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jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

Police helicopters Interdimensional beings and UFO´s recorded

UFOs - Belgian UFO Wave in November 1989

UFOs - Belgian UFO Wave: The first recorded sighting took place in November 1989 when two policemen out patrolling in their car spotted some strange lights in the sky. Too big to be stars, the lights looked as if they belonged to a giant aircraft, one that was shaped like a triangle. They saw one light at each point of the triangle and another in the centre.

The giant "Triangle" UFO was moving very low, and very slowly over the landscapes of Belgium near the city of Glons. Two separate radar stations corroborated the sighting.

This was to be the beginning of one of the world's most astonishing UFO flaps. Over the next two years, literally thousands of people were to see the same mysterious aircraft in the skies over Belgium. As in the first sighting, many of the eye-witnesses were highly credible professionals in positions of authority. Soon, the newspapers were full of it and even government ministers were discussing it openly.

UFO´s followed by police helicopter for several hours amazing evidence!

UFO near the Sun of May 30, 2012.

Ufos over Japan May 2012.

Many anomalous things seen in Cloud Cam May 24-30 2012

Crop Circles & The Venus Transit with Dr. Chet Snow | Extraordinary Year May 30, 2012

Sydney AU UFO - comment on dailytelegraph.com UFO REPORT - May 30, 2012

UFOs Over Blue Springs, MO? Sightings Continue - May 30, 2012

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Awesome UFO Fireball over Guadalupe Arizona May 28, 2012

UFO In The News - Denver -March 2012

UFO Sighting - Paris, France - 05/29/2012

UFOS over Capelle aan den IJssel South Holland May 29 2012


UFO near the Sun - Monitoring May 29, 2012. (SOHO STEREO Behind EUVI 195)

Amazing! UFO near the ISS May 29, 2012

UFO Sighting - Munich, Germany - 05/29/2012

UFOs Strange Sounds reported by News Media across California 2012

martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

UFOs Around the SUN the Solar Anvil Conspiracy (Elohim's Ruach Anunnaki's Rua)

Giant Ufo's Around the Sun May 2012 & On The Moon (Tether incident & Photos from Earth)

Our Sun a MASSIVE UFO Stargate!! MUST WATCH!!

Leaked Top Secret videos UFO & Grey Aliens from Zeta Reticuli compilation


UFO Lights Up Phoenix September 17, 2011

Possible Flying Saucer photographed in Colombia 2011-12-15

Tornadic "UFO Mothership" Storms in Texas - May 21 & 22, 2012


Nibiru captured over Australia-as seen on Avebury crop circle! May 28, 2012

A passenger on board a commercial aircraft over Melbourne, Australia captured a photo of what is believed to be part of the "Nibiru System". THIS IS NOT THE SUN. The formation in this photo is also seen in the Avebury Manor Crop Circle (2008)! It matches up perfectly.

UFO sighted in Portland, Oregon at Skate Park - 5/28/2012

UFO sighting over Denver, Colorado - May 28, 2012

Many UFOS appeared over Dulce New Mexico May 28 2012

lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

Russia Announces Intent to Build Moon Bases - GLEX Conference May 22, 2012

Comparison of a clearsky with a chemtrail sky

UFO Sightings Video Proof - Information

Monitoring of a UFO near the Sun for May 27, 2012.

I Know What I Saw - (Full UFO Documentary)

Another great documentary from James Fox. Includes testimony from Astronauts,Pilots,FAA Offitials,and Military at The National Press Club,and some great footage and interviews with other Ufo witnesses.

Best UFO Sightings in TEXAS, National Geographic JUNE 2012 SPECIAL on UFOs

New UFO roswell crash VIDEO found 2012

The Roswell UFO Incident was a report of an object that crashed in the general vicinity of Roswell, New Mexico, in June or July 1947, allegedly an extra-terrestrial spacecraft and its alien occupants.



UFO Sightings over Osorno Chile 2012


UFO Lights Still Puzzle Town 2012

Two planets/UFO's appear by the sun April 2012

Champion Venus dark shadow? next to star Elnath- UFO sightings 2011 2012

Strange But True Ufos And Weather May 2012

sábado, 26 de mayo de 2012

AMAZING UFO TRIANGLE over Moscow Russia May 17TH 2012


UFO - Captain Ray Bowyer Case

UFO - Captain Ray Bowyer case: Captain Ray Bowyer was flying an Aurigny plane from Southampton to Alderney when he saw the objects through binoculars.

