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domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

Best UFOs Sightings

Best UFOs Sightings

Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena

Posted: 31 Mar 2013 09:03 AM PDT

Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena

UFO Hovers At Tree Level Along Roadside: Missouri Witnesses

Posted: 31 Mar 2013 08:19 AM PDT

Missouri witnesses driving south along Highway 72 near Rolla are regretting not pulling over for a better look after watching an oval-shaped object hovering at the tree top level along the west side of the road about 9:30 p.m. on March 27, 2013, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
"I have never seen a light in that area and remarked to my friend that I had never noticed a light out there before," the reporting witness stated. "He remarked that he also had never noticed a light in that area either. The object was hovering above the tree tops."
Photo description:  Two Missouri witnesses near Rolla watched an oval-shaped object hovering near the tree top level, but did not stop to investigate.
The witness described the object.
"It had large white lights around the edge and I remember thinking that they reminded me of those old Christmas round bulbs and they were very clear. There were two lights in the center and the right light would go on and off. I had this sense that the object was hovering at an angle so you could see all of the lights."
The witnesses did not stop.
"We were in a hurry to complete a mission and continued our drive but regret not stopping and observing. My friend recalls the object differently than me. He thought it had colored lights and that it moved and shimmered somewhat. He is color blind so I do not know if this would account for the difference in what we each observed. I thought I was seeing a UFO and after reflecting on the event believe that it was a UFO."
The witness reports that a helicopter moved overhead shortly after the incident.
"Fort Leonard Wood is nearby and I am sure that the helicopter came from there."
Photo credit:  Google Maps

Former UK MoD's Nick Pope Joins UFO Digest as Regular Columnist

Posted: 31 Mar 2013 08:15 AM PDT

TORONTO,ON--UFO Digest, (www.ufodigest.com) one of the Internet's most respected UFO and Paranormal websites announced today that Nick Pope has agreed to join the website as a columnist.

Pope has recently been involved in a five-year program to declassify and release the entire archive of former classified United Kingdom UFO files. He has held a number of other fascinating posts in the course of his 21-year government career, which culminated in his serving as an acting Deputy Director in the Directorate of Defense Security.

Pope has written four books, all of which have been published by Simon & Schuster. His non-fiction books are: Open Skies Closed Minds, about UFOs; and, The Uninvited, about the alien abduction mystery. Both books made the Top Ten in the Sunday Times list of hardback non-fiction books, with Open Skies Closed Minds reaching number three and staying in the Top Ten for ten weeks. These books have been translated into various foreign languages. Nick Pope has also written two science fiction novels about an alien invasion, Operation Thunder Child and Operation Lightning Strike.

He now works as a broadcaster and journalist, covering subjects including space, fringe science, defense and intelligence. He will continue writing about his favorite topics on UFO Digest.

Nick Pope's first UFO Digest column will be published Monday, April 1, 2013.

About UFO Digest

UFO Digest is an online UFO and paranormal news portal. The UFO Digest website allows readers to follow many writers and authors on subjects as diverse as alien abduction, quantum psychics, time travel and multi-dimensional universes. The UFO Digest experience includes articles and hard news, videos, and sharing comments and emails with our writers. UFO Digest was launched on the Internet in 1998 by publisher Dirk Vander Ploeg and over the past 15-years has been visited by millions of readers. For more information, please visit www.ufodigest.com.

Contact Information

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UFO Digest
Email Contact (publisher@ufodigest.com)
(905) 834-2177

Extra information about the article: 
Former employee of the UK Ministry of Defense, from 1991 to 1994, Nick Pope ran the British Government's UFO project

Monitoring the activity of UFO

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 03:44 PM PDT

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Daily UFO sightings

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 11:46 AM PDT

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

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Best UFOs Sightings

Best UFOs Sightings

Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 09:33 AM PDT

Ufos and Paranormal Phenomena

Beams of Light Shoot From Hovering Object

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 07:34 AM PDT

An Albuquerque, NM, witness reported watching an object hovering over the Sandia Mountain range about 11:30 p.m. on March 27, 2013, that was projecting beams of light above and below it, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

Description of photo: The witness had a good view of the Sandia Mountain range, pictured, and noticed a hovering object emitting beams of light above and below it.

The witness was inside his home and looking through a window with a good view of the mountain when the object was first noticed.
"I saw an object over the mountain range which is over 10,000 feet that had very bright red and green lights, but the red lights were brilliant red and were actually beams of light in the shape of very long triangles," the witness stated. "One at the top of the object pointing up and one at the bottom pointing down to the ground."
The witness described the lights.
"Both beams were 50-100 feet long and had very sharp points at the tip. The green lights must have been very small because I didn't notice them anymore."
Then the object began to move.
"It moved back and forth over the mountain top and then came down a little and started moving west over the houses in my direction so I immediately ran down the steps and out into the back yard, which took about 15 seconds, but it had disappeared. No sound, no planes, no helicopters. Just silence."
The witness tried to rule out anything known in the area.
"There is a tram north of this sighting but the object was farther south and looked nothing like the tram as it was moving around and flying over the mountain. There is also a restaurant and light towers up there but all were north of this sighting and they are stationary. I have seen lots of planes and helicopters in this area, even hot air balloons, but I have never seen anything with beams like that."

