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viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

Best UFOs Sightings

Best UFOs Sightings

Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena

Posted: 31 May 2013 09:23 AM PDT

Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena

Earthquakes and UFOs...another Opinion

Posted: 31 May 2013 08:21 AM PDT

Publisher's Note: Received an email yesterday I believe in response to Pat Regan's article  Welsh earthquake and more UFO sightings once again posted here: http://www.ufodigest.com/article/welsh-earthquake-0529

There is probably little connection between eatrhquakes and the appearance of UFOs. It has long been discovered that up to 2-3 weeks before an earthquake tectonic plate activty creates Piezo electrical charges or ball lightning. It emmits from cracks in the ground or from caves at various speeds, swift or slowly, large or small. spills droplets. is very unstable when coming into contact w/ another object, etc.

( This is most likely the soure of the Travis Walton episode. )

Piezo electrcity is used to track upcoming quakes and is a useful tool for forecasters. They say little to avoid scaring the public since often these discharges amout to small rumbles. It is easier to let folks think they have seen a flying saucer. Experiments have been reproduced inlaboratories with slow-mo video reproducing all of these effects.

BEWARE OF THE GLOWING OBLECT IN THE SKY.......ALWAYS. It is probably created in nature...understood and unknown as yet !


Definition of Metabolism, UFOs and Aliens in 2013

Posted: 31 May 2013 07:37 AM PDT

Publisher's Note: Through Google News I have again gleamed an article that I thought would be of interest to our readers. It was written by MAKANDAL and published on the Society and Religion website. Enjoy.
This might stretch us to long philosophical discussion so let us supposed alien life is a self replicant, able to evolve and self-sustainable chemical process (what is called metabolism).
Some biologists are still arguing to know whether metabolism or self replication came first. Metabolism needs proteins, self replication need nucleo-acid.
To have life on another planet is more than likely. We think it is a question of few years before we will be able to observe it. However, the public will probably be very deceived.
Now, if you observe the bulk of 'life' on earth, it is mainly bacteria. With the discovery of nanobacteria and the nanobe (this is a very strange hypothetical form of life living within rocks), this is more than likely than an alien form of life will tend to be microscopic.
Regarding a larger type of life, it is very difficult to predict what could be found.
We don't believe that any form of living will be like on earth. The multiplication of coincidences in evolution tree to bring a fish, a tree, a bird, a mushroom or a human to have this shape is so big that there are no chance at all to get something like us, even nearer.
Intelligent life? Yes, as intelligence is a way to adapt to a quick changing environment, like a salmon or a lizard are 'intelligent'.
But do life really need an intelligence like human? Or are we an abnormality of evolution, a crazy accident, a curiosity? We just would like to remind you something.

Similar UFO Often Appears In Eastern Sky of Missouri

Posted: 30 May 2013 03:13 PM PDT

Credits:   Google Maps.
An Independence, MO, witness reported "a stationary object with rotating lights" that has been seen for several months looking toward the eastern sky, according to May 30, 2013, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
The Missouri MUFON Assistant State Director filed the report as the witness asked to remain anonymous.
"I felt it was important to report this since there have been so many reports of similar objects in the Independence and Blue Springs areas over the past year," the director stated.
The witness described the object.
"The object looks white or silver and it has very bright blue, green, and white lights on it that appear to rotate around at half-second intervals," the witness stated. "It was always in the same location. It appeared to be the size of an aspirin held at arm's length on most nights."
The witness named specific nights that the object was observed from Independence.
"On May 18 and 26 I looked outside my window at 2 a.m. and saw a similar object at about 30 degrees off the horizon and just over the treeline, only this time it was much closer and much larger - the size of a golf ball or larger, and was much clearer with the very bright lights being clearly visible."
The object was always seen in the same location
"I happened to be watching TV late on both of these nights and saw the object stay in the same position for about 30 minutes, and then just blink out and disappear. I just want to know what this thing is!"
No images or videos were included with the MUFON Report 47737. Independence is in Jackson County, MO, population 116,830. The above quotes were edited for clarity.

Photo Credit: Google Maps.


Extra information about the article: 
The witness is observing the object from the Independence, MO, area.

jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

Best UFOs Sightings

Best UFOs Sightings

Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena

Posted: 30 May 2013 09:06 AM PDT

Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena

Can UFOs Advance Science? A New Look at the Evidence

Posted: 30 May 2013 08:52 AM PDT

Canberra, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- SUNRISE Information Services will attempt to do what the scientific community considers impossible: to solve the UFO mystery and advance science from the study of UFOs. However, it needs public assistance to make it a reality. 