Close Encounters - Proof Of Alien Contact

UFO and ALIENS exsist SAYS - Edgar Mitchell - Interview FOX

UFO and ALIENS exsist SAYS - Edgar Mitchell - Interview CNN

Ufo Disclosure Astronaut Edgar Mitchell on CNN Obama Administration to Reveal The Truth April 21 2009.

UFO and ALIENS exsist SAYS Gordon Cooper

Mercury 9 and Gemini 5 astronaut Gordon Cooper talks about his UFO sightings and experiences.

UFO-Flashing craft not listed on satellite flyby 25th may 2012

Giant ufos Cigar Australia May 2012.

UFO Real Sighting Awesome Russia 2012

UFO during the final stages of docking SpaceX Dragon and ISS - May 25, 2012

New Sun Sphere Zooms In To View ! May 25, 2012 - Sun | coronal cavity

Incredible UFO 2012 Debunkers Have Fun With This!

Wormhole Time Warp Phenomenon Caught on Tape! UFO Spotted in Time Portal

Incredible UFO Photos New Mexico Clear and in Broad Daylight Flying Saucer! May 16 2012

UFO Sightings Flying UFO Tracked BY UFOs Strange Footage Watch Now!

UFO Sightings HARP Holographic Experiments Caught On Video 2012

Three Metallic UFOs in the Sky May 25 2012 Incredible Footage Watch Now!

UFO Star May 25, 2012

UFO sighting over Jacksonville, Florida May 25, 2012

UFO over farm in BC (MAY 25 2012)

UFO Sightings in San Antonio, TX - May 17, 2012

Amazing UFO sightings in Italy 05/25/2012

A hovering UFO floating in the sky during a thunder storm (Netherlands 05/25/2012)

Reverse Speech UFO Blue Springs MO May 25, 2012

Amazing UFO Cigar over Florida (May 2012)

UFO Invasion Or UAVs Objects Hover In Night Sky

Houston Man Investigated UFOs - May 2012

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The Karoo Array Telescope will search extraterrestrial life

The telescope will be an immense field of antennas with a collecting area of one million square meters, some 200 football fields. One objective: find if there is intelligent life beyond Earth.

This is the world's most powerful radio telescope, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a project of about U.S. $ 1,800 million will review the heavens to answer some key questions in astronomy.
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In addition to checking for alien life, consider the early stages of the universe, the formation of galaxies and stars after the Big Bang and test the theory of gravitation by Albert Einstein.

This Friday was decided in Amsterdam that its location will be shared by Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, countries that have territories with little interference from radio transmissions and cell phone tv.The initial construction is planned for 2016 and full operation for 2024 .

Plesiosaurus Fossil Discovered On Mars? | May 22, 2012

UFO Invasion Or UAVs? Objects Hover In Night Sky 2012

Total Solar Eclipse&Ring of Fire 2012 May!!!

Solar Eclipse 2012 Video: Incredible Images Show 'Ring of Fire' in Western United States

2012 Rare Solar Eclipse make dark shadow across the Planet.

Blinking UFO Triangle over Moscow, May 24, 2012

How the SKA telescope could change our view of the Universe

UFOs Over Blue Springs, MO? Multi-Colored Objects Seen for Weeks - May 24, 2012

UFO? U.S. Flight Crew Sees Mysterious Object - May 22, 2012

Philly Flight Crew Sees Possible Flare Fired at Plane - May 22, 2012

UFO near the Sun - the monitoring of the May 24, 2012

Ufo sighting over Madison (Wisconsin) 05/22/2012

Ufo's Fleet over Daejeon, SouthCorea

UFO sighting over Paris? May 23, 2012

CROP CIRCLE APPEARS 16th MAY 2012 Jaime Maussan UFO Congress

UFO Dead Alien Body In Hong Kong - Incredible!

Awesome and Real UFO Sighting in May 2012

UFO sighting in Lubbock,TX May 23, 2012

Monitoring of a UFO near the Sun for May 23, 2012.

Spectacular UFO sightings May 23, 2012

UFOs cross the flight path of aircraft. Snezhinsk, Russia May 23, 2012.

UFO sightings over Massachusetts May 23, 2012


Must See!!!Amazing UFO May 2012!!

Amazing UFO sightings in Casares, Cantabria (Spain)

UFO sightings and Crop Circles in Krasnodar Russia 22-23 May 2012

jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

The mystery of Planet X

The theory of the existence of a ninth planet in the solar system would not be visible from Earth-the so-called Planet X supporters and continues to collect new evidence.