Top 10 Home Sources for UFO Occupants - Part Two

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 07:06 AM PDT

Scientists in 2013 tend to agree that there is no advanced life in the Solar System except on Earth. Could they be wrong? Is there advanced life within the Solar System?  In recent years scientists have also given us astounding new information on several of the moons of Saturn and Jupiter, and we have our questions about life on Mars!

Click here to read Part One of this article.

The exciting possibly of finding some form of higher life within our Solar System is that we have a realistic chance of exploring these other worlds; just maybe we can get to them in the next 25 years! A brand new possibility for exploring the Solar System is being developed, but before details on gravity corridors. In the article linked below, I gave the top five paces in the Solar System which might support higher life-forms.






5.UFO Occupants Are from Plasma World

This possibility relates to the kind of plasma we know about, not dark plasma which is a form of dark matter. What if the UFOs are composed of plasma?  Even the infamous "swamp gas" had a plasma concept behind it. And, in truth we are made of bio-plasma.

Lightning travels on plasma currents. That this kind of extremely hot plasma can have no intelligence is a conclusion of science as we know it. However, we still have much to learn scientifically, and we are wise to keep in mind that advanced science as witnessed by less-advanced beings (us), seems to be impossible even though we do witness it as it unfolds.

Our consciousness exists in our minds and according to modern science, our minds "run" on electric circuitry.  Does life itself dwell in this electromagnetic energy rather than in the corporeal form?

In many sightings, the UFOs have a plasma-like appearance. Many times, UFOs defy gravity making right turns or small circles at tremendous speeds; science as we know it concludes that occupants inside they would die from the "g forces" involved. Read more of the plasma/UFO occupant possibility – or perhaps the ships themselves are made of plasma:


6.UFO Occupants Are from Another Universe (Dimension)





7.UFO Occupants Are from Dark Plasma Halo Around Earth

We are composed of bio-plasma, a form of visible matter.

Physicists have discovered dark plasma, a form of dark matter which is abundant throughout the universe. In fact, there is approximately 6 times more dark matter than visible matter.

We know there is bio-plasma but is there also dark bio-plasma? Are there dark matter life-forms? Are there dark matter bio-spheres parallel to ours?

Is there Intelligence visiting us from Dark Earth? Has Visible Earth (our Earth), always been gravitationally linked to Dark Earth?


Our human myths and folklore are full of entities which seem to be lighter than air, capable of shifting shape, and who glow and dematerialize.  Angels, both Christian and generic, first appear as glowing balls of what is probably plasma, and then take form so as the human observer can recognize them as an angel or even Jesus or Mother Mary.

For centuries, the Holy Quran has spoken of "jinns" who are said by Islamic scholars to be life-forms with transparent, shape-shifting bodies. Science agrees as we read about Trevor Constable's plasma-based "sky creatures" who are amazingly similar to Islam's jinns and might be the same phenomenon. There is no reason for intelligent, enlightened humans to fear or hate jinns which are sometimes painted as evil phantom humanoids by modern UFO writers in an effort to make them kindred to demons. Jinns probably originate in the dark plasma biosphere of Other-Earth; in fact, it is believed Other-Earth has a huge diversity of life-forms just as Visible Earth (our Earth) does. All life-forms of Other-Earth can be considered "ultra-terrestrials."


8.UFO Occupants Are Created by Earth Herself 

Are we standing on a gigantic alien? Did this enormous, living, breathing alien create us? Do we live and die on her back? Of course, Mother Earth is not an alien, she is the least-alien of all of us. She is Earth!

We humans give lip service to the fact that Earth is a living planet, but then we do not dig into the astounding implications. We do not take time from our busy schedules to truly perceive that if she is a living mind, she must have a dream-state just as we do. She must have a subconscious.

Our ancestors understood that Earth has a dynamic mind and spirit which must be recognized; they possessed beliefs such as Earth being a large terrapin on whose back we sit. They worshipped her; perhaps they were wise.


9.UFO Occupants Are Light-Forms and Space/Sky Life



10. UFO Occupants Are Created by the Mass Human Consciousness and/or Subconscious 



Of course these "Top Ten UFO Occupant Sources" overlap in many cases.  I offer this "Top Ten" to say, it is absolutely time we, the human species, stopped worrying about if UFO occupants exist, and began earnestly, seriously, openly, searching for who/what the source or sources are of these visitors! Almost definitely there is more than one source because UFOs vary so much.

