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Roswell UFO Was a Russian Spacecraft

The famous incident of "Roswell" it was not a UFO, but a Russian spacecraft carrying "eyesores flyers the size of a child" engendered in the human experiments that made the Nazi doctor and war criminal Josef Mengele, the According to one theory of investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen.

His book, "Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base (Area 51: Uncensored History of the secret military base in the United States), revolves around the secret base in Nevada called Area 51.

In one chapter outlines the new theory about Roswell and it quoted an anonymous source, which ensures that Joseph Stalin ordered recruited Mengele and sending the ship into U.S. airspace in 1947 to cause hysteria among the people.

As with previous theories, Jacobsen wrote that the U.S. government maneuvered to keep the light out the report on the UFO, which promoted the legend of the alien ship and became a tourist attraction this town in southern New Mexico.

Bill Lyne, who in 1993 published his own book entitled "Space Aliens from the Pentagon, agreed that the Roswell incident was false, but believes that the hoax was staged by the U.S. government and not by the Russians.

"Just say (in the new book) I've been saying all along that it was a hoax," said Lyne publication Santa Fe New Mexican. "But the story is just nonsense because Mengele Mengele was recruited by the CIA (not the Russians) in fact was brought to Albuquerque."

Clifford Clift, of the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) in Greeley, Colorado, said Jacobsen know the book but have read articles that suggest that German technology was involved in the Roswell incident.

"After investigating the claim, found little truth to this theory," said Clift. "Here is another distortion. One of my concerns is if it is to cause panic, why in New Mexico and not New York?, Where more people would be scared. I would suggest that this is another conspiracy theory and Wow, conspiracy theories MUFON knows. They sell books. "

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Gliese 581d: An Exoplanet That Can Support Life

 Scientists are finding evidence that Gliese 581d, located 20 light years from Earth, appears to be the first planet outside our Solar System with the necessary conditions to support life.

Although Gliese 581d is located outside the habitable zone, the red dwarf star Gliese 581 - is thought to maintain liquid water and enough heat to sustain life.

Scientists at the Institute Pierre Simon Laplace in Paris, who published their findings in Astrophysical Journal Letters, they say that the atmosphere of Gliese 581d is neither too hot to boil water or too cold to freeze.

"This exoplanet is one of the closest solar system to Earth we know," explains François Forget the BBC, who participated in the investigation. "

"And we believe that Gliese 581d can maintain liquid water and possibly life. We're not sure, of course, but we think it is the first rocky planet suitable for liquid water."

Known neighbor
It is not the first time the Gliese 581 system is news.

In September 2010 it was announced that the star was staying at another potentially habitable planet, Gliese 581g. But that claim was challenged by several scientists.

Now, the announcement of Gliese 581d-discovered in 2007 along with Gliese 581c, is less controversial.

At the time of the discovery, scientists immediately realized that Gliese 581c was located too close to its star for liquid water to maintain, with a surface temperature above 1,000 ° C.

Then he thought his "brother", Gliese 581d, which is a mass six times larger than Earth and twice its size-it was too cold.

But now, with the help of computational models of the planet's atmosphere, French scientists concluded that the planet is likely to contain high concentrations of carbon dioxide, which means it can sustain liquid water.

Weather compatible
"At first we thought that this exoplanet was frozen because it only receives 30% of the energy the Earth receives from the sun," said François Forget.

"In addition, there is the possibility that this planet is" locked "in a synchronous rotation, meaning that it is a hemisphere with a permanent night and one with a permanent day, so we assume that all water in the hemisphere of the night would frozen. " adds.

However, after carrying out simulations of weather and climate of the planet, scientists discovered that it is not.

They found that the exoplanet can easily heated because its star is very different from our Sun and because it allows air circulation.

"But also, with a dense atmosphere of carbon dioxide, Gliese 581d might have an environment compatible with liquid water, hot enough to have oceans, clouds and rainfall," said François Forget.

But even if you confirm that Gliese 581d is habitable, the scientists stress that might not have many candidates who would like to host a world as "murky."

Too heavy air of the exoplanet and the dim red light it receives from its star might even be toxic to humans, researchers say.

"No doubt its terms would be very different from the conditions we have on Earth," told the BBC Dr Robin Wordsworth, also of the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace.

But he adds that "the finding is important because it is further proof of the extraordinary variety of planets and environments that are outside our Solar System."

"Years ago we were looking for planets similar to Earth because we believed that only they could harbor life," says the scientist.

"But this study shows that it is possible that an entirely different planet to ours may be habitable."

A Spanish Band Will Sound in The Space

The song will be responsible for waking the six astronauts who run the shuttle hours before heading to Earth.

Stormy Mondays are called, are Oviedo and have gotten very far.

This Spanish band won a contest sponsored by NASA to sounding on board the space shuttle Endeavour, who yesterday departed for the International Space Station (350 km altitude). The band's song, Sunrise No. 1, competing with nine other finalists, all from the United States. The Asturian won the gold medal with more than 780,000 votes

The group acknowledge that they are still in shock. The vote closed at 6 am (Spanish time) and have hardly slept all night. No wonder: the sound track in the spacecraft on June 1, the last day of the mission.

The song will be responsible for waking the six astronauts who run the shuttle hours before heading to Earth. Is not it exciting? After landing, Endeavour will be moved to the Science Museum of California, after 24 years of missions ..

What do you think the song? Is it worth sound in space? Will 'off' the group with this topic? They say they will continue their lives as usual. With over 20 years making music. By the way, all the benefits of Sunrise No. 1 are for five NGOs: Oxfam, Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, Amnesty International and Greenpeace. .