The Brazilian astronomer Rodney Gomes, National Observatory of Brazil, has made calculations by which a planet whose size exceeds four times that of Earth, orbits the Sun beyond Neptune.

Gomes came to this conclusion after analyzing the irregular orbits of 92 bodies of ice in the Kuiper Belt, a set of celestial objects that are located between the orbits of Neptune and Pluto (which was no longer called a planet to dwarf planet).

According to figures provided by the scientist, 6 of the 92 bodies do not have the expected orbit and undergo an external influence that the 'drag', which according to him is nothing but the gravitational force exerted on them the planet's mass.

This was stated by Gomes at the American Astronomical Society, where he said that this mysterious new planet could be similar to Neptune and placed at about 225,000 million miles from the sun at a distance that is 1,500 times greater than that which separates it from the Earth .

The hypothesis is far to be confirmed because of the enormous distances that separate us from where supposedly orbits the planet. Not surprisingly, we still can not see well these areas, and even difficult to capture the image of Pluto.

The scientific community has confirmed the usefulness of the method of the astronomer, although not everyone believes that his calculations show the existence of 'the ninth passenger' Solar System.

Neil Armstrong breaks his silence

Neil Armstrong is the first man on the moon and we do not change anything or anyone. But it is also particularly because it gives no interviews, but that is something you can change and do change.

The astronaut was given to a series of interviews and a conference with CPA Australia, the intuition that gathers counters that country and others in the Asia Pacífico.No is where one would expect to hear Armstrong, but it did.

The CPA put the full video interview on their website. Armstrong talks about his historic expedition, his views on conspiracy theories and has a number of anecdotes.

Once the stunt gone are the fears of failure. But down on the moon was a very ambitious undertaking compared to the previous achievement of NASA. "The difference between 20 minutes up there and back, and go to the moon was something beyond what we believe, technically," he said Armstrong.

When asked about the Apollo 11 mission, Armstrong revealed that at one time was not very optimistic about its success. "A month before the launch of Apollo 11, we decided we had enough confidence to try to land on the surface," said Armstrong.

"I thought we had a 90% chance of returning to Earth healthy, but only 50% of land in the first attempt. There were many unknowns in the decline of the lunar orbit to the surface that had not been proven yet," he recalled

Armstrong also referred to the touchdown itself. "It was a good place at all," he said. "I took manual control and flew as a helicopter west," he said. The reason is that the onboard computer was telling him a place to land, or land on the moon rather, it was not the best as it was next to a crater.

"I took him to a more level area without many rocks and found a family area and I could get down there before us to stay out of fuel. We had just for 20 seconds." In that time he made his best, history attests that paid off.

The counter Alex Malley, interviewer for the occasion, asked Armstrong how he made that still has people who believe the moon landing was all a lie. "People love conspiracy theories, are very attractive," he said.
Despite this, claims the way to prove that he was on the moon. And the evidence is in a safe place and inaccessible: their own natural satellite of Earth. "(The comments) were never a concern for me because I know that anyone ever will fly back and closing the camera that I left up there."

The exastronauta also expressed regret over the cuts in special NASA program being carried out by the Obama administration. In fact the view that these cuts limit the country's expectations in a field that was always a pioneer.

"NASA has been one of the most successful public investments to motivate students to do well and achieve all they can achieve," said Armstrong and set his own example, a child about flights motivated them to strive .

"It is sad that we are taking the program in a direction that we reduce the amount of motivation and encouragement given to young people," he said.

Armstrong's interview for Australian accountants as part of the celebration of the 125th anniversary of its establishment, caused surprise in the world's press. It is known that 82-year veteran astronaut does not give interviews and always was reluctant to discuss the mission that brought him to fame in 1969.

Perhaps the reason is an emotive issue and family, according to data revealed Alex Malley, the owner of the CPA, the Australian press: "I know something about Armstrong that not many people know: his father was an auditor."

SpaceX flies past the International Space Station

martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

Cherub & Alien On The Surface Of The Sun! - May 22, 2012

Structure Found On Mars? | What is this?

Burning UFO Or Meteor Over Peru 2012

This strange UFO fireball was seen in the sky in Arequipa, Peru and caused great surprise for onlookers wondering what it was. Some claim it stopped and changed direction several times, others claim it was just a meteor.