I add that I hope my hard work receives a small measure of attention from serious UFOlogy. Otherwise, I do have to ask, what is your Top Ten List, then, Mr. or Ms. Serious UFOlogist? Let's not just call for specific research, let's present some specific research!

My free online newsletter Exo-Trekking! Join at info@earthchangepredictions.com 


Easter and Resurrection: Sorry folks but it’s all been done before!

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 06:55 AM PDT

So what of Easter, Good Friday etc and the real history behind the establishment of Easter as a principal festival within the Modern Christian Church?

Sorry folks but it has all been done before!

Christians today celebrating the Easter/Resurrection feast at this time of year are simply recreating the ancient Pagan festivities associated with beloved 'earlier' gods of 'natural' regeneration such as Attis, Adonis, etc. These greatly beloved deities were lamented and glorified by millions of adherents throughout many countries; 'long' before the blatantly fraudulent Christ myth was first hatched up by the intensifying ecclesiastical machine that was intent on theocratical world domination, via evangelical/missionary means.
For more details on ancient celebrations I would recommend the following mammoth study.

The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion is an extensive analysis of folklore and religion. It was written by the Scottish anthropologist Sir James George Frazer (1854–1941). It was initially published in two volumes in 1890.

The Christians fathers hijacked Easter from the Pagans and built their new myth around it in order to initially conjoin with Pagan festivities and then, when they had usurped enough power from the Pagan priesthoods, to outlaw and exile them.  

Direct mythological comparisons remain with deities such as Dionysius being nailed to a post and blooded; so his vital fluid would soak the ground to bring forth new life for all. Other pre-Christian divinities also followed this very same path and the Christ myth makers merely jumped on the bandwagon.

However, the Christ myth makers missed the boat entirely. They failed to understand the critical seasonal change implication that Pagan deities held in the agricultural calendar and, with their bogus Christ man version of events, turned wholesome ancient wisdom into the countenance of an allegedly 'real' person.
This old unbalanced religious corruption has ensured that millions of people have since that time lived in a cloud cuckoo land of Church-inspired confusion.

The Judeo-Christian Passover became amalgamated with heathen fertility veneration to generate a novel festival celebrating the alleged resurrection of the new-fangled Christ figure. This of course was also a theocratic hammer to convert the native Pagan populace away from their indigenous spring fertility festivities. This was observed at a different time from the Passover.

Known as the Quartodeciman controversy, the dispute over when this celebration concerning Christ should be observed reverberated across the Empire through the second, third and fourth centuries. Eventually it was established by the Council of Nicea in A.D. 325 and reinforced at the Synod of Antioch in A.D. 341.
With its iron-fist theological stranglehold on the masses the Synod called for the excommunication of anyone who dared to resist the new-fangled, man-made Easter observance. Those who opposed it were forced to move outside the reach of the Empire. Emperor Constantine was a driving force behind this action. This man, amongst numerous other atrocities, murdered his son and wife; the Bishops in their pious wisdom happily accepted Constantine as an authority on 'godly' Christian matters and he reputedly said:

"It seemed to everyone a most unworthy thing that we should follow the custom of the Jews in the celebration of this most holy solemnity, who polluted wretches! Having stained their hands with a nefarious crime, are justly blinded in their minds. It is fit, therefore, that, rejecting the practice of this people, we should perpetuate to all future ages the celebration of this rite, in a more legitimate order, which we have kept from the first day of our Lord's passion even to the present times. Let us have nothing in common with the most hostile rabble of the Jews. We have received another method from the Saviour"

Constantine would clearly have got of very well with that later Christian warrior, Mr Adolph Hitler, who also shared rather similar religious beliefs about the Church's special role and the irksome nature of Jewry is society.

Thus, the modern Christian celebration of Easter (which is incidentally named after a Saxon goddess of spring, Ostara or Eostre) obviously stems from incredibly intolerant origins. It is nothing but a clandestine gala of theocratical lies, deceit, sedition and suppression of other minor faiths.
More on the goddess Ostara here:


Easter, in this historical sense at least, stands as a burning example of Christian fundamentalist absolutism in action. It defies logic that many ordinary people cannot see through this Church-inspired deception but is testimony to the historical success of ecclesiastical treachery over the masses.
The real meaning of this old festival may however be discovered in lonely places such as the bleak mountainside, forest glen and babbling stream; far away from the monotonous influence of sanctimonious clergy, man-made credo and their so-called 'holy writ'.

Pat Regan © 2013 

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Dirty Politics (updated 2013 edition)


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 Fly Fishing on Wild Becks

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Extra information about the article: 
by Pat Regan

Who Killed The Alien Jigsaw and Why?