Found a New Type of Planets and They are Dark and Alone

U.S. astronomers have discovered what they describe as a new class planets: 10 dark bodies floating isolated away from any star.

The scientists, who published the finding in the journal Nature, believe that these planets, which are the size of Jupiter, were expelled from their original planetary systems.

According to Professor David Bennett, professor of astrophysics and cosmology at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, who led the research, the discovery not only confirms that such planets do exist isolated in space, but also indicates that they are very common .

And there may be many more of these heavenly bodies that have not been detected, he adds.

The researchers relied on observations of the galactic center of the Milky Way held Japanese astronomers and New Zealand between 2006 and 2007.

"We conducted a similar survey a population census in order to analyze a portion of the galaxy and, based on these data, we estimate overall numbers in the galaxy," says Professor Bennett.

Analysis of these data showed evidence of 10 planets floating freely in space, all approximately the mass of Jupiter.

But believe it could be many more smaller planets that are also isolated and without a star.

"It is likely that the isolated floating planets are as common as planets, like Earth, orbiting a star," scientists say.
Gravitational events

For finding the scientists used a technique called Microlensing Observations in Astrophysics (MOA) of the University Observatory at Mt John, New Zealand, used to regularly scan the stellar population of the center of the Milky Way in search of called "gravitational microlensing events."

These are produced when light from distant bright objects and curves around a massive object, like a star, located between the object sender and receiver.

With this technique, astronomers have also detected the presence of invisible massive objects like black holes.

As explained by Professor Bennett, "Our survey did not include planets with masses smaller than Jupiter and Saturn, but there are theories that suggest that mass planets smaller than Earth have to be expelled from their systems more often."

"And so they should be more common than these isolated bodies floating," he adds.

Astronomers do not know where they originated these dark bodies, but believe they were expelled from developing systems.

"Our results suggest that planetary systems often become unstable and the planets are driven from their places of origin after a close encounter with another planet," says Professor Bennett.

Nor rule out the possibility that some of these isolated planets are moving in very distant orbits a star, but this, they say, is a rare phenomenon with planets of this mass.

They plan to conduct further observations with the Hubble space telescope with which, they say, be possible to screen these parent stars, if they exist.

Space Travel is Also Possible Using a Balloon

An aeronautical engineer has devised a balloon that can fly over the earth at an altitude of 36 kilometers. The tour price is 110,000 euros. The service will start operating between 2013 and 2015.

 A Catalan company Zero2Infinity, will air a balloon that will see the curvature of the Earth, the stars and the sky from a height of 36 kilometers (a commercial aircraft stands no more than 12 kilometers, and a Concorde, a 18)

Ingenuity goes by the name Bloon and start operating between 2013 and 2015, has secured its creator, José Mariano López Urdiales, 20 minutes. This is a big balloon of helium from a pressurized capsule hanging, like an airplane, about five feet in diameter and can accommodate four passengers and two pilots. The cabin also "have large windows for panoramic view," said Lopez Urdiales, an aeronautical engineer who has worked for companies such as Boeing.

Flying in Bloon not be suitable for all budgets. The ticket for a trip, lasting about five hours, will cost around 110,000 euros. According to Lopez Urdiales, his company has received the first requests for travel. "The demand is clear, hence the Russian space agency took 35 million euros in the last space flight," he argues.

In addition, he says, to get on Bloon "no special preparation is needed." Thus, the adventurers who go on the globe "only have two days of preparation" to ensure those who undertake the journey "with good body." To do this, eat light and sleep well. "It does not take even a superman or superwoman to fly," concluded Lopez Urdiales.

José Mariano López Urdiales had the idea to create a large space globe 11 years ago when I was 22, while talking to his father, an astrophysicist. Delivering the project cost 20 million euros.

Discovered a New Class of Planets "Orphans" Floating Alone in Space

The finding is based on a scan from the center of the Milky Way. These planets would have a similar size and mass of Jupiter. Many of them can not be seen, but could double in number to the stars.

A group of astronomers, including a team funded by NASA, have discovered a new class of planets similar to Jupiter in size floating alone in the middle of the dark space, away from the light of any star. This team believes these lonely worlds were probably expelled from developing planetary systems.

The discovery is based on a combined study of scientists from Japan and New Zealand, which scanned the center of the Milky Way in 2006 and 2007, showing evidence of more than ten free-floating planets with a mass similar to Jupiter.

These isolated objects, known as orphan planets are hard to locate, and have remained undetected until now. The new planets are located at a distance of between 10,000 and 20,000 light years from Earth.

"Although he had predicted its existence, have finally been detected, representing first-order implications on the formation and evolution models of the planets," said Mario Perez, program scientist at NASA exoplanet.
Hundreds of thousands of millions of new planets

The discovery indicates that there are many more large solitary planets that can not be seen. So much so that number can double in number of the stars themselves.

Also, are believed to be as common as planets are orbiting stars. This would add hundreds of billions of planets in our galaxy alone. Researchers believe that smaller planets the size of Earth, are more likely to be expelled from a planetary system formation, so that would be more common than now found.

The Space Race by Stepping on Mars

"The moon can not be the goal. Man must not return in any way to the moon. The next destination is Mars," said Vitali Lopota, president of the Energia Corporation, which manufactures Soyuz spacecraft, the only available for travel manned space at the end of this year the shuttle program at NASA.

The economic crisis hit the special programs of the great powers that have ruled for the moment the moon and have decided to concentrate its efforts on the conquest in the first half of this century the Red Planet. To this end, the Russians plan to develop manned spacecraft propelled by nuclear power, which would enable the interplanetary flight (65 million kilometers) over a period of time 20 times smaller.

