of Trelew, Las Plumas, Paso de Indios, Pampa de Agnia, Rio Tecka and Esquel. With the exception of areas near the communities that were the origin and destination of the journey, the vast Patagonian region crossed by the witnesses has desert-like, desolate characteristics – an obligatory crossing between both southern communities and a nexus between the Atlantic coast and the Andean Range.

A cursory review of the report shows that the alleged anomalous events described by the witnesses are the following:

a. Sighting of an unusual aerial phenomenon.

b. Sighting of humanoids that vanish swiftly before Castillo's eyes.

c. A vision of mountains that close the road before him.

d. Unsual overturning of Gianonni's pickup truck.

e. Story involving a suggestive change in the density of the ink being transported.

Part II in this series continues tomorrow Sunday, December 1, 2013!

Source: Planeta UFO





Posted: 29 Nov 2013 05:27 PM PST

The spirit of invention is motivating skywatchers to automate UFO detection and recording with DIY solutions.

A new video posted to YouTube on November 28, 2013, shows what one online expert describes as a "sky jellyfish" UFO captured with an automated telescopic camera system in Miami, Florida. While posting frequent sightings from his area, local videographer Jeremy Thomas is also offering free online video instructions for the design and assembly of his advanced home-based solution for systematically identifying and recording UFOs.

These instructions emphasize development of fixed optical detection and recording installations requiring power, data communications and programmed operations. Those unfamiliar in working with these types of systems may want to enroll the help of a local builder and installer to ensure quality and safety standards in all phases of development.

Readers of this column who are interested in bypassing moderately complex systems design and fabrication to move directly into simple UFO detection and interaction will want to explore portable night vision for UFO skywatching.

Click here to watch "UFO, luminous object, simply amazing!!! 11/28/13 5:03pm EST" on YouTube: "You should take always any sighting footage with a certain level of skepticism, that is healthy, but the generalized dismissive attitude of the "scientific community" at large regarding this topic is wrong and unscientific. These very common objects in "our" sky need to be the subject of a very complete research in an open and serious way for our best universities."

Automated Skywatching

Miami UFO videographer Jeremy Thomas reportedly uses a remote-controlled PTZ base for mounting an infrared "finderscope/spotter" camera alongside a reflector telescope with an infrared-modified CCD camera attached.

His YouTube channel (formerly MiamiUFO) explains how the "combination of a spotter camera with medium level zoom lens and a high magnification aligned scope " are "highly effective" in detecting point-like UFO images (as seen in many cell phone UFO videos) and resolving the point "into some structure."

On Thursday, the apparent UFO structure resembled on tape what UFONV.com founder Jim Styke describes as a "sky jellyfish." UFONV is the online forum for videographers who want to "learn how to film a UFO." The Artesia, N.M.-based videographer told this reporter in 2010 how positive contact with ETs is an "important freedom."

Four days earlier the MiamiUFO cameras recorded what appear as a pair of solid ellipsoidal discs rotating in an ascending spiral around a central axis.

And on November, 19, 2013, the telescope resolved a complex structure evocative of this reporter's Dallas UFO footage (recorded with an 850mm-equivalent lens in late 2010).

While the IR cut filter-removed CCD camera in the MiamiUFO optical assembly produces a reliable interlaced image, alternative components such as Sony's PowerHAD DXC-950 3CCD color video camera for true color representation at high optical magnification could foreseeably be swapped into this optical system as well.

Defining Terms

The MiamiUFO YouTube channel publisher explains that "When we use the label UFO is because we have been unable to identify the object of interest, we always try to look for the standard objects in the sky: man made airplanes/drones, birds, balloons, astronomical objects like the Moon, Venus that are usually the only ones visible in daylight and sometimes satellites like the ISS, but these are very hard to spot in daylight."

In this reporter's opinion, these online video reports from Miami are very promising and point to a bright future for customized do-it-yourself UFO skywatching from almost any location around the world.

Media Sensation

Telescopic imaging of UFOs captured international headlines in 2012 when amateur astronomer Allen Epling's video of a cylinder that he observed for over two hours from his back yard in Virgie, Ky. was uploaded to YouTube.

In the video, small orbs accompany the larger object in a UFO cluster that defies Wired's cynical grasping at Google's strawman "Project Loon" theory.

