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U.s. Stops Listening to Possible Extraterrestrial Civilizations

The American system of listeners to capture any extraterrestrial messages ceased its activities since the April 15 due to lack of funds to the federal budget savings, according to a letter released Tuesday.

Lack of funding of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), founded in 1984 forced this non-profit organization based in California (West) to put in standby mode since April 15 its 42 radio telescopes, called 'Allen Telescope Array 'or ATA.

These telescopes are located in northeastern California, about 500 miles north of San Francisco, and are the primary tool for detecting possible extraterrestrial communications.

"From this week, the ATA put into hibernation due to a lack of funding for the operation" Hat Creek radio telescopes, the town where they are located, wrote the director of SETI, Tom Pierson, in a letter to potential private donors dated April 22 and posted on the website of SETI.

"The entry into hibernation means that starting this week, teams are no longer available for routine observation and maintenance is assured by teams greatly reduced, " he added.

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UFO Fleet Clearly Filmed Circling Hawaii 4/2011

UFO Sighting or Royal Air Corp Fly over - William and Kate Royal Wedding...

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Amazing and terrifying interview with UFO abduction family.

The secrecy in airlines about the UFO's videos, taken during flights

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Stephen Hawking - Breaking News: 4-20-2011. Extra Terrestrial disclosure.

UFO Video Strange Metallic UFO Caught on Tape! Feburay 7 2011


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UFO Sighting Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant JAPAN _ HQ Full _ Live News !

Dangerous Asteroid Apophis is Closely Monitored

The asteroid Apophis still an interesting object to astronomers. Although that has been ruled out the possibility of impact with Earth in its next encounter with Earth on April 13, 2029. However, this approach will significantly alter its orbit, so astronomers are not sure how it could affect future encounters with our planet.

For this reason, astronomers have been eager to obtain new data to refine the details of the meeting of 2029.
However, for three years, the asteroid was "hidden" behind the Sun, however, is now visible again. This new image of Apophis (above) was taken on January 31, 2011, through the telescope at the University of Hawaii 2 2 meters on Mauna Kea. Astronomers from the University of Hawaii at Manoa point that will make repeated observations of the near-Earth asteroid potentially dangerous.

Astronomers measure the position of an asteroid by comparing the known positions of the stars who appear in the same image the asteroid. Therefore, a small error in the catalog of star positions, for example due to the slow movements of stars around the nucleus of our galaxy could affect the measurement of the position of the asteroid.

"We have to repeat the remark for several nights with different stars to average this source of inaccuracy before it can significantly improve its orbit and therefore the details of the close encounter of 2029, and the future potential impact," explained astronomer David Tholen, who co-discovered Apophis and made the concluding remarks.

The observation team obtained new images of asteroid 270 meters in diameter, when it was less than 44 º from the Sun and had a brightness one million times smaller than the faintest star visible to the human eye to eye.

Astronomers benefit from the position of Apophis in the next few months as its elliptical orbit will bring it back to the vicinity of the sun this summer, making it impossible for the observations and measurements of position. However, in 2012, Apophis will be visible for about nine months. In 2013, the asteroid will pass close enough to Earth to ultra-precise radar signals bounce off its surface.

"Radar observations are important because we can estimate the orbital parameters and also provide us with a wealth of information on the characteristics of the surface of an asteroid and its internal structure and how it might have formed," said Lance Benner, an astronomer at JPL, specializing in radar images of near-Earth asteroids. "We have to know these objects if we divert them." Speaking at the conference of the American Geophysical Union in 2009, said the radar is the most powerful astronomical technique for measuring discover asteroids and their orbits.

"We can measure its speed with an accuracy less than 1 mm per second, at a distance of up to 20 million miles from Earth. The radar will help us to calculate the trajectory much further in the future. Even within 300 years," Benner usually says that you can get images of asteroids with a resolution of 7, 5 meters per pixel, but now a new Goldstone radar system will be able to obtain resolutions of up to 1 meter per pixel.

On April 13, 2029, Apophis will approach closer to Earth than the geostationary satellites are placed telecommunications at an altitude of approximately 36,000 km. Astronomers say that Apophis will be briefly visible to the naked eye as a star-looking object moving quickly.