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 11:03 AM PDT

I would like all CE IV experiencers and other researchers of this phenomenon with whom I have worked directly; those of you who have shared written correspondence with me and those who have simply stumbled upon my Alien Jigsaw Web site, to know how much I have valued your input and the sharing of your experiences and research with me. Thank you for your many years of support. The work I have done in this field over the past 25 years has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Most of my research may be gone now, but everything we have learned together can still be built upon, and what we have learned about this phenomenon can never be taken away. While voices may become silent for one reason or another, the truth we have learned can never be denied.

Cyberstalking, like conventional stalking, is a crime. The United States Justice Department defines stalking as being comparable in some respects to domestic violence in that it is "a crime of power and control… and is conservatively defined as 'a course of conduct directed at a specific person that involves repeated (two or more occasions of) visual or physical proximity, nonconsensual communication, or verbal, written, or implied threats, or a combination thereof, that would cause a reasonable person fear.' " 
According to Hutton and Haantz (2003) "One of the many advantages that cyberstalkers have over the traditional stalker is that these offenders typically have a high level of computer proficiency and aptitude, essential skills that allow the stalker to take crucial steps toward avoiding detection…"
The Justice Department further describes a cyberstalker as someone who "assumes the identity of his or her victim by posting information (fictitious or not) and soliciting responses from the cybercommunity. Cyberstalkers may use information acquired online to further intimidate, harass, and threaten their victim via courier mail, phone calls, and physically appearing at a residence or work place."
The Alien Jigsaw Web site was taken down in February of 2013 because I have been victimized by a stalker who created not one…not two… but three Web site blogs on which they posted private information about me as well as other people who are not connected to the UFO phenomenon. They perpetrated the crime of identity theft by assuming my identity and created the Web site blogs in order to make it appear I was outing myself. They then solicited responses from the cybercommunity by posting and answering a post in the blog ridiculing me and stating they were "...having a good laugh" at my expense.
More insidiously, my stalker also threatened my life on these three Web site blogs. These sites were designed specifically to threaten me personally; to destroy my work and research, and to instill fear. These are all behaviors endemic in the psychopathology of a stalker and their desire to exert power and control over their victim. By creating these Web site blogs, my stalker connected people who were not involved in this phenomenon in any manner whatsoever, including several under aged children. Because my stalker is estranged from certain members of their own family and have no children, they had no care or concern for this false association and the ramifications of their actions.
My stalker's actions inflicted severe emotional duress on me to the point where I became physically ill for two months. I also could not sleep and had to curtail my normal everyday activities, including even my work, until we could get the authorities involved. I still do not feel that I can live a normal life. My stalker's despicable actions destroyed my research and everything I have worked for. Because they planned to blackmail me using my CE IV research against me in the future, they not only took away my ability to publish and help others; they also took the information away from other people searching for help with their own CE IV encounters. Because of the selfishness, jealousy and overall sick mind of my stalker, they took valuable information away from everyone who is searching for answers. The Alien Jigsaw was a Web site that received an average of 200,000 hits per month, and as high as over 500,000 hits per month: That is a lot of interest in the subject of CE IV research.
Timing of Events and Death Threats
Publishing death threats while perpetrating identity theft and cyberstalking the same individual is a more serious crime. During the discovery phase and review of correspondence from my stalker, they apparently perceived my actions of removing information from my Web site about them and another individual as "treasonous" and I was threatened with death by being "hung, drawn and then quartered...."
Because most criminals are proud of their crimes, my stalker left electronic bread crumbs everywhere. One example is an entry they made on their own blog that corresponded to one of the death threat blogs. Six days later my stalker posted an image they had drawn that very day concerning what they referred to as their "demons." It appeared to be an image of something (I can only guess) one might experience during a drug induced state. It was similar to art depicting the "trips" that LSD users illustrated during the 1960's so-called "hippie movement." Was my stalker's medication off again? Did they pass out at a bar again? or were they high on some other drug?
What is also relevant about the posting mentioned in the paragraph above is it was posted the same day I responded to an email from my stalker after having moved over 1000 miles from my previous home. I had been free of my stalker for an entire month due to my move back to the West Coast. Because I realized my stalker had been attempting to manipulate me and exert control over me for quite some time by then, I did not tell my stalker my new address. As soon as my stalker was certain I had a computer and Internet access again, they indicated there would be "unexpected experiences" occurring soon.
The three identity theft Web site blogs my stalker created also contained the phrase: "Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind." For those of you who are not familiar with the expanded version of Dr. J. Allen Hynek's Close Encounter classification, a CE VI is a close encounter that causes "definite injury or death."
One day after my stalker created these threatening Web site blogs, they posted another entry to their own blog alleging that a well known alien abduction researcher had allowed personal information from abductees they had worked with to *fall into the hands of other people. In this posting, my stalker also wrote that "dark times lie ahead," which was a clear reference to what my stalker hoped I would soon discover: the Web site blogs they had created using my identity. My stalker made yet another mistake by publishing their own blog at nearly the same time they posted the identity theft, life threatening Web site blogs.