Dead Alien Discovered In Chile? 2012

'UFO'-Cloud shows up in the middle of nowhere. Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. May 21, 2012

Exploring the highest point of the mountain in broad daylight (UFO Hotspot) in Partille

UFO near the Sun for May 21, 2012.

Spectacular UFO sightings over Ontario 05/20/2012

Spectacular UFO sightings over Hurley, Michigan

On April 20, 2012, a massive UFO flew over a sports field in Hurley Bessemer, Michigan. Such objects have been seen before in other parts of the world, as in Maynfiel, Tasmania, in 2011.

Starting the 2012 season of Crop Circles

UFO filmed in Cartago Costa Rica, that comes and goes intermittently

UFOs in the Oklahoma tornadoes

Video of UFO that enter and stay with tornadoes in Oklahoma, the strong winds do not affect them but destroy a trailer.

Mothership on military base in Norway

History of of the mother ship over Germany

The story of the mother ship sightings dating back 22 years, starting in Germany in the 90's. A series of videos, and comparative evidence as part of this research.

First Recordings of "Mother Ships" in Germany

Are recorded in multiple video evidence of what could be the first mother ships in the skies over Germany.

UFO Sighting over São Paulo, Brazil 05/21/2012

UFOs Over Serbia Incredible Footage Watch Now! May 21 2012

3 Large UFOs over field (May 21 2012)


UFO Sighting over Tlequepaque,Jalisco 05/21/2012

lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

UFO Sighting - Bologna, Italy (before earthquake) - 05/20/2012

Ufo sightings North Bay, Ontario May 20, 2012

UFO over Medford, Oregon May 20, 2012

Huge UFO outside plane and then disappears (MAY 20 2012)

UFO Sighting May 20, 2012 Brooklyn, NY

SpaceX Falcon 9 Dragon Launch Abort at Last Second

Crop Circle Spiral in Bracciano, Bertinoro Italy May 20 ,2012

Russian Major Releases UFO Footage 2012

Monitoring of a UFO near the Sun for May 20, 2012

domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

"Ring Of Fire" Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012 | NASA

Monolith / Dust Devil on Mars Surface? | Submitted For Review on May 19, 2012

Crop Circle in Oxfordshire,UK May19 , 2012

UFO Sighting over Naiper ,New Zealand May 19, 2012

UFO makes impossible airplane suicide maneuver straight into forest

UFO Sighting over Montdruitt, Australia May 19, 2012

UFO Sighting over Switzerland May 19, 2012

The Popocatepetl volcano and UFOS 2012

The Crop Circle Hueypoxtla, Mexico: Warning asteroid approaches the Earth?

UFOS moving around outside of our atmosphere via ISS April 2012

STRANGE "Activity" Near The Sun! May 19th, 2012/Multiple Objects/UFO's?



UFOS Confirmed In Suns Orbit 2012

Something block the sun light, UFO? in SeKinChan Malaysia. 19 May 2012

UFO Sighting over Coronado May 19, 2012

UFOS sightings Worldwide May 2012

UFO crash Over California Hills 05/19/2012

Monitoring of unidentified objects (UFO) near the Sun for May 19, 2012

UFO Sightings Los Angeles UFO Event This Saturday May 19, 2012

UFO Sightings Calling All UFO Hunters This Could Be The BIG ONE! May 19 2012

Amazing UFO sighting on the Moon

lunes, 14 de mayo de 2012

Rogue UFO Over Russian Cathedral 2012


Night vision UFO / OVNI - New york sky playground - NYC

Earth Changes - 05-13-2012

Strange strobing object/UFO...?! - 13th May 2012 (nightvision)


Perfect UFO sighting in Israel | UFO sightings & Caught - 13 May 2012

Perfect UFO Sighting in Mississippi | UFO Sightings & Caught - 13 May 2012

UFO May 3rd 2012 by the sun - Now it really is breaking news!

Perfect UFO sighting in Russia | UFO sightings & Caught , 13 May 2012


Spectacular UFO Sighting over Russia May 13 , 2012

UFO Sightings Analyzed Footage Spy Drones or UFOs? May 13 2012

Unidentified silent craft [UFO] recorded last night around 1.00 AM 2012.05.14

We Are All Connected - We Are Star Dust

Crop Circles: the events of 2012

On August 9, 2005, in Wayland's Smithy, England, a crop circle appeared announcing the annular solar eclipe May 20, when the Sun aligns with the Pleiades. This message was repeated in Easth Kenneth on July 22, 2011, which plays the same points of the eclipse. What will happen May 20 to June 5, 2012?