Attention Wired editors: video of the "Project Loon" balloons reveals how they do not visually resemble that which was sighted aloft over the home state of Abraham Lincoln, Muhammad Ali and Hunter Thompson.

See the small orbs in the Allen Epling video here, here, and here.

Are these point sources simply lens reflections in the eyepiece or something else?

Hubble's Failed Search

Space.com reported in 2012 how the Hubble Space Telescope imaged the "UFO Galaxy" (NGC 2683) at 35 million light years distance in an apparent attempt to satisfy public interest in contact with ETs. According to Space, NASA staff wrote of the galaxy's "classic science fiction spaceship" shape in an apparently embarrassed attempt at a cover-up for missing what was so easily detected by amateurs Epling and now Thomas who famously dared to focus on subjects much closer to home.

Read this story in the Vancouver UFO Examiner for Examiner.com.


Extra information about the article: 
The "combination of a spotter camera with medium level zoom lens and a high magnification aligned scope " are "highly effective."


Posted: 29 Nov 2013 10:38 AM PST

Since his service in the Ground Observer Corps, author A.R. Roberts has been fascinated by UFOs and the mystery that surrounds them. After researching the topic for more than 20 years, Roberts now releases his study in his new book, "From Adam to Omega: An Anatomy of UFO Phenomena" (published by iUniverse), the complete guide to UFOs and why Roberts believes their existence has been denied by the U.S. government.

"Most people, whether they admit it or not, are interested, or at least curious, about UFOs but have a limited knowledge of the subject," Roberts writes. "My book covers all elements of the UFO enigma and avoids sensationalism."

"From Adam to Omega" analyzes both ancient and modern knowledge about UFOs and includes well-documented sightings. Roberts combs through biblical passages, as well as documents from the Middle Ages to highlight the evolution of UFO theory over thousands of years. The sightings come from carefully documented testimonies of credible police officers, astronauts and Air Force and commercial pilots.

"From Adam to Omega" will answer questions such as: 

  •     Were extraterrestrials involved with ancient civilizations?
  •     Are aliens abducting people and performing strange tests and examinations?
  •     Does the Bible reveal evidence of extraterrestrial visitation?
  •     Did the U.S. Air Force really retrieve crashed UFOs and alien bodies?

Roberts personally sites his books as a "must read for those who want to know the facts about UFOs". He invites readers to visit him at http://www.fromadamtoomega.com.

"From Adam to Omega" 
By A. R. Roberts 
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 522 pages | ISBN 9781475905069 
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 522 pages | ISBN 9781475905045 
E-Book | 522 pages | ISBN 9781475905052 
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

For more information or to purchase this book from AMAZON.COM simply click on its title: From Adam to Omega: An Anatomy of UFO Phenomena

About the Author

A. R. Roberts was a musician in the 1960's and traveled the country with different groups, one of which appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in December, 1964. He later worked in the hotel industry before opening a photography studio. He became interested in UFO phenomena in 1954 while serving as a volunteer in the Ground Observer Corps. Roberts is now semi-retired and lives in Florida.

iUniverse, an Author Solutions, LLC, self-publishing imprint, is the leading book marketing, editorial services, and supported self-publishing provider. iUniverse has a strategic alliance with Indigo Books & Music, Inc. in Canada, and titles accepted into the iUniverse Rising Star program are featured in a special collection on BarnesandNoble.com. iUniverse recognizes excellence in book publishing through the Star, Reader's Choice, Rising Star and Editor's Choice designations—self-publishing's only such awards program. Headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, iUniverse also operates offices in Indianapolis. For more information or to publish a book, please visit iuniverse.com or call 1-800-AUTHORS. For the latest, follow @iuniversebooks on Twitter.


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Ufology News

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 03:24 AM PST

Ufology News

Mexico: Alleged “Luminous Entities” Photographed in Playa del Carmen (Quintana Roo)

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 03:16 AM PST

Mexico: Alleged "Luminous Entities" Photographed in Playa del Carmen (Quintana Roo)
By Arq. Salvador Mora – Director of La Esfera Azul with D.G. Hernán Bado


On March 20, 2013, a highly interesting and controversial event occurred: photographs of 3 luminous entities at the place known as Plaza Fundadores in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
These images were taken by Ernesto Z. Ortiz, a known professional with a master's degree in Regional Development and Sustainable Tourism, a Nicaraguan national who has lived in our country for a long time, residing at Playa del Carmen. He is also the leader and founder of an NGO that supports the ecology. His probity and honesty are therefore assured.