"It's a proyectoúnico. A flight to Mars using current engine would take too long," said Anatoly Perminov, head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos. The designs of the new rocket and space module will be ready in 2012, predicted Perminov, who estimated at about $ 600 million investment necessary to finance the project.

"The work will be completed by 2019," stressed the head of Roscosmos, which has persuaded Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, to approve state funding.

The Russians plan to develop manned spacecraft propelled by nuclear power.

Anatoli Korotéev scientist, director of Keldish, which is responsible for the construction of the ship, he recalled that the use of nuclear energy for rocket boost was approached by Soviet scientists in the 1960's. In fact, he added that the USSR, the first power that managed to land a module (Mars 3) in the Martian soil in 1971, went to build some spy satellites and nuclear-powered light duty to locate submarines.

Under the project, the station for the conquest of Mars include a trailer of more than 100 tons, a payload module, another landing and a small ship of about 10-15 tons for the transfer of cosmonauts from Earth. However, the high cost of the project has had to be deferred until the end of this year the launch of the Russian spacecraft "Phobos-Grunt" that would install an automatic weather station on the satellite Phobos, moon of Mars.

The study of how radiation affects life on Mars is vital.

"This is the first project, in which living substances (50 kinds of microorganisms) will be taken to Mars, stay there a while and return to Earth," said Anatoly Grigoriev, vice president of the Russian Academy of Sciences. That ship is essential when studying space and the climate surrounding the conditions of weightlessness, the operation of landing in the Martian soil and, above all, "how radiation affects life on this planet."

"Russia intends to create a station to fly to Mars than 500 tons to house a crew of four for two years. But it is very expensive. The cost of launching a kilo load is about 35 thousand dollars and transport Mars is still much more expensive, "said Lopota. Therefore, Moscow is in favor of cooperating with other space powers to conquer the red planet, but without neglecting their national aspirations.

The conquest of Mars include a trailer of more than 100 tons.

Meanwhile ...

For its part, NASA has had to resort to the private sector to meet its goal of achieving an asteroid the red planet Mars in 2025 and 2030, while the launch of the first scanning probe China has also been postponed until later this year. Man's obsession with Mars was born many centuries ago, but it was not until 1964, thanks to the U.S. spacecraft Mariner 4, which received the first images of the Martian surface and cold desert.

As is known so far, Mars, which has been compared to Antarctica by low temperatures, contains gases and minerals and liquid water hosts, which has made some scientists who venturing into the red planet is possible life. In June last year started in Moscow's largest international mock flight to Mars involving Russia, the European Space Agency (ESA) and China, and that will last for 500 days.

Members of the manned Soyuz TMA-21, which bears the name "Gagarin" in honor of the first man to travel into space.

The space odyssey of the six "martenautas"-three Russians, a Frenchman, an Italian-Colombian and Chinese studies the resistance of human beings in conditions of prolonged isolation, one of the greatest difficulties in interplanetary flights. Furthermore, the manned spacecraft Soyuz TMA-21, which bears the name "Gagarin" in honor of the first man to viajóal space, successfully docked with the International Space Station (ISS), NASA said.

NASA released an animated video of how the rover will reach Mars Curiossity, as a prelude to the arrival of humans. The video is attached to this post.

Source: El Siglo de Durango

So far, 40 have sent probes to Mars all.

Quantum says:

Interest in Mars and the possibility that there was life, dates back to 1877 when Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli reported seeing channels throughout the world. Later astronomers have tried to verify this assumption as the American astronomer Percival Lowell quesugería the suspected channels were discovered by Schiaparelli an irrigation system created by intelligent beings.

So far, 40 have sent probes to Mars all, coming to work only 15, 5 and 20 partial tuvieronéxitos failed, showing how difficult it has found the man sending tools for investigating the Red Planet. While in recent years we have had better results (since 2001 were sent probes 7, 6 successful and only a failure) does not mean that we completely dominated the "adventure" trip to Mars.

Then I leave a table with data from missions to Mars:

Year - Quest - Country - Goal - Outcome

Marsnik 1 USSR 1960 Last Flight Liftoff Failure

Marsnik 2 USSR 1960 Last Flight Liftoff Failure

1962 USSR Sputnik 22 exploded in Earth orbit Earth Orbit

1962 Mars 1 USSR Earth orbit Lost contact

1962 Lander USSR Sputnik 24 not reach orbit

Mariner 3 1964 Last U.S. Flight Path Mala

1964 U.S. Mariner 4 PasadaÉxito Flight

Zond 2 USSR 1964 Last Flight Lost contact

Mariner 6 U.S. 1969 Flight PasadaÉxito

1969 Mariner 7 PasadaÉxito U.S. Flight

1969 USSR Mars Orbiter Failure 1969A Takeoff

1969 USSR Mars Orbiter 1969b Liftoff Failure

1971 Mariner 8 Last U.S. Flight Liftoff Failure

USSR Cosmos 419 1971 Orbiter / Lander did not come out of orbit

1971 Soviet Mars 2 Orbiter / Lander Orbitadoréxito; lander crashed

1971 Soviet Mars 3 Orbiter / Lander Orbitadoréxito; lander went out in 20 sec.

1971 U.S. Mariner 9 OrbitadorÉxito

April 1973 USSR Mars Orbiter flight last only

OrbitadorÉxito USSR Mars 5 1973

USSR Mars Lander June 1973 contact was lost

July 1973 Soviet Mars Lander Only last flight

1975 U.S. Viking 1 Orbiter / AterrizadorÉxito

1975 U.S. Viking 2 Orbiter / AterrizadorÉxito

1988 Soviet Phobos 1 Phobos Orbiter on Lost contact

1988 Soviet Phobos 2 Phobos orbiter managed to get into orbit, then lost contact

1992 U.S. Mars Observer Orbiter Lost contact

1996 U.S. Mars Global Surveyor OrbitadorÉxito

1996 96 USSR Mars Orbiter / lander Launch Failure

1996 U.S. Mars Pathfinder Lander / RoverÉxito

1998 Bad path Orbiter Nozomi JPN

1998 Mars Climate Orbiter, U.S. Observer entered the Martian atmosphere

1999 Mars Polar Lander Lander crashed U.S.

1999 Deep Space 2 U.S. Penetrators Lost contact

U.S. 2001 Mars Odyssey OrbitadorÉxito, in Extended Mission

2003 Mars Express OrbitadorÉxito EU, in Extended Mission

2003 Beagle 2 lander lost contact U.S.

2003 U.S. RoverÉxito MER Spirit, in Extended Mission

2003 MER Opportunity RoverÉxito U.S., in Extended Mission

U.S. 2005 MRO OrbitadorÉxito; in Primary Mission

2007 Phoenix Mars Lander USA AterrizadorÉxito; signal loss 2/11/2008

The search for extraterrestrial life has begun.

The search for extraterrestrial life has begun. A large group of U.S. astronomers have launched a project to search for signs of intelligent life on other planets.

86 planets have been selected to focus their attention, devoting a full 24 hours of observation by radio telescopes.

The 86 planets selected from a list of 1,235 potential candidates, are similar to Earth (earth-like in English terminology). For multicellular life to exist, it is the only intelligent life form we know, we need conditions similar to those facing our planet. That does not mean it can not be given in other conditions, but to start looking, we begin with what is already known.

The existence of liquid water, the presence of an atmosphere developed that protects against harmful radiation, and a stroke rate close to that of the Earth appear to be necessary for the existence of organizations of any kind.

Scientists look for agencies based on molecules of carbon or silicon, which alone can form molecules long enough to perform biochemical functions without too much bulk and weight.

Water is necessary for all biochemical processes that generate and sustain life. The cells of all organisms known so far are aqueous solutions and the availability of this severely limits the colonization of habitats. It also provides an environment to develop, can float without being subject to the restrictions of life on earth. This is especially important for the transition from unicellular life to more complex organisms.

An important part of the radiation received from the Sun and other stars, is harmful. Well known is the danger of ultraviolet radiation, to name just one. The radiation breaks down organic molecules, whether organic molecules, biomolecules or simply impedes the development of multicellular organisms.

The presence of an atmosphere, with a specific layer to help limit these harmful effects is essential for life on any planet. However, the radiation is, say, a positive effect: it generates mutations in different parts of the genome, which helps in evolution. Therefore, some radiation will arrive.

Stroke rate as the earth allows mainly two things. First, maintaining a high enough temperature so that the water is in liquid state, but not too high to limit life. On the other hand, is an important energy source and allow the development of metabolic systems that became such sunshine into food, the same way that photosynthesis does on Earth.

There are other factors that make various celestial bodies best candidates for life than others. The existence of a sufficient proportion of land area provides the planet with sufficient diversity of habitats for the development and evolution of different life forms. The presence of a climate system, determined by ocean currents and atmospheric density, facilitates the transmission of energy and nutrients throughout the world. And so with many others.

These are best to think about the possibility of life on other planets. It is quite possible that conditions on Earth are unique, and that does not mean that you can not give life elsewhere, but it is always preferable to start looking at similar places.

Dark Energy Exists

An astronomical survey that used the latest technology obtained results that seem to have confirmed the presence of mysterious dark energy.

Dark energy makes up 74% of the universe and its existence would explain why the cosmos appears to be expanding faster and faster.

The discovery was based on the study of more than 200,000 galaxies.

The scientists used two separate ways of observation that allowed them to make an independent comparison of previous results concerning dark energy.

Two reports prepared by an international team of researchers have been accepted for publication in The Royal Astronomical Society Journal (the journal of the Royal Astronomical Society).

One of the observations used by astronomers involved the measurement of a pattern of distribution of galaxies in space. This pattern is known as "baryon acoustic oscillations."

The second type of observation involved measuring how fast they have formed clusters of galaxies over time. Both techniques confirmed the existence of dark energy and accelerating expansion of the Universe.

The concept of dark energy was first applied in the late 90's, during a study of light from supernovae, exploding stars, more distant.

Einstein had razónPara explain the accelerating expansion of the universe, astronomers would have to modify the theory of Albert Einstein gravity or accept that the cosmos is full of a new type of energy.

"The action exerted by dark energy is as if you throw a ball in the air and this will continue rising into the sky faster and faster," said Dr. Chris Blake Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, and coauthor of study.

"The results indicate that dark energy a cosmological constant, as proposed by Einstein. If gravity were responsible, then we would not see these effects of dark energy constant over time."

The scientists used the Anglo-Australian telescope located at Siding Spring.

Recent discoveries are the product of a research project called WiggleZ galaxies, which began in 2006 and ended this year. WiggleZ used data from NASA's Hubble Space Explorer Evolution of Galaxies (GALEX, pro its acronym in English) and the Anglo-Australian telescope located at Siding Spring mountain in Australia.

The survey produced a map of the distribution of galaxies in a universe of unprecedented volume, noting eight billion years back in time, more than half the age of the universe.