Marc G. Millis Tells Us How to Get Beyond The Solar System

The scientist of the U.S. space agency NASA rocket specialist, Marc G. Millis, knows what it takes to travel beyond the solar system. Here we consider what technology will help us achieve that goal.

What will replace the space shuttle?

One possibility is something that I call it momentum, "Bias." To give a rough idea of ​​how you have to fill the sink with clean water and put it in something that floats. If you put just behind the boat a small drop of detergent will see it moves away quickly.

The boat is analogous to a spaceship. It has no propulsion, what we did was change the water. In other words, rather than having a vehicle having an engine in it, changes the local properties of the surrounding space, which reacts against the vehicle and drives it forward.

What would be the best way to send a mission to colonize Mars? What would it cost to get there?

It is a moot point, but three months is a reasonable average. That would probably be using some form of nuclear propulsion. Despite the strong negative images we associate with this energy, when it comes to space flight to places like Mars and beyond, nuclear energy is promising because its energy density.

Although it would be rather a sort of mixture of nuclear energy, chemical rockets and electric propulsion, using materials such as xenon ion propulsion (electric propulsion method particularly suitable for remote space exploration that uses the energy of the partículascargadas negatively).

No Unun method is the best because there are so many possible ways in which to carry out a mission. If you send automatic vehicle without driving, we made a settlement of unmanned vehicles in the first place, we would not mind if it takes one or two years to get there, so they would have a propulsion system different than if you send a human crew.

Space flight to places like Mars requires great energy.

What would be the quickest way to visit nearby stars?

If we are talking about the fastest way in which we can begin, probably would consider the solar sails that use light as a propulsion.

But then the main problem is something called "assumption of constant obsolescence" as it does not matter which probe is sent now because the latest probe will exceed the future and reach the destination before.

Need help science fiction in his work?

The stories help me concentrate on what I really want to achieve.

Robert Forward, a famous aerospace engineer and science fiction author, said that his writing helped him to solve the technical problems of solar sails. He described the scenarios used to identify the most important issues.

It can be a tool for reflection and a way to focus on problems that need resolution.

Is Star Wars or Star Trek or?

I was a big fan of Star Trek as a kid and that inspired much of my way of thinking about science fiction. I loved the way it expanded my mind. I used to think it was education, not in the sense of information, but in the sense of enlarging the mind.

Marc G. Millis suggests that within 200 years mankind will be able to create an interstellar spacecraft.

I still enjoy science fiction now?

I went to see the latest Star Trek film and Avatar, but it is not the same as when I was a child. Now I'm more interested in whether the technology seems real.

There was very little science fiction recently and that led me to think deeply about how something should be done. It has not really been anything beyond the speed of warp drive and hyperspace in the decades that have existed. I would love something to force my brain to stretch, as previously.

When the travel of "Warp Drive" and "Hyper Space" is shown in the movies, the stars all converge on one point before they enter the ship through them "Is this what it means to travel faster than light ?

We know conclusively that if you start at zero velocity and approaches the speed of light, begins to move at a rate similar to the information they are receiving from the universe around him, which means that information is distorted.

So would all the stars and star fields collecting and turning in front of their eyes. Above the speed of light is probably all black, then you are no longer able to interact with light, because it goes faster than it. But that's speculation.

Units of space, zero-point energy and manipulation of the wormhole are some interesting topics which strangely has been fortunate to work. But did you ever get bored of your job?

Certainly there are moments of fascination and enthusiasm, usually when I'm in a group, discussing things for fun.

But there is another part of the job, when I'm reading reports and thinking of ideas, through the gory details, which is hard work. Bored? No. Frustrated and exhausted? Definitely.

The Daedalus probe design was the result of a study of the British Interplanetary Society completed in late 1970.

Quantum says:

Many years ago a study was conducted to travel to one of the closest stars in our solar system, Barnard's Star, which lies at a distance of 5.94 light years (1.82 parsecs), is the fourth nearest star and the second closest star system to our Sun after Alpha Centauri trinary system. Barnard's star is approaching us at the unusual speed of 108 kilometers per second, so every century the distance light decreases in 0,036 years.

