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lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

Best UFOs Sightings

Best UFOs Sightings

Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena

Posted: 30 Sep 2013 09:34 AM PDT

Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena


Posted: 30 Sep 2013 09:16 AM PDT

If you missed Part I of this series - click here.
The Firstborn of the Illuminati was to return once more to this mysterious Grotto, after twenty-six years. A volcanic discovery in Santorini would rekindle the myths of Atlantis. A military junta of army colonels would get control of Greece — at the crack of daylight following Hitler's birthday. One of his heads looked as if it had been mortally wounded, but his deadly wound was healed. And the entire world marveled and followed the beast.
"The Magus" (1965) is a novel by British author John Fowles. It tells the narrative of Nicholas Urfe, a teacher on a small Greek island. Nicholas finds himself occupied in the psychological illusions of a wealthy Greek recluse, the master trickster Maurice Conchis.
The owner of the island's most splendid estate leads Nicholas into a nightmare that becomes increasingly dark and serious. Conchis may have teamed up with the Nazis during World War II. Reality and fantasy are deliberately confused by staged deaths, erotic encounters, eccentric masques and terrifying violence.
Writer John Fowles allegedly used the reference library of the British Council in Athens to get details for his novel. He would not visit Greece while the colonels remained in power. In spite of this Fowles published a revision of "The Magus" in 1978.
"We are used to the frequent changes made by an Auden or a Lowell in the text of their poems; but for a novelist, even 13 years after the event, quite thoroughly to rewrite and republish a large novel that is also a cult book for many younger readers — this is worth some explanation," wrote reviewer William Pritchard for the New York Times. "At least here are long stretches, particularly in Conchis's narrative of his life — his experience in World War I, his later confrontation with the Nazis on the Greek island in World War II — which are no more nor less than masterful storytelling."
A film version of "The Magus" was released in 1968, set around a Greek occultist's deadly game of political and sexual betrayal. It featured Michael Caine and Anthony Quinn.
"One of the great fallacies of our time is that the Nazis rose to power because they imposed order on chaos. Precisely the opposite is true — they were successful because they imposed chaos on order. They tore up the commandments, they denied the super-ego, what you will. They said, 'You may persecute the minority, you may kill, you may torture, you may couple and breed without love.' They offered humanity all its great temptations. Nothing is true, everything is permitted." (John Fowles, "The Magus")
"666 (The Apocalypse of John, 13:18)" was a double album by Aphrodite's Child. The Greek rock group was formed in 1967 and included Vangelis and Demis Roussos. The "666" album released in 1972 was the main idea for the Vangelis project. With lyricist Costas Ferris and actress Irene Papas, the song album was  rendering of the Biblical passages: "Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666." (Revelation 13:18)
In the 20th century Aleister Crowley called himself the Beast 666 and left England to journey through the East. His stopovers included Italy, Egypt, and the North African coast. He ought to have passed through Greece during his travels. But no reference was made of him within that land. Ironically, occultist Crowley was seemingly articulate in Greek. Tracts of his 1913 "Hymn to Pan" appeared in the Greek language. "The Book of the Law" (1904) introduced Crowley's concept of Thelema, or "Will" in Greek (which he appallingly identified with desire and envy).
While a German team looked for the lost history of an Aryan race in Tibet, there were also alleged connections between Atlantis and Nazism. One guess was that Hitler based his views about the supposedly superior Aryan race on what he imagined the people of Atlantis had been like.
Lots of Germans got dressed up in scanty fairy-tale outfits and held a rally at enormous outdoor parade grounds with the Fuhrer standing on a raised area. "Atlantis became important to the politics of Nazi Germany because of Hitler's need for a national story of origin." In the Bible's Revelation, Apollyon (or Abaddon "the destroyer") is the chosen "king" of the bottomless pit (or abyss), cautiously characterized by some lexicographers as a mockery of Hellenism. An intelligence outline warned of a German "Southern Redoubt." It was a mountain base where "the elite of National Germany will make a last desperate stand."
The Greek extreme-right political party Golden Dawn began to develop in 1980. While its leader was in prison, he met radical chiefs of the Greek military junta of 1967–1974 and set up the foundations of the Golden Dawn party. Scholars and media described it as neo-Nazi and fascist. Though the organization rejected these labels, the party's leader had outspokenly identified it as nationalist and racist. It registered as a political party in 1993 and entered the Hellenic Parliament in 2012, during times of economic crisis.
By Peter Fotis Kapnistos