Many people will recognize the phrase "dark times lie ahead" as being a quote from a Harry Potter book. It is what Dumbledore told the students at Hogwarts just after the traumatic death of Cedric and the return of Lord Voldemort. The psychopathology of my stalker is revealed further when one considers the way events played out between Cedric and Harry. Cedric, Harry's rival, was killed by the "death eater" Lord Voldemort. The author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, named the character Voldemort because mort, in the French language means death. The word "Lord" has a special meaning to my stalker as well, which I will not go into at this time.
Evidence and Law Enforcement
I have reported my stalker to one Federal, two State and one private law enforcement agency. The State in which my stalker lives and most likely committed these crimes has laws concerning cyberstalking, identity theft and death threats (veiled or otherwise) that are explicit, and the penalties are harsh. The law enforcement agency in the county where my stalker resides has a cyberstalking specialty office. All of the materials related to my stalker, including the three Web site blogs saved as "complete Web sites," my stalker's own blog saved as a "mirror," as well as all of the many IP addresses, including the work computers my stalker used over the past five years, have been provided to law enforcement.
The State where I know my stalker has family members residing in and where some or a portion of these crimes may have been committed, define cyberstalking as "…the use of the Internet, email or other electronic communications to stalk" using a "pattern of threatening or malicious behaviors... Cyberstalking may be considered the most dangerous of the three types of Internet harassment, based on posing a credible threat of harm. Sanctions range from misdemeanors to felonies...Posting personal emails on the Internet is also a crime and is included within the realm of cyberstalking."
My stalker's demonstrated psychopathology fits that of a criminal. My stalker is very cunning and has a lot of patience and time on their hands. My stalker initiated contact with me after my fourth book was published. Besides having published four books and a successful Web site for 20 years, I am also a MUFON Benefactor, which is something my stalker was aware of prior to initially contacting me. They used the fact that they were a MUFON: Mutual UFO Network "research consultant" as well as a member of CUFOS: Center for UFO Studies (founded by Dr. J. Allen Hynek) to initially gain my trust. They used my Web site, my research and my personal experiences to further their own sick agenda. My stalker mailed information to others, making it appear that it was mailed by me to perpetuate lies. My stalker also attempted to discredit my reputation by contacting other Web site owners to have my research intentionally "overlooked" by specific Web sites and blogs covering CE IV research.
When I look back on how all of this unfolded, I see that my stalker delighted, in the extreme, in using me. When I realized what was happening it was too late. I removed their information from my Web site as well as two blog entries I wrote in my Between Two Lies blog. My actions infuriated my stalker, but at that time, I had finally made the decision not to allow my stalker to use me anymore. I blame myself for not wanting to see the true nature of my stalker, but that is what victims of stalkers do: Blame themselves for not seeing what is happening and for not being able to get out of the "relationship" until it is too late and much damage has already been done.
Photograph Circulated
Although we have circulated our stalker's photograph to all of our neighbors and have filed official complaints with four law enforcement agencies, I wonder if I will ever feel safe again. I will always wonder where my stalker or one of their enablers (family member?) will be lurking. What will they do next? Will they follow through with their threats to kill me? When will it all truly end? The only thing I do know is my stalker's Internet activities and their "social networking" is being watched very carefully. My neighbors are keeping a close watch, as is the monitoring equipment we have installed in our home.
My stalker took everything I worked for over the past 25 years and used it against me. All I ever wanted to do was help people dealing with their own CE IV encounters. My stalker told me they published their blog for themselves and that I would never help anyone or change anything through my Alien Jigsaw Web site. It was one of those "flashbulb" moments for me and one of the things that made me open my eyes as to my stalker's true motivation. All I ever wanted was to educate the public about this worldwide phenomenon. I have turned down more invitations to appear on television than I can count. I was never in this to be "important" or "famous" or "for myself." I made very little money selling my books and what little I did make, I put back into my Web site in my efforts to educate. I have had many people over the past 25 years tell me how much I helped them and how good my Alien Jigsaw Web site is...or was. Over the years I even had people confide in me and tell me I saved their lives simply by being there for them and just listening, because no one else would. They only wanted to know they were not alone in dealing with an unbelievable subject that the majority of people, even today, still ridicule.
A bitter, jealous and enraged stalker "killed" The Alien Jigsaw. Looking back on everything that has happened, I believe that is what they set out to do from the very beginning. I pray this never happens to anyone else in the field of Ufology – or anywhere for that matter – but even as I write this, it continues to be perpetrated on another well known researcher and another who is fighting for Disclosure. No one can know how terrible, how stressful, and how frightening it is to be treated in this manner. For those of you who are perpetrating, as well as enabling the crime of stalking, including cyberstalking – no matter where you live in this world – you should know how painful and how frightening and how destructive a thing you are doing. You should also know it is illegal.
To Experiencers of CE IV Phenomena
*I would like to state for the record that I have had over 1,500 pounds of abduction case related materials shredded over the past many years. I hired another document shredding company to come to my home to do the same prior to my most recent move. I witnessed the shredding myself. I want others who have entrusted me with their information to know that I would never willingly allow something so private and confidential as personal CE IV accounts to fall into the hands of a third party. Additionally, if you have or in the future receive any suspicious emails allegedly from one of my old email addresses or even a current email address or something that appears as such, please delete it, as it will not have come from me. As a reminder to my stalker: Posting and publishing personal emails (fictitious or not) is a crime and is included within the realm of cyber harassment and cyberstalking.