Barnard's star, a red dwarf that can not be seen from Earth without a powerful telescope, was chosen as a hypothetical white Daedalus Project, a project of the first to be conducted to sending interstellar spacecraft to visit nearby stars. For the year 11, 800 at its closest approach, will be only 3.85 light years (1.18 parsecs) from the Sun if it were placed at the site of the Sun, Barnard's star from Earth appear to be 100 times brighter than the full moon but it would be a source of heat so weak that our atmosphere would freeze. Appears to be an old star disk that formed before the Galaxy is enriched with heavy elements and even formed around some 10 billion years, even glow by 40 billion more before they cool and become a dwarf black.

NASA ADMINISTRATOR_ U.F.O.s ETs very possible! -MARCH 2011

UFO Sighting Lafayette, Colorado - March 20, 2011

UFO FLEET ? - 1st April, 2011.

ET Craft -1st April, 2011 - still photo.

UFO's off the Starboard Bow?

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MRO Detect Possible Streams on Mars

More than a century, telescopic observers reported seeing often a "dark wave" that extended into the Ecuador of Mars from polar regions during spring and summer on the planet.

This change was believed to be the result of alien vegetation growth as polar icecaps melt. The idea of ​​seasonal growth of the red planet's vegetation persisted well into the 1960's until the arrival of images returned by spacecraft.

But really there is water on Mars. For billions of years, torrents of water flooded areas were excavated surface and large ugly large flood channels. But all that water is now frozen in ice caps or underground tanks.

This image shows a closeup of a system of grooves in the wall of a crater on Mars. NASA / JPL / MSSS

Today, Mars is a cold and dry, at least on its surface. But let's face it: we are not still captivated by the idea of ​​liquid water flowing in any place of the red plains? Is it remotely possible to find droplets dispersed in the atmosphere of Mars today?

A decade ago, the high resolution camera on Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft discovered sets of narrow ridges that snake through the walls of some craters. At that time many researchers believed that liquid water must regularly be oozing and dripping on the banks of some craters. It is still unclear how they form these grooves, but the general opinion is that there are currently active.

More recently, some polar mission scientists Phoenix warned of the presence of small bubbles attached to the legs of the landing of the ship and it was suggested that drops of water. Unfortunately, it is difficult to see in the images of Phoenix, and there is no general consensus.

Call Transitional Foothills Lines (TSLS), these narrow currents (seen here inside the crater Horowitz) may indicate the presence brine flowing on the Martian surface. This image is 200 m wide, and colors have been exaggerated to highlight subtle differences. NASA / JPL / Univ. Arizona

But there is new evidence that liquid water is indeed flowing in small quantities during the Martian summer. Evidence for this comes from high-resolution HiRISE camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been formed, grow and fade dark streams in the southern hemisphere of the planet. These lines Transitional Hillside (TSLS), as called by Alfred McEwen (University of Arizona) and colleagues, could be formed by brines containing enough salt to their freezing points to rise to 50 ° to 60 ° C. McEwen described these events yesterday at the Conference on Lunar and Planetary Science held in Texas.

The cogency of this explanation is that many of these lines have appeared and disappeared between successive passes of HiRISE. According Lujendra Ojha, a student who works with the HiRISE team, at least sets TSLS has seen change over time. Darken the surface they appear and then gradually become clear.

"These lines can go a little, with the proximity of the hottest time of day," said McEwen, "or they may progress to be made some day, but not in others."

These two images, taken in May and August 2009, show the appearance of narrow streams in the northwest slope of the crater on Mars Asimov. This image is 120 m wide. NASA / JPL / Univ of Arizona

Unlike the grooves observed by the Mars Global Surveyor, these strange lines occur only on sunny slopes, and are formed only during the relative warmth of midsummer. Why are only in the southern hemisphere, at latitudes of -32 ° to -48 °, it is not clear. It is also disconcerting to know how and where these pickles can be stored as close to the surface.

McEwen, Ojha, and others hope to get more answers soon. Look for areas especially rich in TSLS, with successive observations HiRISE and CRISM spectrometer sensitive during the austral summer.

Learn More About The Planet Mars

It is the fourth planet from the sun. Known as the red planet for their pink, the Romans identified him with the blood and put the name of their god of war.

The planet Mars has a thin atmosphere, consisting mainly of carbon dioxide, which freezes alternately in each of the poles. Contains only 0.03% water, a thousand times less than Earth.

Studies show that Mars had an atmosphere more compact, forming clouds and precipitation rivers. On the surface grooves guess, islands and coasts.