Posted: 30 Sep 2013 09:09 AM PDT

Searching for the Truth
(Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything)
In all my years of doing UFO research and particularly the 1947 Roswell Incident, I've realized the importance of verifying and/or confirming the vast amount of information that is available pertaining to that Incident. Anything else presented is worthless, such as the crash test dummies, not used until 1953, the Mogul balloon theory, the alien autopsy film, and the numerous crash sites referenced, to mention a few.
The late Major Jesse Marcel and his recently passed away son Jesse Jr. both handled the debris from the crash in Roswell, when the Major stopped by the house to show it to Jesse Jr. and his Mother before flying some of the debris to General Ramey's office in Fort Worth Texas. Over the years both men freely talked about the material they had seen and handled with descriptions of what it looked like.
To my surprise, 66 years later I was given information that for me confirms, or at least adds credibility to what the Marcel's talked about.
I met a young lady recently who told me her Dad had an uncle that handled and examined material he believed was from the 1947 Roswell crash, when he was asked to go to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio to examine the metal samples. The daughter put me in contact with her Dad and the following paragraphs are what he shared with me, about what he recalled his uncle talking about. 
I heard this story on July 23, 1954 at my birthday party in Akron Ohio. I was eight years old. My uncle was married to my father's sister. He was always called "Babe". I don't remember his first name. He worked for Goodyear Aerospace / Goodyear Aircraft in Akron Ohio. I think it was one in the same. He was an engineer and metallurgist that worked in aircraft and dirigible construction. During World War II he worked on the bombers that were produced in Akron. At my birthday party he was telling my father and I about working with metal samples that came from a "flying disk" that crashed in Roswell, NM in the late 40s. He had to go to Wright-Patterson in Dayton, Ohio to examine the samples. He said there were two different types of metal. One was very difficult to cut, melt or machine. The other was like aluminum foil that you could crumple up into a ball. If you then put the ball of metal on a flat surface it would slowly work it's self out to its original shape with a mirror finish. If you crumpled it up again it would repeat the process. He said this was the most interesting piece. This sounds a lot like the solar panels used in our space program today. However, he believed that the other metal could be used in aircraft and missiles. Goodyear went on to develop and produce re-entry nosecones for the Atlas Intercontinental ballistic missile. I often thought this metal was used in these missiles.
He also said that he heard there were bodies recovered at the crash site. He said they were supposedly transported to Wright-Patterson. This was all rumors and he said he never saw bodies or confirmed their existence. He said the whole project was super secret and very compartmentalized. He had to have a top security clearance to even get near the samples. He said he made several trips to Wright Patterson over a number of months. I remember this discussion like it was yesterday because it caused a huge argument between him and my father. My father was shouting at him that he was filling my head with a bunch of lies about little green men and martians. I don't believe they ever spoke again after that party. This caused a serious rift in the family and was a constant problem.
I knew my uncle very well and had always found him to be very honest and never a braggart. In later years I asked him several times about the story and he would just say that he never should have said anything to anybody about it. He finally asked me to never mention it to him again. He died about a dozen years later and took the details to his grave. I forgot about it until I moved to New Mexico in the late 70's. I was in a bookstore and ran into a book on the Roswell Incident. I have read many books about it since. I believe, like you do, that something huge happened in Roswell and that my Uncle Babe played a small part in the story in Dayton, Ohio.
I hope you find this interesting. Thanks for listening. 
After reading the account of his uncle that he shared with me, to say I found his story interesting would be an understatement on my part. 
Some that read this will say it's an old and a second-hand account, however, based on the information that has been accumulated from the Marcel's over the years, and the descriptions they gave about the metal they actually handled, I believe this account helps confirm and validate what the Marcel's' stated. I personally have no reason to believe that the daughter's father made up this account of what he heard his uncle tell his father and him at his birthday party. Jesse Marcel Jr. after all was only eleven years old when his Dad stopped at the house to show him and his mother the material he had gathered at the debris field on the Foster ranch earlier that day.
As to the descriptions of the material the uncle talked about, those descriptions match very closely with what Major Marcel told his son about not being able to cut or burn the debris, and particularly the odd attribute of crumpling it up and in a short period of time it returned to it's original shape.
Dennis G. Balthaser
Email      truthseeker@dfn.com
Extra information about the article: 
Photo description: Debris field at the Foster Ranch


Posted: 29 Sep 2013 12:13 PM PDT

Publisher's Note:  I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Derrel Sims, The Alien Hunter, in my Inbox this morning. He states that "There is/are other evidence(s) as well, of the alien"  and adds "Photos (not on the Internet) and other items, from long ago, and more recently." Then he claims, "I suspect that this "More careful revealing of evidence" will set the high water mark or will leave the waters "muddied" still, If so it may be a lot longer before other evidence(s) show up in any real forum. Derrel was referring to this article. Dirk


In the past few months rumors have swirled that members of the Roswell investigation team (this author included) had become aware of two photographic slides depicting an alien humanoid creature:

- This is true, and it is equally true that they may represent the first genuine physical evidence in support of the reality of a crash of a extraterrestrial beings near Roswell, NM over six decades ago.

-The stunning, historic photographs have been confirmed to have been  imaged on two Kodachrome slides dating from the year 1947, the year of the UFO crash.  

-There is no indication of retouching, digital enhancement or other photographic hoax technique.

-They are clear, in color, up close, and taken from two separate angles.

-These slides were found hidden in an attic in a chest having belonged to a deceased couple.

-This author made the incredible discovery that the husband was a very prominent petroleum geologist who conducted oil exploration expeditions in the 1940s in West TX and in New Mexico. This area also encompassed the Permian Basin, a region that includes Roswell, NM.

-Rather than depicting the popular culture image of aliens in the 1940s, they show the image of a small humanoid  alien, like those aliens described by witnesses to Roswell.