Special Thanks
I want to express my sincere and deepest thanks to everyone who has helped me through these last difficult months. You know who you all are and how hard you and your Web masters worked for me. I appreciate your encouragement and for working so hard to make the necessary changes on your own Web sites to help me be safer during this devastating time in my life. I know it was difficult for some of you to understand what was happening, but you trusted me and helped me anyway. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Image Follows Endorsements
Looking Back...
A Sample of Endorsements for "Alien Jigsaw"
"The Alien Jigsaw Web site remains the most outstanding information source on the best and most recent news and information about UFO alien abductions." – Peter Robbins, BFA; Author, Investigative Writer, Ufologist ©2013
"Here, for the first time, abductees are describing their experiences, their feelings, and their personal evaluations of the phenomenon to an international public. Alien Jigsaw has made it possible for abductees to make their information available to researchers and abductees worldwide. I think sites like The Alien Jigsaw are one very important step into the future toward a better understanding of what is really taking place on planet Earth." – Johannes Fiebag, Ph.D., Germany's Leading Abduction Researcher ©1995 
"Alien Jigsaw's writings contain something quite extraordinary; a deep sense of integrity. Herein we find a writer whose compassion for fellow abductees; for innocent creatures both great and small; and even for some of the abductors themselves, is so intense that it bleeds through her prose. To challenge what she is attempting to convey in her writing would strike me as being disrespectful. It takes enormous courage to so openly bare one's soul to the world." – Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D., Research Geneticist and Author ©2012
"Alien Jigsaw, embodying as she does a powerful morality, a natural wisdom and a deeply human spirituality, provides an ideal example for her student captors. If the aliens can learn from any of us, what they can learn from Alien Jigsaw is of the highest importance..." – Budd Hopkins, Best Selling Author, Abduction Researcher and Artist ©1993
"It is my moral obligation to recognize the trials, at times terror, of the unknown that Alien Jigsaw has endured with so many others, though so few have gone the extra step to comfort and guide others through sharing via a Web site and books. Alien Jigsaw has opened herself to merciless ridicule, while offering to scholarly analysis a treasure chest of cosmic proportion to future scientists, historians, and many disciplines." – Vince White, USMC retired ©2008
"Alien Jigsaw's account...comes to us straight up. She has told her story...on her own. It does not come to us secondhand, through a Budd Hopkins or a David Jacobs, to name just two of the most prominent UFO abduction researchers in this country. Instead, the story comes to us pure and wholly unfiltered...Alien Jigsaw's candid tale may have already opened the floodgates." – Patrick Huyghe, Author, Science Writer and Publisher of Anomalist Books ©1994
"This psychologically sound young woman provides an insightful look into her childhood and how anomalous incidents shaped her growth... She gives us many reasons to reconsider what we believe. Her independent search for understanding has produced intelligent conclusions with strong parallels to some of the present theories in UFO abductions research." – John S. Carpenter, MSW / LCSW, Former Director of Abduction Research for MUFON, Board Member of JAR: Journal of Abduction Encounter Research ©1993
"Alien Jigsaw courageously reaches out to individuals who are struggling with their own experiences, coupled with the devastating feeling of isolation, to let them know that the abduction phenomenon is a very real and physical event...I salute you!" – Yvonne Smith, C.Ht., Author and Director of Close Encounter Resource Organization (CERO) ©2009
"Alien Jigsaw's experiences are there for anyone....And when and if those answers ever do come, we will owe a great deal of gratitude to people like Alien Jigsaw who possess the intrinsic honesty required to share with the world both their heartbreak and their ecstasy..." – Sean Casteel, Journalist and Freelance Writer ©1994
"Alien Jigsaw...is the most detailed information and long-term assessment from any 'abductee' I know...You have done a wonderful job of sharing your experiences and what you have learned from them. Perhaps more than anyone, you have been the ultimate truth seeker and a great resource for the rest of us.  – Donald Ware, Lieutenant Colonel USAF (Retired), Fighter Pilot and Teacher ©1993, ©2008
"Candid, bold…dedicated to helping us all comprehend what is happening on this planet." – JAR, Journal of Abduction Encounter Research ©2008
"Having met Alien Jigsaw several times, I have been impressed by her intelligence, stability and sincerity. I believe she is reporting these events as she believes they happened. She has also been instrumental in helping other abductees in dealing with their experiences and has established local support groups to help others who have had similar traumatic encounters..."  – John Kirby, MUFON ©1995
"Alien Jigsaw may never be surpassed for her ability to communicate almost perfectly the exact emotional reaction of a human trapped in an alien setting..." – Robert Girard, Arcturus Books ©1993 
This is the least offensive image my stalker published on the offending Web site blogs. It has been redrawn so as not to infringe upon artist and illustrator David Chace's copyrights as my stalker did when they published the threatening Web site blogs. Certain images illustrated by David Chace were used in order to make it appear he was the perpetrator of the cyberstalking and that he had created the Web site blogs. It was another attempt by my stalker to assume the identity of yet another person. 
Original image courtesy of David Chace, Illustrator and Artist www.projectufoskywatch.com
National Institute of Justice http://www.jig.gov
International Journal of Cyber Criminology (2007) Volume One, Issue Two
Hutton, S. (2003). Cyberstalking (2006) From National White Collar Crime Center Web site: http://www.nw3c.org
Web site URLs and documentation pertaining to the State my stalker (and certain family members) reside in have been omitted from this reference section temporarily 
© 2013