The large temperature differences cause strong winds. Soil erosion helps form of dust and sand storms which further degrade the surface.

Before space exploration, it was thought that there might be life on Mars. The observations show that it has, although he could have had in the past.

Under present conditions, Mars is sterile, can not have life. Its soil is dry and oxidizer, and get too much ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos. They are small and quick turn around the planet. This made their discovery through a telescope.

Phobos has just over 13 km for the longest side. 9,380 turn from the center, ie, less than 6,000 kilometers of the surface of Mars every 7 hours. Deimos Phobos is half the 23,460 km and turn the center in less than 30 hours.

Mars Facts:

Size: 3,397 km equatorial radius. 6,378 km.

Mean distance from Sun 227,940,000 km. 149,600,000 km.

Day: period of rotation about the axis 23.93 hours 24.62 hours

Year: orbit around the Sun 686.98 days 365.256 days

Mean surface temperature -63 º C 15 º C

Surface gravity in m/s2 9.78 m/s2 3.72 Ecuador

Bio-ufos, The Forgotten Theory

Since 1947, it introduced the concept of modern ufology, researchers have been concerned to gather testimony and evidence as they related to UFOs. Everything has been poorly for a search, which today remains sterile. Not for lack of signs that confirm their existence (another thing is its source and origin), but because none is strong enough to show the world as a settled fact.

UFOs are if explanation. Anyone who thinks otherwise has engaged in one of the "sins" prohibited the researcher, ie has been carried away by what he believed, others believe and we all want. But deep down, still without giving clarity to the obscurantism of the phenomenon of Unidentified.

We had half a century to join the list of sightings. The unsolved case files are about to fall under its own weight. And not one, not one of them, much publicity has been given or has given many benefits that have been verified as authentic. No more famous you have made a particular case has become a reality. What we would like and some others refuse to satiety. We at the zero point.

The most daring attempt to seek explanation. They dare to formulate hypotheses. UFOs may be terrestrial, extraterrestrial or inner-. There are three pregnant mother's wombs Ufology. One of them, the truth feat. The others may also. And in this ambiguous way we should move the scholars and fans of this subject. Although the most affected are usually the protagonists of the lights and beings that seem to manipulate them.

If they land, someone is cheating. Are we to assume that parallel to our society have coexisted with high-tech things that have always kept hidden his power and intentions?. Were there military, secret projects, prototypes ... in prehistory? or should we think about something else ... If you are intraterrestrial, someone is going absurdly.

It's great to think that great philosophies and cultures live by an inner sun, our planet. Whatever the apocalyptic legend that led them there. But now, with the wonderful world around us and the apparent technology represented by these UFOs if they were their own, why should they continue living like prisoners in their own kingdom?. In the case of not wanting to mingle with us, why not find another habitable planet?. Or maybe, "so long underground has made them biologically adapted to the inner life, ie, they are not human, as we understand"?. Another way-theory unassailable.

If the answer is beyond our solar system, UFOs, why they sometimes show themselves as solid objects and materials. Perhaps because our minds have not yet understood that vehicles travel through space over long distances is not feasible at present?. Someone might counter this question by mentioning the magic word ... a wormhole, but is that ... just like magic and magic is a desire, for now. Also it is not so simple.

Existing these cosmic portals do not know how they would affect the area. Great vacuum stellar sucking in matter and gravitational fields of energy, within which all atoms would disintegrate and be out, possibly swallowed the item should not do anything with the result. It is strange to hear in various media, alleged experts who know little beyond what is physically read in an article, talking about interstellar travel so easily, daring even to give as accurate theories of mathematical possibility released by space probes and space observation telescopes.

Talking about the possible existence of black holes beyond our galaxy. But what we are really saying, theoretically, is there with every possibility that the cosmos is transmuting in that particular point (ie each wormhole would be a door to nothing, our universe breaks and what is between he disappears, turning into pure energy that is ready for another big bang process at small scales).