-Other photos found in the chest (separate from the two humanoid slides) depict General Eisenhower in 1947 and with the couple at meetings and parties with what appear to be very well-placed people.

-There is much more of this tale to tell


-No crash debris or the craft itself are shown, this is pure fiction.

-No member of the team owns, manages or controls the evidence in any way, and therefore has not made any media inquiries as rumored and makes no decisions on what is done or not done with such evidence.

-We do not in any way represent or speak for the owner of the evidence. We were only assisting him.


There was most certainly a leak in the investigation. Some people became aware of some of the elements of the story…and what some did with this is truly shameful. 

And others were reduced to name-calling in efforts to get us to talk.  I even received strange phone calls in the middle of the night demanding disclosure! People actually tried to extort information on this. It is clear that there are many who were simply jealous of our efforts and dislike the idea of a team.  They took a perverse pleasure in deliberately disrupting our continuing investigation. They do not see that they have caused tremendous harm to the pursuit of truth.

Why did they not wait until we had the time to understand more about the slide's origin, provenance and chain-of-custody? And just why are we under any obligation to apprise strangers of things that we ourselves are still learning about?

Why was it so urgent for them to not first let us try to answer the many "who, what, where, whens , whys and hows" about these images that still remain before blabbering their mouths?

If we did not have these answers at the ready when the evidence was presented, we would be taken to task for not having those answers. We are damned if we do not pre-maturely release the information- and we would be damned if we did.

Why do some wish to bring down this aspect of the investigation and abort our sincere efforts? Are they so frustrated in not being able to see the images (some seem to being have mini-strokes and conniption fits because they have not) that they will do anything to make us release them? Do they seek fame at any cost? Do they not like us? Is it covetous behavior?


And when it was found out that Roswell researcher Kevin Randle still had concerns about the slides, the skeptics and mean-spirited wanted to drive a wedge further and deep within the team.  Kevin is entitled to his opinion. We remain civil and he is entitled to his thoughts. On this matter I am convinced that once he became privy to the evidence in a more direct way, he would have changed his mind.

People do not understand that the 'team' can have disagreements and still cooperate. They also do not appreciate that it is self-funded, takes time away from making a living, and its members are physically separated by thousands of miles. To then be further encumbered by an early onslaught of negativity before we have even completed our work on this evidence is simply unfair.


-The names of the involved geologist and his wife nor the owner of the slides; who authenticated them and how; when the chest was found and the name of who found it; and specifics on the humanoid's appearance. Anyone who does release this sensitive information really does not care about history and truth, only themselves. They are not honorable and are fame seekers and worse.

-Who has seen the photos and when and where, how they are stored, etc.

-What stage we are at in the investigation; who was contacted during the investigation

-Speculation on the decision masking processes of the owner of the evidence


The owner of the slides certainly sees from afar the puerile and unprofessional behavior of some people.  And he sees judgment cast even before the evidence is shown. He is likely repulsed by such "UFO people" and has no desire to enter such a hellish lion's den. And he will not use the underbelly of the internet to ever release something of such enormity and cosmic  import.