Bob Nicholl, a cosmologist who was not involved in the investigation, told the BBC that "this is an important step forward. This is serious, they are class scientists and have been waiting for this result for quite some time" ñ

The professor of astrophysics at the University of Portsmouth, UK, said: "It is the reconfirmation of dark energy, provides a new reference point around which we can place our theories and shows us the way forward. Most astronomers are doing this in years to come. "

While dark energy makes up roughly 74% of the Universe, dark matter does not reflect or emit detectable light-accounts for 22%. Ordinary matter such as gas, stars, planets and galaxies are just 4% of the cosmos.

However, although scientists have been able to infer the existence of dark energy and matter, these phenomena still elude a full explanation.

Nasa Discovers That Life Forms Could be "Breathing" Hydrogen on Titan

Could be the first reliable evidence of an alien life form. Very different from ours, based on methane and would be in full swing on the surface of Titan, Saturn's enigmatic moon. Or at least that's what we suggest two new studies from the latest data from the field by the Cassini spacecraft, NASA.

The results of two new analysis of complex chemical activity that occurs on the surface of Titan has left scientists with an open mouth. And, although other explanations would be possible, there are many who firmly believe that these results constitute a proof that on that moon of Saturn there is, at present, some form of life based on methane.

The new analysis, in fact, show that they are fulfilling two essential conditions for this kind of life could exist. The first two studies, published in the journal Icarus', shows that hydrogen flows in abundance in the planet's atmosphere almost completely disappears when it reaches the surface, which points to the disturbing possibility that is being " breathed "by living creatures.

The second, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research 'is a detailed "map" of the hydrocarbons in Titan's surface. A map in which, in an inexplicable way, short of acetylene, a gas which coincidentally is considered the best source of food and energy for a hypothetical way of life based on methane.

"We suggest that something is consuming hydrogen gas because it is the most obvious to be consumed by a form of life on Titan, in the same way they consume oxygen on Earth," says Chris McKay, NASA astrobiologist at the center Ames space. "If this evidence confirms the presence of life, will be doubly exciting, and it would be a new way of life, independent of water based on Earth."

So far, the existence of methane-based life is purely hypothetical. In fact, scientists have not yet found anything, and despite the fact that here, on our planet, there is a curious kind of microbes living in water that generate methane as waste.

On Titan, where temperatures exceed 180 degrees below zero, a methane-based agency should use a substance in liquid state to carry out their vital processes. Although the substance, there would be no water, as there is in the form of ice and could not support life at all. This reduces the list of candidates to only one liquid, methane.

The new findings on the lack of surface hydrogen are therefore consistent with measurable effects that occur on Titan, a way of life based on methane. It is true that those stocks that our instruments fail to detect could be hidden in caves or other geological formations, but this fact seems far-fetched and unlikely. The most logical explanation that best fits the results is that hydrogen is missing is being breathed some life.

The same happens with acetylene. Given the extreme conditions of Titan, the sun's rays should react with chemical elements from the surface and produce a considerable amount of this highly energetic and flammable gas. But acetylene does not appear anywhere, which reinforces the hypothesis that is being "consumed" as food for living organisms.

To make matters worse, the spectrometer on Cassini has also detected a class of organic molecules that scientists have not been able to identify. What has led researchers to conclude that there exists one (or more) ways of life that are directly responsible for the mysterious absence of chemical elements on the surface.

Tardigrade, The World's Toughest Animal, Due to Space

On Monday, a cosmonaut microscopic came in a trip to space shuttle Endeavour, NASA. Its mission is to help scientists understand more about the so-called "toughest animals on earth" can survive for short periods in space.

In 2007, a little known creature called tardigrade became the first animal to survive exposure to space. He managed to survive freezing temperatures, solar winds and relentless oxygen-free vacuum of space. The tardigrades are invertebrates that bind to other microscopic organisms formarparte selected for a project on extreme survival.

Biokis Project is headed by the Italian Space Agency and investigate the impact of short-duration spaceflight on a number of microscopic organisms at the molecular level. The team will use molecular biology to assess any change in the genetic information of these microorganisms as well as research on how cells physically fit to cope with extreme dehydration caused by the vacuum of space, and damage by cosmic radiation.

One of these experiments, Tardkiss will expose tardigrade colonies to different levels of ionizing radiation, measured with an instrument called a dosimeter at different points during the space flight mission. Tardkiss results allow researchers to determine the effects of such doses of radiation inthe way cells function. The tardigrades are of particular interest given its role in the Foton-M3 mission, conducted in 2007 by the European Space Agency (ESA), when he discovered his ability to survive the conditions of space.

The size of these animals ranges from 1, 2 mm long (rarely) to 50um,? normal is 500um.

The tardigrades are microscopic animals more commonly known by its scientific name is not the bear of water. Their bodies are robust and place all the characteristics of a bear. But an encounter with them would not be as impressive with the furry mammals. Such "bears" menosde measure 1 mm in length and are at sea, in freshwater and on land. Genetic studies have shown that originally lived in freshwater environments before the adaptation to colonize the land in search of wetland habitats, such as soil, moss, leaves and lichens.

They earned the nickname of "world's toughest animal" having developed strategies that allow them to close idle all biological processes that are not essential when conditions are not conducive to sustaining life. Professor Roberto Guidetti, University of Modena Reggio Emilia, Italy, this ability to suspend creeque life and withstand freezing and desiccation can explain why they can survive in space.

Most of these individuals are females, males only appear in late winter.