Anyway, astronomy and astrophysics human, like everyone, is taking its first steps and part of theory. Who knows if indeed UFOs, and supposedly the crewmembers, have failed to control these cosmic vacuum cleaners, space and time?. And refinement, who tells us not to come across?. But if it is tilted in the intricate triple top choice of its origin, the harder it is between other classifications that refer to the shapes of objects, lights ... triangular, circular, oval, spherical, diamond, etc., that is, what our geometry allowed to vary. And metamorphic, metaphysical, etc., What our imagination can be allowed. Among the thousands of descriptions, there is rarely total matches, which can lead us to believe that either, the authors never become equal or not equal all the authors. Involving a variety of sources and possibilities for the same phenomenon or to what men we felt that it is the same phenomenon, which could not be.

We must be aware that the human race has not assumed that their logic may not be the logic that reigns in the universe. And that is not the first time we have been living with a mystery that we have created a legend, while the scientist came on duty that transformed it into law.

The physicist, astronomer, mathematician and philosopher named Isaac Newton's gravity, the Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus turned the Earth around the Sun, the Austrian biologist Gregor Mendel, an Augustinian religious sponsored the current genetic, etc ... who will find or run into the law of UFOs. Beyond beliefs, journalistic investigations, there have been people who have tried to find scientific sense to the performance of these lights. Jacques Vallée wanted to see explanation to the waves, Antonio Ribera showed us that each one treats the phenomenon as the prism of science that dominates and the belief that has, Juan José Benítez taught us that the UFO interested us all and from all time, thought that advocates the Swiss Erik von Daniken.

But we are certainly willing to seek the truth ... even if we disappoint? Or do you prefer to answer the question UFO true that we like and pleasing to the majority?. After all, who did not say that "this is so ... because something inside me tells me?. We are not gods. Of our human nature and involves not we know everything.

In fact, we are now peering some possible answers of things that have concerned us since antiquity: immortality, genetics, cryptozoology, etc ... I do not sound like a mystery, but science. And that makes us think that perhaps a few decades we are still surprises. Small discoveries that occur every day and that the media will be responsible for disseminating tying ropes to the outstanding enigmas and UFOs do not leak.

When we finally got to assimilate the concept of relativity by Albert Einstein stated, we saw the possibility of parallel, intertwined in size, had almost explained the premise of the phenomenon ... someone tells us that the universe is flat, the Earth has more mass, fat planet several tons each day thanks to space material falls off, or that the planet in the corner there are traces of its geology was habitable. It is time to consider new hypotheses or perhaps rescue and review some of the old ones were kept in the drawers of forgetfulness seem absurd, unscientific.

When, after the initial big-bang formed the planets began to come to our asteroid bombardment carriers of chemical elements that changed our atmosphere and lowered the heat of the planet. Then, apparently there were oceans and life began. Could they get in those asteroids ... semicreadores beings?, Who have not lost their genetic fitness to places of origin. What they could be adapted to the media hostile to other living beings are denied their physical constitution.

It is logical that before starting to consider the possibility that a number of unidentified objects could be defined as bio-UFO cases, we are clear that we mean under the banner of the term UFO. Biovnis would live unidentified body could lead to confuse the viewing with something inanimate or not. UFOs In fact, in the case to be manned not cease to be a kind of bio-UFO, a combination of machines and living organisms.

Not only because the crew could be living beings, but because the same apparent machine or light that carries part may be pregnant. Not unreasonable for those who dare to open your mind to possibilities. After all we have here on Earth, a new "calved" computer capable of playing some of their components. O chips of biological development. When the marriage of British biologists Ekdman held in his hands a fresh-caught coelacanth, a piece of the puzzle of our enigmas dislocated again. A fossil extinct ... in an Asian market.

When a group of scientists was surprised at the existence of bacteria that metabolize sulfur had realized that life had developed outside of our science, but no one could deny the evidence. But of course, was very easy to do when I was in the microscope objective. And if part of the UFO phenomenon had a biological origin and hitherto unknown land for us?. Could there be creatures living among us, invisible beings, with few exceptions where they are seen and perhaps puzzled by unidentified objects?.

We refer to types of energy vibration whose life is not like ours and we do not know any vital feature. Lebland Baisfield and oceanographers are two of the scientists who have given more input on unknown species in marine waters. Wrote in his book Cadborosaurus: Survivors of the deep, about dinosaurs and reptiles that were thought extinct but not impossible, because nothing more than dinosaurs "and evolved" in the marine habitat. Forget the physical biology and open our minds in an attempt to scrutinize this ancient UFO hypothesis, to a real life formula.