Posted: 29 Sep 2013 11:47 AM PDT

The National Institute For Discovery Sciences (NIDS) (headed by Las Vegas billionaire Robert Bigelow, who also owns Bigelow Aerospace) reportedly had made an investigation earlier (ca. 1998) regarding this ranch
In retrospect, the following report itself by the National Institute For Discovery Sciences (ca. 1998) regarding this ranch seems to be more suspicious now:
(QUOTE, from NIDS report)
"It has been reported in the media and on the internet that the Redding War Ranch, located at 37° 2.91' north latitude and 107° 1.44' west longitude (GPS) next to Mt. Archuleta (straddling New Mexico - Colorado border), is rumored to be an undercover facility engaged in secret activity connected with Mt. Archuleta.
These rumors further state that the ranch has eight armed guard watch towers scattered along the property.
In addition, there is an unusual round steel (and air conditioned) building located behind a ranch entrance gate on the opposite side of the property (37° 6.02' north latitude and 107°2.85' west longitude - GPS).
A metal plaque prominently posted on a watch tower door identified the manufacturer as Houston Blow Pipe & Steel Plate Works (P.O. BOX 1692, Houston, TX 77251-1692, phone: 713-675-2273, FAX: 713-675-5038).
Having seen the towers and being interested in their origin and purpose, a simple phone call was made to the phone number above.
It was learned during the phone conversation that the President and CEO of the company is Mr. W. A. Redding. Contrary to the myths that have been perpetuated, a simple explanation was provided by Mr. Redding.
1) Mr. Redding stated that the watch towers are actually hunting stands with the brand name "The Ultimate Hunting Stand."
The hunting stands on the ranch are weather proof-heavy gauge steel construction (5 feet diameter, 850 pounds est. total weight) equipped with 10 feet high steel angle frame supports, steel ladder or a steel walk-up type stairway with steel pipe hand railing, propane heater and tank, five large one way mirror-pane plate glass (hinged and latched) windows (hunters can see out, but game cannot see inside), swivel chair, and indoor-outdoor carpet on floor and side wall.
Further, the stands are used for photographing game and birds, and hunting of game (deer, elk, javelina,moose, sheep and turkeys).
According to published literature, the stands have been in production since 1963 and employ 75 years of hunting and 60 years of steel fabrication experience in their design for all-weatherhunting.
2) The round steel building is a bunk house for ranch hands designed and manufactured by Mr. Redding's Houston steel company.
The bunk house design employs the same all-weather heavy gauge steel construction as the hunting stands along with air conditioning and fuel-oil heater.
It is not currently being used.
3) The owner of the Redding War Ranch is Mr. Redding himself.
He can becontacted at the phone number given above.
4) The Redding War Ranch is used to raise small herds of Beefalo".
Yes, I think so.
Here is what Edmund Gomez from Dulce said about this.
And I agree with him:
"Based on the source of research by NIDS, yes, this was their take on the ranch years after the ranch let its defense down and allowed folks to travel through it. From early 1960's to late 1980's, you could not trespass on the Redding Ranch, not even to retrieve a cow.
That is the million dollar question.
And, why are all the structures including the towers, doors and windows in bunkhouse constructed of a very heavy gage steel (making them bulletproof).
NIDS continues to provide information or is it disinformation? to keep us off track, in my opinion.
In the fall of 1997, I led Gabe Valdez (former New Mexico State Patrol Officer in charge of the Dulce area) and two other scientists from NIDS on the expedition and continued through up to Mt. Archuleta.
We were able to go directly to the towers, enter, photograph and see the tags with the manufacturer.
I told them that the glass, doors, shutters and structures were bullet-proof and was going to show them, but inexplicably, Gabe Valdez stopped me.
I could not get them to go to the "bunkhouse and hangar" to investigate further.
It seemed that they were not very interested in the facilities.
Also, I noticed that the airstrip had been plowed and planted with oats.
But again, no interest was shown by the NIDS folks".
I could not agree more.
I also do not trust NIDS (National Institute of Discovery Sciences).
Greg Valdez, author of DULCE BASE just recently posted some of the photos of the ranch on his excellent website.
By the way, Greg Valdez, in his excellent book DULCE BASE, mentions that (the late) "Mr. Redding owned Houston Blow Pipe and Steel and was a military contractor providing manufacturing of heavy-duty plate rolling, which was commonly used at the Nevada Test Site for construction of underground tunnels during the testing of nuclear bombs in Nevada.
Mr. Redding's company also provided air circulation systems (that's one of the services a blowpipe company usually provides, in case you're curious), which would be convenient technology to have for constructing an underground base or tunnel".
Redding Ranch is currently owned by the Southern Ute tribe which purchased it from W.A. Redding on August 16, 2005. Redding passed away in 2009 in Texas. Redding acquired the property in 1976. 
According to Greg Valdez, in his book DULCE BASE, "the land directly south of the Redding Ranch did not indicate a previous owner. 
The key to this is the fact that the United States government owned all the property prior to 1965 and it wasn't the Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management. 
When Edmund Gomez looked into the property records during the 1980s, he found ficticious companies listed (a common tactic of agencies such as the CIA) as the owner on record of the Redding Ranch. After Edmund's finding of the fictitious companies became public, the ownership records changed back to Mr. Redding."

UFOs and Aliens Sightings

Posted: 29 Sep 2013 07:14 PM PDT

UFOs and Aliens Sightings

The U.S. Military Has Worked With Aliens

Posted: 29 Sep 2013 10:07 AM PDT

Australian TV airs interview with Charles Hall who claims to have worked with ET's at U.S. Bases.

Earth Moon May Have Originated From Venus

Posted: 29 Sep 2013 09:46 AM PDT

Moon may have originated from Venus, after Earth's gravity captured its natural satellite from the planet, a new theory on lunar history suggests.

The theory is in contradiction to the belief that the Earth's moon formed some 4.5 billion years ago when a planet-size body slammed into nascent Earth at high speed.

"I think part of the key to (understanding) the Moon may be that Venus has no moon, and we certainly have to study it (Venus) more," said Dave Stevenson, professor of planetary science at Caltech University, who proposed the Venus idea.

Hemispheric View of Venus Centered at the South Pole
The "moon capture" theory assumes that Earth used its gravity to attract a pre-formed space body into its orbit, thus making a satellite of this object.

However, the geochemical composition of the Moon and Earth likely trips up this theory, SPACE.com reported.

Analyzes of the lunar rocks brought back by Nasa's Apollo Moon landing missions have shown that the satellite has an isotopic composition very similar to that of Earth.

If both Moon and Earth have very similar isotopes, it makes the capture theory difficult to maintain, said Alex Halliday, head of science at Oxford University.

Some aspects of the idea that the Moon may have come from Venus are however, very intriguing, he said.

"The reason why it's interesting is that Earth and Venus are close to each other. They have similar mass, and people think they have probably formed in a similar way," he said.

The capture theory faces a challenge when explaining the similar composition of the Moon and Earth, Stevenson said.

However, if scientists analyze rocks from Venus and they turn out to be very similar to those on Earth — that would argue in favour of the capture theory, the report said.