Upon hearing of his photographs we took it upon ourselves to contact Ernesto, who very kindly spoke to us, agreeing to an interview to explain the images. It should be mentioned at this point that the main goal in taking these photographs to obtain night photographs of the impressive archway that represents two intertwined mermaids that are found in Plaza Fundadores itself. However, much more than that was obtained: it should be noted that those strange luminous beings were not visible at the time the photos were taken. They only became apparent after the images were inspected.
Thus, we also performed an in-depth analysis of the photographs we are including in this special report.

The Interview with Ernesto Z. Ortiz

Salvador Mora: It is a pleasure to speak with Ernesto Z. Ortiz in this special interview about some extraordinary photographs taken recently, showing strange beings that put forth light from their bodies, and who better than Ernesto who discusses them with us. First of all, many thanks for your willingness to participate in this interview, Ernesto. How are you?
Ernesto Z. Ortiz: Fine, thank you. Startled by what we were able to see in these photos.
Salvador Mora: Absolutely. Where were these photos taken and where?
Ernesto Z. Ortiz: These photos were all taken on March 20 of this year, 2013.
SM: Where were they taken and at what time?
EZO: At Plaza Fundadores in Playa del Carmen, around 9 at night near the beach.
SM: We are interested in the sculpture there. What does it symbolize?
EZO: Two intertwined mermaids.
SM: Very good. On a personal level, did any unusual events occur before or after these photos were taken at the site, or something similar to be remarked upon?
EZO: The monument was dedicated on December 21 [2012]. Well, some strange things happened to us around that time.
SM: OK, very interesting. What happened?
EZO; Well, in subsequent days, one of our co-workers claimed to be possessed by a supernatural being that wasn't him. In fact, when he was possessed, he would act entirely different. He would speak as though he was just learning to speak and walked in the same way. Days later, a young lady drowned in the beach, and in the photograph we saw something like blankets hanging in the air, in the shape of the Grim Reaper. The girl was found at the only spot where the sun shines on the beach.
SM: Extremely interesting. Had similar events occurred at this site, or had any video or photograph been taken of anything like the image?
EZO: The girl was found at the only spot where the sun shines on the beach. Not to my knowledge. A holistic event took place near that beach – meditations, cleansings of various kinds, vibrational music using hompax and crystals.
SM: Very interesting. How distant from the edge of the beach is the place where the light beings were photographed?
EZO: Barely 3 meters (40 feet)

Photo Analysis

In the following analyses we could ascertain the complete authenticity of the photos. No hoaxing or anything similar was noticed, and it should even be mentioned that we shared these images with Hernán Bado for analysis and opinion. He is one of the best and internationally renowned analysts of images with out-of-the-ordinary beings. He reached the conclusion that the luminosity put forth by the entities is such that no further information could be obtained about their details or features, as has occurred in earlier occasion. But let Hernán Bado himself discuss this matter in detail so we may show the images in depth.

Testimony of Hernán Bado Regarding His Photo Analysis

Hernán Bado: Hello Salvador, always a pleasure. I'm writing to tell you that I have worked on the "entities" in the photo and have unfortunately been unable to obtain results. The whiteness or luminosity is too intense and there is no way of penetrating it to decode the reality of who or what is there. At a given moment I thought that there might be something there…but in fact, I wasn't able to confirm anything. I regret the delay and the outcome. Regards.
Salvador Mora: OK, Hernán, don't worry about it, many thanks. Let me ask you – was this possibly due to the fact that the luminosity was so intense that it was hard to see what was behind it in any detail?
Hernán Bado: Yes, that's exactly what's going on. All of the figures have a very intense luminosity. This light also has a characteristic that is worth discussing, which is a slightly more yellow border, appearing to function as an aura of the figure it surrounds. The upper part, or whatever corresponds to what would be the head, is subtly darker than the lower part corresponding to the clothing, which is decidedly whiter. The three figures are standing on one of the small pedestals surrounding the fountain and this strikes me, because there appears to be an effort to imitate something like statues. In short, that's all I can say about it. Regards.
SM: OK, thanks Hernán. We can then say these could be beings of light of a highly intense luminosity, so intense that seeing their features becomes very hard. Conversely, we are faced by a very interesting case. Thanks again, Hernán. We'll keep in touch.