"The tardigrades can be found worldwide from the Arctic to Antarctica, from high mountains to deserts, urban areas and backyard gardens," he said. "In terrestrial environments, always require at least a film of water that surrounds your body pararealizar the activities necessary for life."

But if these conditions change, tardigrades are able to enter into an extreme form of rest called cryptobiosis. In this state, are able to withstand freezing, a process called criobiosis, and desiccation, a process called anhydrobiosis.

4 pairs of legs have not articulated, each leg ending in a double nail used to climb.

"This ability to resist desiccation involves a complex series of factors acting at the molecular level, physiological and structural," said Professor Guidetti the BBC. "The physiology and biochemistry anhydrobiosis is bound to a complex system involving many different molecular components work together as bioprotectors." Regulation of antioxidant metabolism represents a critical strategy to prevent damage during dehydration.

"The tardigrades may persist for months or even years in the state anhydrobiotic. When in the desiccated state, tardigrades showed high resistance to chemical and physical extremes," explains Professor Guidetti. "For example, low and high temperatures, exposure to high pressure or vacuum, as well as exposure to organic solvents and ionizing radiation."

Exposure to conditions in space causing rapid changes in these living systems. Tardkiss experiment could help researchers such as Professor Guidetti to develop techniques to protect other organisms, including humans, the extremists who are subject to the conditions of space. It could also help the long-term intention to extend the exploration of the Solar System.

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UFO OVNI EBE Message from space using Voyager 2-VOSTFR Message de l'espa...

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Aliens: Are they telling us the truth? Where did they come from? What is...



Unknown objects caught on Microsoft Telescope


INCREDIBLE UFO Sighting May 2011

Top Secret leaked Video Russia KGB UFO Alien Gray film material.mp4

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Discover the whole truth about Area 51

Why are forbidden to enter that area of ​​Nevada? Do you hide in these mountains UFOs American government? A man claims to know the answer

It is said that at nightfall at Area 51, begins a flurry of activity, where strange aircraft flying over the secret base.

At about 190 km northwest of Las Vegas in the Nevada desert, the official maps are blank. It is an area with roads, rivers, mountains, buildings, and a 9.5-km track, but on paper there. It is as if all human activity ceased in an area as large as Switzerland or the Principality of Asturias (10,000 km long approximately).

Access is strictly prohibited. The posters warn: "You are authorized to use lethal weapons." Its airspace is the most inviolable of the United States. This is the Firing Range and Nellis Nuclear Test, commonly called Area 51. Also get names like Dreamland, Groom Lake or Red Square.

"Alien Technology?

Founded in 1954 as a secret base where the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation could develop spy planes for the CIA, Area 51 is still home to some of the most revolutionary in the U.S.. There he tested the bomber stealth Northrop B-2, and a series of unconventional aircraft. It has always been top secret, the United States Air Force (USAF) did not admit its existence until 1994 - because it represents the latest in military technology. The only problem, according to some researchers, is that neither the technology nor the techniques are Americans: from outer space.

Since the establishment of Area 51 several people reported seeing strange objects flying over its airspace, but the authorities denied the facts. However, one of his own men stated that the skies of Area 51 UFOs not only circulating, but the USAF is actively using alien technology.

The Great 1987 Storm In UK Caused By HAARP Cover Up

UFO? We May Never Know :( ~ March 26, 2011

Endeavour Launch May 16th, 2011

Endeavour Shuttle Launch Seen From Airplane - May 16, 2011


Beijing UFO Event - 2 - May 15-16, 2011

Beijing UFO Event -1 - May 15-16, 2011

NASA TV, FEB. 16th 2011: Proof That Houston Is Tampering Videos To Hide ...

Beijing UFO Event - 3 - May 15-16, 2011

UFO caught during Endeavour Launch may 16 2011

UFO FOOTAGE: UFO at Space Shuttle Launch May 16 2011

NASA Endeavour may 16 2011 UFO sightings

UFO Strange Lights and orbs - WTF - 2011

5-16-2011 Ufos news

23 minutes of Ufos in 5:59 Minnesota May 16 2011OVNI

Ufo live video Iss 16 may 2011 Iss 16.05

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The Sumerians and Alien Contact

The modern history of UFOs and extraterrestrial contacts being reported today are very similar to ancient Sumerian descriptions of the breed "Anunnaki" beings and androids.

When we look at the descriptions of our modern gray aliens androids and humans showing the Sumerians, we can clearly see that the similarities are striking, representing the Sumerian Anunnaki with humanoid figurines.

The Sumerian culture, which dates back to 6,000 BC, is the oldest culture on Earth. Even today still uses the same mathematical system, calendar, and time as they created thousands of years.

The Sumerians describe a distant planet called Nibiru on Earth, they calculated the manuscript about a distance of about 30,000,000,000 miles between Nibiru and Earth. This distance would be very hard to be true interstellar travel back and forth between the two planets if there really is Nibiru.

The Sumerians had amazing knowledge of the solar system and nearby stars to Earth. They also speak in his manuscripts of the "android beings."

The Sumerians tell us that the Anunnaki had "helpers" who often difficult tasks or were assistants in different activities. The Sumerians explained in his manuscripts that these "helpers" were not alive, but acted as a soulless bodies

The Sumerians were not just figures of visitors Anunnaki, also wrote texts in cuneiform (in stone), encounters with these "beings Android."

Is it possible that these "beings Android." Greys are famous and that these were created by the Anunnaki as "watchdogs" to monitor the experiments made by this race here on earth?

If the Anunnaki gods are spoken in all ancient and modern texts, including the Bible, then you might also might have created a "race android", apart from the creation of human beings.