The giant impact idea also has trouble explaining why the Earth and the Moon are so peculiarly similar.

Australia – Chemtrails Webs Falling From The Sky In Melbourne

Posted: 29 Sep 2013 09:06 AM PDT

Chemtrails webs falling from the sky in Melbourne, Australia filmed on video.

Monitoring the activity of UFO

Posted: 29 Sep 2013 03:15 PM PDT

Monitoring the activity of UFO

Review of UFOs activity around the Sun and in the solar space for September 28, 2013

Posted: 28 Sep 2013 09:28 PM PDT

domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

Best UFOs Sightings

Best UFOs Sightings

Daily UFO sightings

Posted: 29 Sep 2013 11:18 AM PDT

Daily UFO sightings

Review of UFOs activity around the Sun and in the solar space for September 28, 2013

Posted: 28 Sep 2013 09:28 PM PDT

Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena

Posted: 29 Sep 2013 09:12 AM PDT

Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena


Posted: 29 Sep 2013 07:28 AM PDT

By Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt

Carey and Schmitt's new investigative work begins where their previous best-selling book Witness to Roswell leaves off. From the high desert of New Mexico to the inner sanctum of the most secure military facility in the world - Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, this new book sets the historic record straight on the aftermath of one of the most significant events of the millennium.

All of the recovered physical evidence from the crash site north of Roswell was immediately rushed to this ultra-secret military base, which specialized in reverse-engineering of foreign technology, biological research, and aircraft crash investigation. Inside the Real Area 51; The Secret History of Wright Patterson will open your eyes to the government deception about the reality of the UFO phenomenon as it explores the numerous government studies headquartered at Wright Patterson for almost thirty years, and the extreme measures intelligence agencies took to insure the cover-up.

In this thoroughly documented and heavily end-noted book, readers will be amazed at the following:

¨ What was Wright Patterson's immediate reaction upon receiving the wreckage from Roswell?

¨ What conclusions did they immediately draw?

¨ Within two months of the crash, one of the highest ranking officers in the Air Force sent out a secret letter. Its contents shocked officials at Wright Patterson. What did this secret report say?

¨ As a result of the crash of a craft of unknown origin in New Mexico, a special study was appointed by the Secretary of the Air Force. A year later, the study's conclusions were so shocking that the Chief of the Air Force ordered the report burned. What did it say?

¨ Captain Edward Ruppelt, first director of the Air Force Project Blue Book, stated that by the end of July 1947, the Pentagon was in a "complete panic" over the "flying saucer" situation. Was it due to Roswell?

¨ The Air Force would enforce a twenty year effort to discredit witnesses, mislead the press, and falsify UFO report summations. What forced them to restrict the access of information even within the highest ranks at the Pentagon?

¨ Bodies from the Roswell crash were studied at Wright Patterson. Was there a survivor and what became of it?

¨ Why did the chief scientific debunker for the Air Force, become an outspoken advocate of the study of the UFO phenomenon and what changed his mind?

¨ Is there an underground maze of vaults, hangars and multiple levels beneath Wright Patterson, and what is hidden there?

¨ What does a former Wright Patterson base commander say about such restricted facilities and did Roswell truly happen?

¨ What became of a section of bone which Wright Patterson officers secreted off the base?

¨ What was a high-ranking political figure told by the highest ranking military officer in the country, when he asked to see what was being kept secret at Wright Patterson?

Yes. What indeed is being kept secret at Wright Patterson and is it still there? Have we had the physical proof that UFOs truly exist and was buried under Wright Patterson Air Force Base? Inside the Real Area 51; The Secret History of Wright Patterson opens the vault. 

If you would like more information or wish to purchase this book from AMAZON.COM simply click on its title: Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright Patterson


Other sections: 


Posted: 29 Sep 2013 07:13 AM PDT

A martial obligation of the House of Lords was to shield the British Crown from burden or blame. The entrée of the Illuminati served a strategic goal in this state of affairs. For as the Vatican had previously done, the recently picked lords and ladies could exploit lower groups as human shields. Bavarian bankers and "collection-barons" could unassumingly redirect all detrimental criticism — to gypsies and Jews. Given that a Germanic household had few misgivings about keeping the title of the English monarchy, its well-to-do lineage could also provoke the uncertainties of Semitic laypeople.

But if the Bayern Illuminati brought about the end of the Holy Roman Empire, by what authority did the Germanic monarchs and landed gentry continue to preserve their "holy rights" and hereditary titles of nobility? A number of courtiers imagined a "Jesus bloodline" as a chain of offspring of the historical Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The notion of the Holy Grail as a lineage or the genealogy descending from Jesus' marriage with Mary Magdalene was revealed in Dan Brown's popular novel, "The Da Vinci Code" (2003). 

Dan Brown used material from "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" (1982), by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln, which was based in part on Pierre Plantard's 1950s "Priory of Sion." Plantard dismissed the Jesus bloodline story as fiction in a French radio interview in 1982. 

"However, Plantard's 'Priory of Sion' documents prior to 1956 were found to be forgeries which were planted in French institutions to be later 'rediscovered.'" The French government depicted Plantard as a pretender to the French throne. He claimed that descendants of the Hebrew tribe of Benjamin were the "Merovingian" line of Frankish kings.