A very good observation, which at first may be a mere curiosity, but there could also be some symbolism in this case: the fact that one night after Ernesto Z. Ortiz visited Plaza Fundadores with the purpose of taking comparative shots, since he was still amazed by the originals, he noticed that the Mayan number six (6) was forming between the Moon and the clouds. A coincidence? Symbolism? We do not know. We can only provide a photo of this, taken by Ernesto himself, right next to a comparable image.


A highly interesting case which we are sure will draw the attention of many, prompting consideration. Based on the investigation performed, we can say that it could well be one of the most cogent pieces of evidence attesting to the existence of these strange luminous entities.

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[NOTE: Due to the number of photos involved, INEXPLICATA urges readers to visit www.acusticavisual.net to see them in their entirety]

[Translation © 2013, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU) with thanks to Arq. Salvador Mora and La Esfera Azul

UFOs and Aliens Sightings

Posted: 29 Nov 2013 07:03 PM PST

UFOs and Aliens Sightings

I Saw UFO Over Route 95 In Nevada Desert : Ronnie Vannucci Jr

Posted: 29 Nov 2013 11:10 AM PST

Rock star Ronnie Vannucci Jr spotted a UFO before he became famous.

The musician, who plays drums for Mormon rockers The Killers, clocked the mystery object in skies above the Nevada desert while working as a luggage courier for an airline.

The 37-year-old told Q magazine: "I was driving to the middle of Nevada on [Route] 95 North and I saw this red dot in the sky, almost like a laser pointer kind of red but it was bigger and it was doing all these motions like normal flight patterns and then it would zip down and go really quick.

"I pulled over.

"I didn't have a phone at the time and I tried to radio people and no one heard me.

"Then it went behind this mountain range and it was six at night so the sun was going down and there was this giant flash of light afterwards, like a strobe, and it was gone.

"It was crazy. I'm not making any of that up."

Comet ISON Will Pass By Earth On New Year's Eve : NASA STEREO

Posted: 29 Nov 2013 01:47 PM PST

Earlier we reported  ISON survived and later on CNN and other media sources also confirmed Comet ISON survived the Sun.

Now in latest update, according to NASA STEREO Science Center website present estimation comet ISON will pass by earth on New Year's Eve December 31, 2013.

We thing meteorite rains caused by ISON are possible between December 31, 2013 to January 4, 2014

Above GIF animation show Comparison between NASA expected trajectory and ISON present trajectory.
Source : http://stereo-ssc.nascom.nasa.gov/comet_ison/ison_lasco_Nov27T2_Nov30T23.jpg

Other Related News :

SOHO Image Suggest Comet ISON Survive

CNN Also Confirm Comet ISON Survived

Watch Live Comet ISON Updates !

CNN Also Confirm Comet ISON Survived

Posted: 28 Nov 2013 11:49 PM PST

Yesterday when we reported comet ISON survived many expressed their doubt on the news but now CNN and others media sources also confirm "ISON survived its encounter with the Sun".

Comet ISON Sweeps Near Sun, Shows Signs Of Life : CNN

Latest Images of Comet ISON Show it is 'Doing Just Fine' : universetoday.com

Images Suggest Some Of Comet ISON's Tail Survived Brush With Sun : ctvnews.ca

Image GIF animation show comet ISON path

Monitoring the activity of UFO

Posted: 29 Nov 2013 03:39 PM PST

Daily UFO sightings

Posted: 29 Nov 2013 11:39 AM PST

Daily UFO sightings


Posted: 29 Nov 2013 03:10 AM PST

UFO on Latest Comet Ison Footage? - November 27, 2013

Posted: 29 Nov 2013 03:09 AM PST

Large Disc shape UFO captured over Sydney, Australia - November 27, 2013

Posted: 29 Nov 2013 08:17 AM PST

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