SUNRISE is seeking public financial support to fund a new book titled Can UFOs Advance Science? to be printed and released by August 2013. This is the first stage in what could possibly be a momentous discovery if found to be true. 

This book aims to re-confirm the self-acceleration effect, which is based on the principles of a charged object emitting electromagnetic radiation, through the study of government sanctioned UFO reports.

SUNRISE is looking to raise a total of $9,500 to publish the book (free services in the form of full color illustrations, artist impressions, editing, marketing and promotion will also be accepted). Once the book is printed, proceeds will be used to undertake the second and final stage of building a patented electromagnetic device from an American physicist that closely mimics the observations people have had of UFOs. Furthermore, through re-testing this patented device, it should prove whether an obscure electromagnetic principle mentioned in a few advanced university physics textbooks known as self-acceleration does occur in reality. If self-acceleration does exist, SUNRISE will succeed in solving the UFO mystery. 

Despite lack of government support, SUNRISE has examined multiple UFO reports collected through the years and found something intriguing. A common claim in UFO reports is a string of electromagnetic observations such as glowing effects similar to an electric light bulb, disruption to manmade electrical systems, the smell of ozone, light beams, occupants wearing skin-tight metallic suits with no sharp objects such as belts and fasteners, smooth symmetrical metallic discs for the UFOs, buzzing sounds reminiscent of an electrical generator, symptoms of radiation poisoning and burns suffered by some witnesses, and so on. Some people believe that these phenomena might be due to ball lightning, or some kind of long-running secret military experiment on a new electromagnetic flying object.

SUNRISE has looked at these two possibilities, but they are essentially flawed. SUNRISE now believes that the observations are based on a large-scale electrically charged object emitting radiation and leading to rapid exponential acceleration. Furthermore, such an electromagnetic technology has not been the subject of any study by any establishment in the world prior to 1980 despite these electromagnetic UFO observations going much further back in history. 

The only time we hear of a possible man-made electromagnetic flying experiment to mimic UFO observations is the Cash-Landrum UFO case where black unmarked military U.S. helicopters surrounded and escorted a diamond-shaped glowing UFO in Texas and left the witnesses experiencing symptoms of radiation poisoning. And in more recent reports, some members of the public claim the USAF are allegedly testing electromagnetic symmetrical flying objects with glowing surfaces at night from a top secret testing ground known as Area 51 since the 1990s. 

It is not the first time people have noticed a connection between electromagnetism and UFOs. The late Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, former head of Project Blue Book in the United States, noticed between 1952 and 1953 something electromagnetic in the UFO reports. After the 1957 wave of UFO reports had swept through America, he stated: 

"During my tenure with Project Blue Book we had reports of radiation and induction fields in connection with UFOs, however the information was sketchy and we were never able to pin it down.... [The reports of electromagnetic disturbances characterized] a whole new dimension to the UFO investigation." 

Senior radio engineer who worked for the Department of Transport in Ottawa, Dr. Wilbert Brockhouse Smith (1910-1962) through his government-funded study into UFOs known as Project Magnet, also believed there was a link between UFOs and electromagnetism. During the study he was trying to measure the electromagnetic and gravitational fields of UFOs at the world's first UFO observation station at Shirleys Bay using scientific instruments and managed to discover an anomalous reading on all the instruments of something that flew nearby on a fog-filled day just before funding was suddenly withdrawn. 

However, Dr. Edward U. Condon, the American physicist who headed the last major scientific study into UFOs in 1969 concluded: 

"Our general conclusion is that nothing has come from the study of UFOs in the past twenty-one years that has added to scientific knowledge. Careful consideration of the record, as it is available to us leads us to conclude that further extensive study of UFOs probably cannot be justified in the expectation that science will be advanced thereby." 

With help, SUNRISE aims to prove UFOs can advance science. SUNRISE will not only show that UFOs are electromagnetic in nature, but that the answer to the self-acceleration principle lies in UFO reports, and that the benefits are accessible to humanity. Should the reality of the principle be proven, it would have other important implications to science in terms of the likely origin of UFOs being witnessed by the public. 

For as little as AUD$10, you can pledge your support to http://www.pozible.com/ufosolved

About SUNRISE Information Services
SUNRISE is a private research center aimed at producing original, stable, interesting, and easy to read education and research information for the global community, while uncovering new and original knowledge.