Nikos Kazantzakis (author of "Zorba the Greek") presented an atypical view of a spiritual romance between Jesus and Mary Magdalene in his 1951 book, "The Last Temptation of Christ." For that work, the Church prevented Kazantzakis' body from being buried in a cemetery. His famous novel often shows up on lists of banned books.

"The Life of Saint Mary Magdalen," a 13th century account of the life of Mary, tells of her journey to the Southern shores of France. The early French story records that Mary "Magdalen," traveling with her brother Lazarus of Bethany and Martha, landed in a boat on the coast of Provence. French legend declares that Mary Magdalene, with Joseph of Arimathea and other friends, brought the Holy Grail to France, fleeing persecution in Palestine: "O Mary Magdalene, why camest thou to Marseilles?" ("The Life of Saint Mary Magdalen," The Golden Legend, 1260)

Selected folklore of the "Jesus bloodline" hypothesis guardedly held that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were not Semites in actual fact, but exiled Egyptian (Ptolemaic) royalty. The "proof" was allegedly buried in a small churchyard in Rennes-le-Chateau (stirred by the Roman Catholic maltreatment of the Albigensians or Cathars of Southern France). That twist of history allowed constituents of the Illuminati landed gentry to make a claim of angelic blood relations to an "Aryan Jesus" without being Semitic. It suited the "Priory Grail" explanation for their pretentious sanctified rights and hereditary titles of nobility. "I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan." (Revelation 2:9)

"According to the vast majority of professional historians and scholars from related fields, there is no historical, biblical, apocryphal, archaeological, genealogical, or genetic evidence which supports this hypothesis. Hypothetical Jesus bloodlines should not be confused with the biblical genealogy of Jesus or the historical relatives of Jesus and their descendants, who are known as the Desposyni." (Wikipedia.org)

Far from the islands

don't you know you're

Never going to get to France.

Mary Queen of chance will they find you.

Never going to get to France

could a new romance ever bind you.


(Mike Oldfield, "To France," 1984)


The Firstborn of the Illuminati greatly admired monarchism once he came to grips with the fact that the kingdom's crown had been germanisch since 1714. He was the engineered progeny of a Quaker insemination. In his opinion, he was the self-direction of all human progress. Scientists, politicians, and social leaders had created him through a program to improve human heredity.

The Horus Incarnation was a smart hairless gentleman with a cane and a Panama hat who had voyaged to the Greek island of Patmos. His footfalls were noisy as he walked to the Grotto of the Revelation where St. John wrote Biblical passages of the Apocalypse.

The beast 666 had acquired a birthright from this bizarre cavern. A circle of bodyguard soldiers marched around him. The Nazi defeat of Greece was fulfilled in 1941, with the capture of important islands.

Article continues tomorrow - Monday, September 30, 2013.

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Posted: 28 Sep 2013 11:31 AM PDT

My thanks to Fritz Goebel Sheboygan to sending this in to us.
I would like to share some interesting photos I got from the Mars Curiosity Rover raw image website.  They show what appears to be some kind of hole that an animal might use to access the surface when desired.  When I shared them with Robert Morningstar, he thought it resembled a gopher hole.  After doing some further research of my own, it seems to resemble the holes that sand crabs in coastal areas here make when the tide goes out.  I have also shared the images with Diane Tessman and she thinks you might be interested in them also.  In any event, they represent something worth looking at and speculation about.

I am attaching the images I sent along with details of the camera that was used, and when and where the photos were taken.  If you are interested in featuring them in the Digest, please feel free to do so.  I would appreciate being mentioned as the person who first noticed this.  The images can be enlarged for easier viewing.




sol 373 01:00:10 P.M. LMST

taken: 2013 AUG 24 05:17:42 EDT

released: 2013 AUG 31 14:04:28 EDT

size:1632x1200 (729547 bytes)

bearing 206.72° (SSW), elevation -82.87° map it






sol 373 01:04:02 P.M. LMST

taken: 2013 AUG 24 05:21:41 EDT

released: 2013 AUG 31 14:04:25 EDT

size:1632x1200 (1026279 bytes)

bearing 206.17° (SSW), elevation -82.91° map it






Posted: 28 Sep 2013 09:46 AM PDT

Korea the Forgotten War but not forgotten by some.

I read a very interesting entry that came from a reader of the Fate Magazine. This Fate reader had written in to the magazine about a personal experience he had while on the battlefield in Korea as he was a veteran and felt his experience was relevant to the Fate Magazine experience. I agree. This story is a gut wrenching account of an act of faith or maybe paranormal manifestation under enemy fire during the very worst of the forgotten war that many of us who have fathers who were veterans in that conflict know as the Korean War.

Forgotten contributions

First, I would like to point out some facts that few people are aware of in that conflict as much of our past experience in these "Police Actions" as they have been neatly termed, truly know about. As well, the politically correct climate that America has been deceived by for the last two decades has done a lot with such people as Senator John Kerry or actress, Jane Fonda, to stain the fine reputation of American fighting men overseas whose sacrifices deserve much better understanding and gratitude than our present leaders such as President Obama have cared to bestow upon our brave soldiers.