Keep the idea that the Anunnaki on Nibiru really exist and that they created through genetic engineering man for thousands of years, then it makes sense that they have great interest in us. We can be one of his major experiments.

What if I also experimented with other species on planet Earth. If the Anunnaki are also other races, we must bear in mind that there are many other planets.

When analyzing the descriptions of the aliens, people who claim to have been kidnapped, most aliens who are described as small gray beings with large eyes, a bulbous head, and act almost like robots or androids.

Pilot Chased UFO, Saw It Crash, Visited Crash Site Video

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Nasa News :Astronaut Edgard Mitchel said that Ufos exist

Former CIA NSA Expert Discusses Upcoming Alien UFO Disclosure by US Gove...

Future Breaking News U.S. President Discloses UFO Reality

¿Ufos or Clouds? May 14 2011

ET UFO Disclosure NASA Adminstrator ETs very possible Dr. Edgar Mitchell

UFOs: Past, Present, and Future

Russia a Ufo in radar similarities with Greece ufo in radar

UFO 2011 over Phoenix!!! White Orb! May 14th, 2011

Giant Mothership/Carrier UFO forms from plasma emitted from small glowin...


Auckland ufo May 14 2011


UFO over Shanghai May 14th 2011, around 21h30.mp4

NASA * UFOs/ OVNIS * High Resolution Image Proof - MUST SEE!

Blue UFO Lightship Over Texas 2011

UFO Squadron Over Krasnoyarsk May 2011

Glowing UFO Over Angers, France May 2011

UFO Sighting Report #46 - EBANI - Amsterdam, May 14 2011

UFO in france 2011




UFO in Mexico and Israel

UFO and Strange Light - Second Footage with CELL PHONE - Fort Worth May ...

UFO Hard Evidence Analysis Versus Black Helicopter Spain Madrid OVNI Evi...

UFOs Hard Evidence Spain Madrid OVNIs Analisis Prueba Total

UFO Fleet Starship Filmed on telescope 2011

NASA Live on CNN: UFO ?

NASA may have found oldest Galaxy (26/1/2011)

Nasa Shows UFO Armada Above Earth


Russian News Cast About Elenin/Nibiru - May 2011

U.F.O. Attack Seen Clearly in Fort Worth/Texas 05-2011


U F O sightings in the Planet Line Up time. in Sydney,.Whole Event.13.5....

Ufo sighted May 2011 Spacetelescope

UFO COMPILATION ஃ Evidences from the 90's till our days (1/3)

UFO COMPILATION ஃ Evidences from the 90's till our days (3/3)

UFO COMPILATION ஃ Evidences from the 90's till our days (2/3)


UFOs Prevent NASA STS 133 Takeoff 2011

UFO sighting Long Island, New York May 2011

Giant UFO over Russia (With Alien) MAY 2011

UFOs Reported Over Lake Michigan [ABC: 5-13-2011]

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UFO's Boston Logan Airport 05/12/2011

UFO - Unsolved Mysteries Roswell (Full Movie)

Amazing clear UFO Fleet footage in daylight over Mountains - Slow Motion...



Nasa Feeds Shows UFO Armada Above Earth

UFO 2011 PARIS - ufo in Paris may 12th 2011 - ORB IN PARIS - ALIEN - OV...

UFO 2011 ARLINGTON TEXAS 12th may 2011 - ufo USA 2011 - OVNI - ALIEN - ORB

UFO next Sakurajima Volcano MAY 12 2011

UFOS IN RUSSIA 12th may 2011

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The British Government and Ufos

The subject of UFOs has long captured the popular imagination but also the attention of governments around the world, shows the secret documents made public some time ago by the National Archives of the United Kingdom.

The issue was even discussed at a parliamentary session in the House of Lords, the only one ever held on this issue to date, which took place in 1977.

"War of the Worlds"

The documents also included drawings and sketches made by the public as well as information from eyewitnesses who reported seeing extraterrestrial objects.

There is also evidence of an alleged "alien abduction" in London and an "alien invasion" of the United Kingdom in 1967.

Records showed how that year, the British Royal Air Force (RAF) was flooded with calls from the public reporting that they had seen at least 6 small "flying saucers" have been discovered in places that drew a perfect line in southern England from the Isle of Sheppey and the Bristol Channel.

The British government then mobilized the army, four police officers, a bomb disposal unit and the branch of the Ministry of Defence in charge of intelligence, before discovering it was a hoax prepared by students of Farnborough Technical College.

But. at least for a few hours, the incident called "the War of the Worlds"-referring to the novel by HG Wells, was given treatment of alien invasion.

Other interesting revelations include discussions on the subject of UFOs held within the UN in December 1977.

That year, President of Grenada, Sir Eric Gairy, made arrangements for a UN agency investigate UFO sightings, and the British government had to use all its influence to prevent it.

Gairy eventually withdrew its application but continued to press for the issue was debated at the United Nations and that 1978 be declared "year of the UFO."

Anti-UFO Policy
In total, the National Archives released more than 8,500 pages, the increased delivery of documents made public so far.

The documents include details of UFO sightings, reports, color photographs and drawings, research RAF radar detections of unusual parliamentary meetings and - for the first time - documents about government policy on UFOs.

The publication allowed to follow up on discussions and correspondence that led to a change in government policy on UFOs and the establishment of a hotline exclusively dedicated to this subject.

Demostraon well as the workload unit of the Ministry of Defence UFO increased by 50% between 1996 and 1997, due to media interest around the 50 th anniversary of the Roswell incident, the U.S. city of New Mexico where there was a alleged alien spacecraft crash in 1947.