Ufology News

Posted: 30 Mar 2013 03:02 AM PDT

Ufology News

Mexico: Debt Collector Blinded by a UFO

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 09:42 AM PDT

Source: Milenio Novedades (Mexico)
Date: 03.28.2013

Mexico: Debt Collector Blinded by a UFO
By Jorge Moreno / SIPSE

Worker's motorcycle skidded on the highway: "When I looked at my rearview mirror, there was nothing there anymore."
MERIDA, Yucatan – Fifteen days ago I told you about my first UFO experience, which took place on the Tixkokob-Tixpeual Highway in the year 2002.

To my surprise, several people uploaded comments to www.sipse.com and sent me e-mails saying that they had also undergone similar situations in that stretch of the road.

Next is one of those cases, which took place last year. This person identified himself to me and told me about the place he worked for (the paranormal event occurred during working hours) but requested anonymity, since he was required to keep silent by his employers and was even asked to sign a letter in this regard. All of his experiences have been a source of woe since that time.

"I decided to write down what I'm about to tell you because I read about your own UFO experience in the De Peso newspaper. I remember my experience as if it were yesterday. I even think it may happen again someday.
"I went to work about 2 and a half years ago as a debt collector for an agency. My hours were from 9 am to 9 pm. I remember it was a Wednesday and I was running late on a collections assignment and had to get back to Mérida before 9 p.m., since I was in Tixkokob.

"I drove my bike at full speed. I recall putting on my headphones to make the journey less weary. I was leaving Tixkokob behind me and right before getting to Tixpeual, I suddenly saw a glow behind me. I thought it might be a trailer or a motorcycle taxi, as they tend to keep their high beams on to avoid getting run over.

"I looked through the rear view mirror again, but the glare was so bright I couldn't see a thing. Furthermore I had my headphones on, so I couldn't hear a sound. I pulled over to the shoulder as much as I could so it would pass my by, but imagine my surprise when instead of passing me by, it vanished. When I looked in my rear view mirror again, there was nothing there.

"When I looked ahead, I suddenly realized I was about to cross the train tracks outside Tixpeual, and saw the light over the tracks gain. My first thought was that the train was going by, and my reaction was to hit the brakes, causing the motorcycle to skid off the road.

"Obviously, I was scratched up, and I got up and saw the light wasn't there anymore. Even so, far from thinking about UFOs I thought that the train was speeding along and that it was a good think I stopped or I would've been crushed. When I removed my helmet and headphones, I went to pick up my motorcycle, which was on the other side of the road. When I stood in the middle of the tracks, I noticed that the light was still there, static, unmoving, as though watching me. I don't know how long I was "frozen" and unable to react and move. I only remember running toward my bike and starting it up as best I could, since I had spilled a lot of fuel and it was damaged. I recall accelerating and not stopping until I reached Mérida. When I got home it was 10:00 p.m. and I was shocked to see my arm all covered in blood and my trousers ripped by the skid. My mother asked what had
happened, and I told her, but she didn't believe me. The motorcycle was written off as a total loss.

"When asked how it happened, I told them, and everyone laughed at me, saying that I surely crashed while intoxicated and that's why I'd made up that story. They laughed so much I decided it was preferable to keep silent.

"I no longer work there. I quit 6 months after the event, but they asked me not to discuss the matter with the media, and today, nearly one year later, I've decided to speak out because I'm sure there are many who, like me, are afraid to say anything due to the fear of being labeled either drunk or crazy."