Never doubt the sacrifice of our men in arms

For those of you who lean left and have actually disparaged our military in its sometimes desperate situation in wars abroad I will say this. Where White House leadership has forced our military to first participate in highly unpopular wars and then to force our armed services to fight with one hand tied behind their back as President Truman did to our warriors in Korea and as Presidents Johnson and Nixon did to our fighting forces in Vietnam, I will never fault our brave men and women for answering the call of duty.

History aside from the forgotten atrocities

Let's take a true look at the Communists in North Korea and how little they valued life, not only of South Koreans, not only of us hated Americans, but of their very own troops. It is one thing to kill the enemy with savagery that violates the Geneva Convention, but another thing all together to sacrifice your own soldiers with no consideration for their safety and as General Santa Anna was once quoted as saying, "the lives of soldiers are like so many chickens." This has been the problem since time began with arrogant commanders who needlessly allow the massive casualties when there are other more human ways of attaining victory. Yet, North Korean and Chinese Commanders did not see things this way, and history has a way of sometimes overlooking the atrocities committed in war and making a hero or a victim out of those who do not deserve either of these descriptions.

The actions of the Communists in North Korea were not only despicable, but incredibly inhumane and bordered on the very horrid atrocities that were suffered by the Chinese under assault from Japanese forced during World War II which are beyond belief of any so-called civilized society. When General MacArthur led arguably one of the most brilliant amphibious landings on the totally unsuitable Inchon harbor and islands thus taking the North Koreans by surprise and routing the North Korean Army to a quick defeat, he ignited a reaction by the Chinese that either he was anticipating or actually wanted in order to justify the invasion of China and taking out the Communist leadership as well. This was an act that led to his forced resignation by President Truman.

China enters the Korean conflict

As history will tell us more than 300,000 Chinese regular troops poured across the Yalu River and into North Korea. Their initial forward units were annihilated by forward units of MacArthur's invading forces, but being outnumbered more than 10 to 1 took its toll upon the Marines and Army troops who were fighting beyond their supply lines. What history has failed to reveal is that Mao Zedong ordered captured Nationalist Chinese troops who were under Chiang Kai-shek who had fought the Communists and had been driven out of China to the island of Formosa had been sent in waves unarmed to meet an assured slaughter as the Chinese Communists forced them to charge into the range Marine gunfire or be killed by the troops from behind if they failed to do so. This strategy was used to get the Americans to use up their ammo!

One man who knew and saw Communist inhumanity

My father served in Korea in two tours of duty. As a Marine Staff Sergeant in command of artillery units, he was well acquainted with the manner in which the Chinese allowed the slaughter of their men. He told me how the Communists willingly sacrificed thousands of their soldiers against well emplaced US Marine artillery and overlapping fields of fire that any normal commander would never waste the lives of his men over. Yet, the Communists allowed horrid casualties to mount upwards as they pushed their soldiers to attack over well protected and heavily guarded killing fields that only forced US forward units to waste ammo as they were quite well outnumbered even though they made up for it with superior planning and strategic batteries of howitzers both 105 mm and 155mm that were used to devastating effect upon the Chinese troops. It was clear that to Chinese leadership valued little their human resources.

Unprepared and forgotten

I will not go into the terrible accounts of what happened to US soldiers many times freezing to death and running out of ammunition as they were stormed by thousands of Chinese Communist troops, but I will say this. When North Korea was first invaded by heavily armored units of Russian made tanks that slaughtered the South Korean Army, Harry Truman responded by ordering completely unfit and untrained US soldiers from mess Sergeants to National Guardsmen barely out of high school with peach fuzz on their chins into an assured meat grinder of overwhelming enemy forces in an attempt to slow the progress of the invading North Korean Army. The result was tens of thousands of American casualties in the weeks that followed as reservists active units were called up from other regions of the world and transported into battle.

You see as young American men were being slaughtered by Communist North Koreans who had been spoiling for a fight against South Korea for some time and had finally attacked in 1950, America was just recovering from saving the world just 5 years earlier in World War II thinking that the world would not want to see another war again. So, we had once again allowed ourselves to let the US military dwindle in numbers as aircraft worth millions of dollars were literally pushed off the flight decks of aircraft carriers to sink to the ocean bottom and an active US standing Army was largely dismissed and returned to civilian life.

Suffering that rivaled Valley Forge

It is in this savage backdrop that I bring you this bizarre account of an incident that happened during the more desperate era of the Korean War during the bitterly cold winters that ravaged the upper latitudes of the Korean peninsula. It was here that chilled American GI's who were wearing World War II issue European uniforms that were unfit for the kind of extremes they would encounter in the frigid conditions that bit into the fighting men in the Korean topography.

Fate Magazine reader weighs in

This person who had written into Fate Magazine had been among those in this patrol whose brutal encounter I am about to describe. This was a routine patrol in the bitter depths of the Korean winter in deep snow. The soldiers were to reconnoiter the outer perimeter of the forward region where the first waves of the enemy would arrive if an assault were to happen. Each and every day there were sent out on sorties to evaluate possible enemy troop movement or activity on American held real estate. It was a dangerous business out there in the cold packed snow searching for an enemy that might or might not be there.