Image by The National Archives UK via Flickr

The documents of the Ministry of Defence, who were in the public domain for a month, showed how the UFO phenomenon was seriously discussed in high-level talks between governments and security services worldwide, including United Nations and

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UFO Sightings In Greece On May 2011 Caught on Tape

Another slow UFO sighted May 7, 2011 8:50pm Hurst, Texas

UFO Japan May 8, 2011

Moon, RED UFO's and even a blinky one May 8, 2011.avi

UFO OVER lovstaken Bergen / Norway (8 MAY 2011)


UFO ,Bright disk leaves dirty cloud / chemtrail in sky ,NZ 9th may 2011


ufo ovni over usa 08 05 11 amazing ufo sichtung ISS 08 05 2011

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UFO spotted in Florida USA!

UFO ALERT 2011! Best UFO Evidence On TV!

UFO Mainstream News Broadcast WORLDWIDE SIGHTINGS

Leaked KGB alien Grey and UFO tapes

Phenomena Anomalies and UFO's

Are UFOs Real?

2011 - Viral UFO Sighting Complication's (Must Watch)

UFO - Ancient Aliens Mysterious Places (Full Movie)

2011 Insane - UFO sighting 100% real

UFO Encounter Air Traffic Controller

UFO Splits in to 3 parts 5/8/2011 must see

UFO ALIEN The SUN today!!! 2011 05 07

Military Chases UFO, Chemtrails cover the sky! Take ACTION!

Analysis of the Alien Grey Extraterrestrial Zeta Retic...

Fastwalkers UFO (Full version + DE, ENG Subtitles)

NASA Says This Is Mercury I Say BS It's A UFO 7th May 2011 [HD]

Is the Official Government Disclosure of the ET/UFO presence starting? 2/2

Is the Official Government Disclosure of the ET/UFO presence starting? 1/2

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Real UFO Bright Object Above Sweden - may 2011

UFO Photographs 6th May 2011

Scientists Say Comet Elenin Has Massive UFO Fleet Following In Formation...

Ufo In snow Summond By Thought and light Full Unedited UK

ISS. 7th May, 2011.


Sheeps, the Peeps, the UFOs! One sheep knows! Djinn Ovni 5/7/11

New Leaked Roswell UFO 'Alien' Footage HD or more Smoke & Mirrors eXoPol...

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2011 UFO Filmed in Australia On News


Panoramic view of the entire ISS May 6, 2011

NASA Hiding! A giant sphere UFOs filmed in the Earth's atmosphere from t...

UFO 5/6/2011 OVER SAN DIEGO MAY 6 2011

Russian UFO was satellite rocket May 2011

Strange object hovers near surveillance camera in Arkhangelsk, Russia


Ring UFO May 5, 2011 9:14pm Hurst, Texas


Ufos in Chile May 2011





Proof Comet Elenin Isn't A Comet Be Prepared 6th May 2011 [HD]

jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

Two UFO's - Is One A Rocket? Russia May 2011

Hawaii UFO sightings 2011 Caught On Tape! May 5, 2011

UFO observed from my bed room at Sanpada, Navi Mumbai on 5th May 2011

UFO may 5, 2011, 3:33am, EST, Kitchener, Ontario THE ALIENS MIMIC PLANES!

Mystery 'UFO' lights spotted over Russia shock masses

UFO - The Secret KGB Abduction Files

Amazing UFO footage from Santiago, Chile

FBI Vault Second Small Alien Found Video

Twin UFOs Fly by 5/4/2011

UFO stalking plane 2011


UFO - Unsolved Mysteries - Australian Aliens

Chemplanes dont exist-chemtrails and ufos Minnesota USA ovni

ufo FRANCE 2011 montpellier ovni activity CHEMTRAILS

30.04.2011 UFO Ovni Fleet on the Darkside of the Earth under the ISS Part 2

Ovni ufos multiples en San Diego Abril 2011 nigh vision

UFO Triangle Cloud-OVNI Not only can they make cropcircles, but sky art!...

Sky fish UFO OVNI 5/4/2011

Super bright UFO puts on a show/Aerial deception 5/4/2011 Minnesota OVNI

Ovnis* Ufos ( camouflaged, holografic planes) 24.ABR.2011 8:15 P...

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Investigación italiana establece la posibilidad de un nuevo sismo de Chi...



UFO in Brazil 03/05/2011

Blood Red Orb Devils Hour, vanishes at 3 33AM Part 2.

Obama ET UFO Disclosure announcement 2011 THE TIME IS UP People Want t...

2of3 eXoPolitics Michio Kaku interviews Leslie Kean on UFO OVNI Disclosu...

1of3 Michio Kaku interviews Leslie Kean on UFO OVNI Disclosure!

3of3 eXoPolitics Michio Kaku interviews Leslie Kean on UFO OVNI Disclosu...

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UFO Documentary | It Has Begun - Narrated by Rod Sterling 1979

UFOs in Nashville, TN

Aliens Built the PYRAMIDS!!!!!


NASA Admits to Chasing "Many, many, many" UFOs Away from ISS (2006)

UFO Sighting North of Phoenix, Arizona 4-30-11

UFO Seen by Hundreds | Real or Fake?

ISS UFOs - Royal Wedding / Endeavor Launch Delayed Due to UFO? - April 2011

Triangle Craft Escorts Multiple UFOs April 2011

Amazing ufo Footage, April 30th 2011 over Granbury Texas

UFOs flew around the ISS? April 30, 2011 + ANALYSIS!

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