Extra information about the article: 
This book aims to re-confirm the self-acceleration effect, which is based on the principles of a charged object emitting electromagnetic radiation...
Other sections: 

UFO Digest Newsletter May 30, 2013

Posted: 30 May 2013 08:02 AM PDT

Last weekend Doc Vega submitted a 3-part article on Memorial Day and those pilots that have died chasing UFOs. Good read! Chris Holly wonders if UFO sightings are increasing or decreasing. Next, Diane Tessman asks do UFO occupants welcome fake videos and pictures. Then Pat Regan wonders about the connection between earthquakes and UFOs and reports a UFO keeping pace with RAF helicopters. Latin correspondent Scott Corrales releases the "Humanoid Conspiracy". Next, Jon Kelly interviews a Silicon Valley consultant describing ET contact. Mary Alice Bennett retells the details of a child's UFO sighing in Tucson. Paul Shishis spots another unknown object near the Toronto CN Tower. Then, I report on a group of residents from Herbrandston that claim mysterious noises are making their village a living hell. French correspondent Christian Macé has found a curious animal on Mars. Next, Edward Crabtree takes a look at NDEs. Ron Murdock writes about lack of privacy and falsely portraying God. Finally, Louis Hart writes about the ancient tree spirit. Enjoy Dirk

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A Memorial Day salute to those who died in connection with UFOs Part III by Doc Vega. Much has been written about the incredible year of 1952 when several well documented UFO flaps eclipsed the news headlines and sent hysterical US citizens to the phones calling in sightings from all over the country. It was a year that saw the famous Washington National Sightings where in the month of July for several weeks US Air Force pilots chased flying saucers over Capitol Hill without success. President Truman demanded answers from the Joint Chiefs of Staff while General John A. Samford held the most important military press conference since World War II to explain just how UFO's had been sighted over several nights above the nation's capital. More... Also read: A Memorial Day Salute to those who died in connection with UFOs Part II And read: Also read: A Memorial Day salute to those who died in connection with UFOs

Do you believe the number of UFO sightings has increased or decreased over the past year? by Chris Holly. I have received emails lately asking if I thought the amount of UFO sightings being reported over the last year have increased or decreased? Of course I have no answer to this question as I do not have any place to search for the answer. More...

Do UFO Occupants Welcome Fake Videos and Pictures? by Diane Tessman. What if UFO occupants knew years ago that in 2013, humans would be obsessed with smart phones which have apps for placing fake UFOs in pictures? More...

Welsh earthquake and more UFO sightings once again by Pat Regan. I have written at great length in articles and books about the fascinating relationship between seismic activity and UFO sightings. Like it or not UFOs do in fact sometimes appear around about the same time as earth tremors in many places and on an impressive international scale. More... Also read: UFO kept pace with helicopter crews over RAF Woodvale airspace in UK

The Humanoid Conspiracy - Latest addition to the INEXPLICATA library by Scott Corrales. The Humanoid Conspiracy is the latest addition to the INEXPLICATA library at Scribd.com - a compilation of all the humanoid / CE3K writings we have published over the years in a more readily accessible format - and a conmemoration of the 40-year gulf which separates us from 1973, "The Year of the Humanoids". More...

Silicon Valley Consultant describes ET contact and hope for universal peace by Jon Kelly. "Once you've made that contact in various different ways and you've satisfied yourself that it is genuine, then nobody can take that away from you," explains ETLetsTalk.org co-founder Kosta Makreas. More...

UFO Tucson - A Childhood Sighting from the Late 1960s by Mary Alice Bennett. This childhood close encounter with a large UFO was described to me by my old friend Russell at the local market. He`d heard that I`d had a sighting out there which prompted him to tell me about this experience that he`d had with his family while riding in the back of a pick-up truck west of town. More...

Another Strange Image Caught on Film! by Paul Shishis. This was taken today May 27th 2013 while photographing the CN Tower. During break time at work In Scarborough. I thought to take a few pictures of the CN Tower. More...

Village Residents Claim Mysterious Noise is Living Hell by Dirk Vander Ploeg. A group of Herbrandston residents have reached breaking point after a 'torturous' mystery noise made life in the village a 'living hell'. Jane and Steve Ingram said life at their quiet Herbrandston home became unbearable when a low, drowning noise started keeping them awake at night. More...

Curious animal as photographed by Curiosity on Mars May 11, 2013 by Christian Macé. Land under the control of Visitors. Here the original photo. And I circled in red the "Thing", and I enlarged. See the photo taken by the robot on the ground on Mars "Curiosity" on May 11, 2013. More...