A deadly ambush

As the rifle squad of US Army troops passed a particular position where a well hidden machine gun nest awaited them they were fired upon and as the men took cover or hit the dirt one man was wounded. In pain he cried out to his buddies for help. The Communists knew that Americans did not like to abandon their wounded and so waited to enact the typical scenario of picking off each and every attempt by the US troops to recover their wounded. Against the orders of their commanding non-commissioned officer, a sergeant, one of the soldiers ran to grab his buddy and was immediately machine gunned down. Now there were two casualties.


A deadly stand-off had taken place that the Americans would not win unless they outflanked the machine gun nest and destroyed killed the machine gun crew so they could carry their wounded away, but instead they remained pinned down as the machine gun crew laid down fire each time they attempted to move. Spurred on by the cries of the wounded another GI (general infantry) ran to the assistance of his buddies as the sergeant warned him not to, and was shot down in short order. Now the situation was grave. Two men dead and one wounded soldier calling for help as the remaining patrol hunkered down under scathing machine gun fire.

An act of faith?

Suddenly a corporal pulled his Saint Christopher from inside his shirt and held the Catholic emblem out in front of himself still chained to his neck as he walked toward his wounded comrade. The Communists fired away but could not seem to hit the GI armed only with his St. Christopher as he moved forward and to the aid of the fallen soldier. Finally the brave GI grabbed the wounded man and slung him over his shoulder. Under fire, the Catholic GI carried his wounded buddy back to safe cover. There were two remaining witnesses to the incident, the man who wrote in to Fate Magazine and his sergeant, who was so stunned by this display of faith that he retired as soon as he could afterward.

The aftermath

There was no mention of whether or not they knocked out the machine gun nest or withdrew from the firefight, but the incident had clearly left an impression on the man who had written in and his sergeant, a career man, who quickly ended his tenure as a non-com officer after the incident out of shear astonishment at what he had witnessed. The man who wrote in to describe the bizarre event in the Korean conflict wanted only to make a point about how faith if strong enough could allow men to overcome the insurmountable even in the face of death. In this case, apparently an act of faith had summoned the mercy of our Lord or had invoked a paranormal event that overcame incredible odds and saved the life of at least two men. We will never know for sure.

Final observation

Even in the bitter despair of the worst conditions and the most savage of enemies sometimes mercy is shown and the gift of life is somehow allowed in order to continue on and bear witness to such a seemingly miraculous happening that few would ever have the courage to test. Reality can be stranger than fiction and faith even stronger than belief in the material world.

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In the midst of the brutal Korean War an act of faith or a paranormal event saves lives!
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UFOs and Aliens Sightings

Posted: 28 Sep 2013 07:27 PM PDT

UFOs and Aliens Sightings

Chemtrail Fiber Webs Cover North Texas Overnight

Posted: 28 Sep 2013 11:25 AM PDT

Across North Texas, thin, sticky white fiber threads appeared to float in midair on Wednesday morning. They ended up attached to buildings and vehicles, illuminated by the morning sunrise.

In 2011 Fibers were also been reported falling from sky in Pheonix and Sacramentoin U.S.

Down below video shows sample of the fiber, which was fallen from the sky earlier this year in Northern California. 

Monitoring the activity of UFO

Posted: 28 Sep 2013 03:30 PM PDT

Monitoring the activity of UFO


Posted: 28 Sep 2013 08:44 AM PDT

Breaking News! Extra anomaly in Antarctica! The abrupt temperature of 70 degrees! Unbelievable! Disclosure of September 28, 2013

Posted: 28 Sep 2013 05:19 AM PDT

September 25 in Antarctica recorded temperature jump - plus 15 degrees

Automatic weather station is located at Dome Argus (80 ° 22'S; 77 ° 21'E), and this area is considered one of the coldest places in the natural world, with temperatures reaching -90 °C (-130 °F). September 25 station there has recorded a temperature jump to 15 degrees.

The station is owned by the Australian Government Meteorological Organization and it was her station recorded a temperature anomaly at Dome Argus in Antarkide.

Argus dome is the highest point in Antarctica (4093 m) and one of the least explored places on earth. It is located at the long range (about 60 km long and 10 km wide). The thickness of the ice there is more than 3000 m.
The air temperature
The air pressure

What was the reason for the anomalous temperature jump - is unknown. Australian meteorologists do not comment on the situation.

Alien anomalies, UFOs cubes and rods in the solar space - Review for September 27, 2013

Posted: 27 Sep 2013 08:41 PM PDT

Giant UFO-like object depicted in a fresco of Egyptian pyramids 0:43 Cubes 1:18  1:28
Over two days, there is no information from the satellite SOHO STEREO AHEAD + BEHIND. NASA can come up and tell people any false information about the status of satellites. This is BS! It may not in the same time break both satellites, which are at a great distance from each other. NASA hiding something from us!

UFO over Alliance, Ohio, USA - September 26, 2013

Posted: 27 Sep 2013 08:01 PM PDT

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