Strange light over Área 51 - 05/13/2012

domingo, 13 de mayo de 2012

The True History and Purpose of NASA

The best of the whole story of UFO investigation

The Best UFO video! (FULL FILM) Super UFO Film

UFO - Secret Access on the Record (Full Movie)

The film features in-depth accounts by people who are willing to risk their jobs and reputations to speak out about their extraordinary experiences, such as former Arizona Governor Symington III; Nick Pope, former head of the British Defense Ministry's UFO Investigative Unit, and others.

Huge Sphere Attached To The Sun Takes Charge! - May 13, 2012

UFO Sighting over Uganda, Africa

UFO´s dive into secret forest base in Sävedalen [Sweden] May 12, 2012

UFO Files - Brazil's Roswell 2012

An investigation into the 1977 reports of UFO activity over Colares, Brazil where locals were said to have been physically zapped by beams from flying disks over a period of two months, and the Brazilian government was said to have suppressed video and photographic evidence.

UFO Files - Ufo Hunters 2012

A review of the history, the methods, the technology, and the scientific pioneers in the search for extraterrestrial life. The episode drew enough critical success that History green-lighted the UFO Hunters spin-off series which premiered in 2008.

UFO Files - Mexico's Roswell 2012

A look into the 1974 UFO crash incident in Coyame, Chihuahua, Mexico, where the retrieval of crash material was subsequently covered up by Mexican authorities.

UFO Files- Britains Roswell 2012

A look at the famous Christmas 1980, Rendlesham Forest incident where a UFO reportedly buzzed a top security NATO military base that was said to store nuclear weapons

Hard day in the Office The Area 51 Employee Interview

Monitoring of unidentified objects (UFO) near the Sun for May 12, 2012

UFO Sighting over Sant Petersburgo,Russi May 10 , 2012

UFO Sighting over London- Ingland May 2012

UFO sighting over Israel 05/08/2012

viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Amazing Ufo sighting over Moscow - May 2012.

UFOs - Erich Von Däniken - Chariots Of The Gods- Documentary

Documentary based on the book by Erich Von Daniken concerning the ancient mysteries of the world, such as the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, ancient cave drawings, the monuments of Easter Island, etc. And the fact that these things and modern civilization could have been influenced by extra-terrestrial visitations hundreds(or perhaps thousands) of years ago.

UFO Sighting in Russia may 10,2012

Perfect UFO sighting in Russia / Moscow | UFO sightings & Caught - 10 May 2012


Donut UFO object has smaller ones now

Must see ! UFO - Reinforcements have arrived and parked around the Sun ! 10th May 2012

UFO orbiting & rotating like half spinning TOP-ValPescara-May 10,2012

Sunset, red clouds, UFO of a photo, May 10, 2012

UFO 212 BREAKING Triangle UFO Involved In Pakistan Boeing 737 Crash 2012

UFO 2012 BREAKING Morristown ,NEW YORK CITY ,2012

Ufo sighting over Lecce (Italy) - May 10, 2012.

Amazing Ufo sighting over Cantabria,Spain - May 9, 2012.

jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

NASA 2012 New Footage Earth Day&Night from Space.

UFO Sighting in Montreal, Québec on May 08 2012

Two UFOs were caught on tape from Dorval, Québec near the Montreal International Airport in Canada.

UFO: The Sun, Tether and Baltic Connection 2012

The first anomaly was discovered by mayanmanifestor and seems to show a doughnut shaped object in the suns orbit, at certain points you can see something directed at the object or possibly something is emitted from it.

UFOs Trumpet The Apocalypse? 2012

A mother ship was recorded over the night sky of Hong Kong in January 2012, strange sounds that match what has been heard around the world, seemed to emanate from the craft.

As a point of note, the ADG where the first to make the connection between some of these sounds and UFOs, watch the video below, to much ridicule as I recall, mainly from the windbag academics who have turned the UFO community into a freak show for the mentally impaired, and CGI addicts.

Not blowing my own trumpet here, but the ADG have always been way ahead of the curve, as you will find out shortly. Keep watching. Peace

The UFO Conspiracy 2012

UFO Files - Texas' Roswell 2012

Ufo sighting over Santa Fé (Nuevo México)- May 8, 2012.

Ufo sighting over Sacramento (California) May 9 2012.

Ufo sighting over Osnabrück (Germany) May 9 2012.

Ufo sighting over Montreal (Canadá) - May 8, 2012.