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo D. Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Argentina: Watchman Reports Seeing UFO Over San Francisco

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 08:51 AM PDT

Source: Cadena 3 (TV) and PLANETA UFO
Date: 03.28.2013

Argentina: Watchman Reports Seeing UFO Over San Francisco

The case involves Paulo Fuentes, who works at a factory in the locality of Frontera in Córdoba. The watchman told Cadena 3 that the sighting occurred this morning at 6 a.m.

The watchman provided details on the UFO sighting (report by Osvaldo Soria)

A resident of San Francisco who works as a watchman at a factory in the locality of Frontera in Córdoba claims having seen a UFO this morning. Paulo Fuentes works at a business located on Calle 12 in that locality.

"We were outside and a very bright light came toward us from the northwest. It was very slow, traveling at low speed, but at a high altitude," he told Cadena 3. "As it approached, it appeared to lose speed. Its light turned off and the object became visible."

According to Fuentes, the UFO was heading toward the southeast and "Suddenly, the cylindrical object, which looked dark, vanished."

"The light was very bright and white. It didn't twinkle, like the airliners that fly from Mendoza to Buenos Aires. It wasn't a satellite either, because those fly high overhead and look tiny," he concluded.

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. A report by Osvaldo Soria for Cadena 3. Special thanks to Guillermo D. Giménez, Planeta UFO.]

Argentina: An Incredible UFO Sighting in Concordia

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 08:32 AM PDT

Date: 03.28.2013

Argentina: An Incredible UFO Sighting in Concordia, Argentina
By Andrea Pérez Simondini, Visión OVNI
Investigation by Vicky Zeigler and Martin Bertochi

Members of the VISION OVNI team in Concordia – Vicky Zeigler and Martin Bertochi – were informed of a sighting that was taking place in the vicinity of Yuquerí Chico, Department of Concordia.

The witnesses – members of the Guilme family – phoned the researchers in a state of alarm and astonishment at what they were witnessing over their field on the outskirts of the city.

Upon reaching the site they found the family in a highly emotional state as a result of the sighting, and who were still unable to explain what they had seen for a number of minutes.


Location: Yuquerí Chico, Department of Concordia, Entre Rios
Family: Guilme
Time the Sighting Occurred: 20:30 hrs. and 21:15 hrs.


Vicky Zeigler reports that a friend told her that a light was flying overhead, changing colors from red to blue to green to turquoise. It made sudden moves, rising and descending time and again. This happened around 20:30 hours.

At 21:15 hours the friend said that there were now 2 lights with the same characteristics, and that on this instance, both lights swung around in the sky to return to their original position.

"We went to the site immediately, taking approximately 15 minutes to reach the field. Everyone there was very excited. The movements of the lights were described to us in detail. We were further informed that the very same had been seen on Sunday, March 24, but around 1:00 a.m."

However, what startled the researchers most was that the family had managed to take photographs of what they had seen, reflecting exactly what they had described both in shape and colors.

We share with you the material obtained by Vicky and Martin.

We await further information, as we were advised that a multicolored, cross-shaped light was seen in Gualeguychú. It matches what was seen and photographed by the Guilme family.


[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Silvia and Andrea Pérez Simondini and Guillermo Giménez]

Argentina: UFO Presence Over Necochea

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 08:10 AM PDT

Date: 03.28.2013


At around 17:25 hours on 28 March 2013, a family driving along Route 88 some 50 kilometers from the city of Necochea on the coastline of the Argentinean province of Buenos Aires witnessed a strange, metallic oval object reflecting sunlight on an extremely clear, cloudless and warm afternoon. The object irradiated a white light at times, flying at low altitude over fields near the shore.

Maria A. Gimenez de Franzoni, with her children Lucia and Guillermo, are the protagonists of this event, which they believe must have been witnessed by many, due to the considerable traffic on the highway resulting from the Easter holidays and the Día de las Malvinas.

After remaining motionless for several minutes, the UFO irradiated a blinding white light and suddenly vanished.
The witnesses returned to Necochea, startled by the strange event.

[Translation © 2013, S. Corrales,IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, PLANETA UFO]

UFOs and Aliens Sightings

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 07:25 PM PDT

UFOs and Aliens Sightings

Daytime UFO Sighting Filmed Over Gothenburg, Sweden

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 12:45 PM PDT

Location: Göteborg (Close to mölndal) at approximately 7.00 pm. Description: These craft´s don´t show up on normal radar software like for example "flightradar24" nor on webtrak, they are violating altitude laws frequently and nobody seems to care not even (UFO-Sverige), they don´t seem to behave or look like normal airplanes.  Some of these crafts occasionally blink and this might be

Monitoring the activity of UFO

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 03:08 PM PDT

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