BEING THERE WHEN IT HAPPENS: Looking again at Near Death Experiences by Edward Crabtree. When Proof of Heaven by Doctor Eben Alexander appeared in the bookstores last year we could all see its future. It would fly off the shelves in the same way that other testimonies in this American genre have done. It sells reassurance. It answers the big question at the back of all our minds: if all the world is a stage, what happens when the players Exit? More...

Lack Of Privacy by Ron Murdock . If you're gettng that feeling of being watched you probably are. How much interest "The Watchers" take in you is a moot point. I doubt if most of us are doing anything of significance to be kept track of by those in the shadows. But the point here is that there is so many survelliance cameras in public areas and it's a case of who is watching and who is being watched. The theme song here could very well be "Every Breath You Take" by The Police. More... Also read: Falsely Portraying God

Ancient Tree Spirit by Louis Hart . Down in the foothills there is a place I visit often. It is a beautiful spot where I can enjoy the natural world and connect with the various Nature Spirits of the area. It's really quite an extraordinary place. On a footpath that follows the clear, cold river for awhile and then plunges into the nearby forest I walk quietly, stopping often to watch and listen to the birds. Occasionally a squirrel fusses at me or a big ant comes near and looks me over. More...

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Welsh earthquake and more UFO sightings once again

Posted: 29 May 2013 11:54 AM PDT

May 2013 update
I have written at great length in articles and books about the fascinating relationship between seismic activity and UFO sightings. 
Like it or not UFOs do in fact sometimes appear around about the same time as earth tremors in many places and on an impressive international scale. 
Several strange UFO sightings have been recorded in the Welsh region this year, some of which may be explainable whilst some are not. Moreover, the following seems to be yet another example of the association between earth movements and UFOs. Please consider this. 
I reported on the following recently. 
27 May 2013: UFO kept pace with helicopter crews over RAF Woodvale (Southport) airspace in the UK
This UFO activity has now been shortly followed by an earth tremor 'centering' in North Wales, but felt in numerous other places. 
29 May 2013: Earthquake Shakes Homes in North Wales and is felt in several places, including Southport. 
The earthquake occurred close to north Wales and has been felt more than 100 miles (160km) away by people who reported "intense shaking". The epicentre of the tremor in the Irish Sea was about nine miles away from the town of Abersoch, Gwyneth, and had a magnitude of 3.8; according to the British Geological Survey. 
So what's going on? I must reiterate what I have stated before. 
There have indeed been examples around the world when abnormal objects in the sky have been seen before or during earthquakes. One theory tabled by experts is that such phenomena occur when rock structures under great stress release gas. At such times electromagnetic waves with radioactive gasses escape and ionize the air, which in turn create odd lights. 
Another conjecture is that the UFOs seen prior to earthquakes are entities of an extraterrestrial nature or from the spiritual realm, which have arrived to either monitor the worsening geological situation or possibly warn us of the imminent threat to come. The truth of the matter is that we currently do not know specifically what is happening. I must in all fairness however add one thing. The witnesses I have spoken to have at times been clearly shaken by their experiences. Some have been convinced that the balls of light they have seen have been guided as if under 'intelligent' control. I still feel that the old WW11 Foo-fighters (strange balls of light that pursued aircraft and scared many fighter pilots) accounts sound extremely similar to what many people have reported seeing.
See also:
Did you see anything?
Pat Regan © 2013 

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UFOs and Aliens Sightings

Posted: 29 May 2013 07:25 PM PDT

UFOs and Aliens Sightings

Scientists Found 10,000 Years Old Siberian Mammoth Blood and Muscle Tissue

Posted: 29 May 2013 11:54 AM PDT

Scientists say they have found both blood and muscle tissue - perfectly preserved in the ice - from a Siberian mammoth. The blood had dripped out of the giant animal into a natural ice capsule and it represents a dream discovery for researchers. Remarkable images show a test tube blood sample from a female of the long-extinct secies The find was made in temperatures of minus 10C on

ISS Tracking : Keeping Track of the International Space Station

Posted: 29 May 2013 09:52 AM PDT

About Space Station Orbiting the Earth at an altitude of about 400 km, the International Space Station (ISS) is humanity's largest and longest-lived home and workplace in space. The ISS, a scientific laboratory and observatory, permanently houses as many as six men and women from over a dozennations. This article explains how you can view live video of ISS operations;how you can see the

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