UFO sighting over Rotterdam (Holland) 05/07/2012

Ufo sighting over Holland May 9 2012.


Monitoring of a UFO near the Sun for the May 9, 2012.


Mysterious realm over Zapopan, Jalisco

UFO mass sighting over Champaign, Illinois (1997)

In this recording of 1997 we see a group of objects at night in Champaign, Illinois. These pictures just surfaced on the Internet.

Stefano Breccia story about an alien civilization in Italy

Extraordinary tale of Stefano Breccia on the establishment of an alien civilization in Italy. More than 150 people contacted, documents and pictures of ships.

UFO sighting over Popocatépetl volcano 2012

lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012

Never Before Seen Exclusive UFO Sighting From The 70's

Amazing 100% real Triangle UFO in Sävedalen (Sweden)


UFO Collects Solar Plasma

In this video taken from "SOHO" (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory), you can see the object is in rotation with the suns orbit, as the object comes into view you can quite easily see that it is not a natural plasma sphere or solar gas, it is a solid and defined object.

We can also see a flash, possibly a sun flare then the object is seen to detach itself from orbit, and seems to accelerate at warp speed considering its size, away from the sun.

Aliens Creating Portal (Wow footage) & NASA Witches?

UFO sighting over Honolulu (Hawái) - 05/06/2012

UFO near the Sun May 6, 2012

UFO sighting over Winnipeg May 6 ,2012

domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

Fake Landing Moon

UFO Footage Florida [Usa]

Sightings - The UFO Report (Documentary)

Solar Starship De-Cloaks Around Sun 2012

Another incredible Anomaly caught in the Suns orbit. Filmed by SOHO, the footage apparently captures a huge structure, which seems to de-cloak briefly (Over 1 hour) or become visible after solar flares pass over it.

What are these anomalies, and why does NASA continue to lie about there existence, passing them off as glitches, dust particles etc. Its time for the truth NASA, no-one believes your BS anymore, no-one who is awake anyway.

UFO in 2012 you must see this

UFOS sighting over Sydney May 6 ,2012f

Super Moon is seen around the world

UFO sighting over Kazán (Russia) May 5 ,2012

Unidentified objects near the sun - Watching May 5, 2012.

UFO Alien spacecraft around the sun (helioviewer), May 5, 2012

UFOs Red Lights in Sky Savannah, Georgia May 5, 2012 at 12:11am


Unusual Aircraft Over Syracuse, NY, May 5 2012, 10:32pm - Drone or Jet?

UFO sighting over Iztapala ,Mexico May 6 ,2012

sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

'ArkLaTex' UFO Witnesses Step Forward - May 3, 2012

A number of Americans say they're convinced the government isn't telling us everything they know about UFOs. Several people say they've spotted UFOs right here in the ArkLaTex.

According to the Gallup poll, nearly half of us think alien UFOs have visited earth. UFO sightings from across the world in recent years are not the only events catching the public's eye. In UFO folklore, for example, a radio program from Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell is still a hot topic, nearly 15 years after it first aired on September 11th, 1997.

It involved a caller who claimed to be a former employee of the infamous Area 51. In various stages of tears and panic, the caller claimed to know the true nature of the UFO phenomenon. "Uh, they're extra-dimensional beings," said the caller to Art Bell.

The caller also claimed, "They are not what they claim to be," and then added, "They want the major population centers wiped out." Moments later something knocked the nationally-syndicated broadcast off the air. Art Bell came back on air thirty seconds later and explained the back-up generator had kicked-in and he had no idea what happened.

UFOs are also no stranger to people living right here in the Ark-La-Tex. "It was just a tear drop shape, stationary in the sky, " says a Shreveport-Bossier businesswoman, who wanted to be identified only as "Renee."

Renee says she wanted to remain anonymous, fearing ridicule for going public with her UFO sighting. "I believe people think you're seeing things or you drink too much."

Renee says what she saw in the skies above Shreveport back in June 2011 looked 'otherworldly.' "It looked like a tear in the atmosphere." And she's not alone.

"The west side of that tower, you just see several lights hovering," pointed Tina Marie, as she gave us a drive in her car. This Haughton woman retraced her night from a few months back, when she spotted those lights while driving on Interstate-220.

She had been heading to work as a law enforcement dispatcher. Marie described what she did next. "Grabbed my phone, turned my camera on, stuck it up here and just took a picture, and sent it to KSLA." "

Freak Storm Mixes With Dirt, Engulfs Town in Iowa