In which living things are understood not only as a body, but as an energy field in immune apparatus, etc ... On the other hand, dare to think that the places inhabited not believe our planet could be. The bottoms of the oceans, large marine graves, are good examples of sites that we thought were impossible to dwell and have proven to be fully populated, that if, for unknown forms of life, puzzling skills and attitudes necessary product of adaptation to the environment .

Since the genesis of our planet, men themselves have changed, we adapted, survived and reproduced ... other species could not have done so in places like the stratosphere, the hydrosphere, etc ...?. Metabolisms subtle and changing environment as needed. Ivan T. Sanderson in his controversial book''invisible''Residents spoke of earlier races of men, descendants of the first forms of marine life that could have been an intellectual evolution less than human. That would come occasionally to the surface, encountering anecdotal witnesses. If we took an empty glass and set him down on a table, under normal conditions, we would not see anything ... except air.

From childhood we are taught that the air were elements hydrogen, oxygen and other gases. But cohabiting among them invisible tiny life forms evolve and we played like men. And while no account let them, they are there and are part of our lives. However, to view the need to change or modify the environment, ie, learning to see. Today, the microscopic world more real to us.

Many diseases transmitted by these inhabitants of the microworld were taken yesterday, among the believers of the human race as superior entities punishment. Leviathan, the lord of the seas, knowing all the languages of the planet, a giant monstrous aspect.

Hebrew legends describe him able to throw fire, producing smoke in his nostrils. Wandering ocean leaving a trail behind him silver. The Talmud relates that two learned rabbis made a sea journey when they saw a light shining on the water. Thought they saw the eyes of Leviathan. Leviathan was a divine creation, a being deformed, but wise.

Tax to care for men or punishment. Able to fly to its creator. Guardian of treasures and magical places, the legend also attributes many cases of abductions or search engine wise men of their "mysteries" to which "swallowed up in its light or fire." During the decades of 70 and 80 many scholars of the unexplained UFO phenomena thoroughly examined from all possible fields of knowledge. Studies supported by innovative technology such as lasers began to postulate the existence of antimatter as the very real thing in the universe. Educated minds began to see amazing links between the energy field and the UFO phenomena.

Tectonic stress or TTT theory was formulated 20 years ago by Derry Persinger and sought to find explanations for natural phenomena of UFOs. According to this theory of tectonic stress release volcanoes could produce energy or gas bags, sometimes, luminescence could be the explanation for many UFO cases, especially in marine areas like the Canaries. Anyway, the Canary Islands is an example worthy of observation peculiar, because apparently these islands where the sea cut seems delimit, but extend thousands of miles beneath the sea, which could lead to the existence of an unknown form of life and why not ... amphibian.

What drew the most attention of these objects was unknown that "strange light" that describe the witnesses and that usually wrap the object or leave it. The statements by the observers repeated insistently this constant light, even in cases in which there had been assured that a solid object. The strange lights or tangible and solid unfilled varied in intensity and color, but kept in common the fact of not being annoying to the human eye, although the dimensions of the foci in many cases should have resulted in temporary blindness or glare among observers.

This fact indicates that this is a special kind of light, a spectrum or range unknown ... What we might call energy Cold ... but what kind of energy produces cold?. Of course not talking about electricity or combustion of any kind, in both cases there is a heat loss. And conversely testing by UFO researchers showed that after the presence of a UFO, more subtle instrumental thermometers showed no increase in rates, rather the opposite happened.

Something similar to what happens in the parascience when recorded presences "strange." We talk because they absorb heat energy?, Is possible. Maybe it's a logical explanation and seem prudent to understand why cases of spectacular lighting UFOs have been recorded in areas of tropical and temperate, but have also been cases where external cold places like the Russian steppes or in Norway in this regard could find the explanation in the snow. A kind of natural solar heat accumulator (similar to solar panels or mirrors). Of course everything could be coincidental. Another interesting offering is the frequent lights flicker or flash.

Some, like the Italian contacted Siragusa, described him as a heartbeat, because they give the feeling to follow a constant. The heartbeat of living produced a similar rate (systole and diastole), but that would not be sufficient detail to prove that UFOs-some of them-are biological beings, as the machines created by men (the motor ) reproduce these movements. And if it comes to what is inferred is that it is a language similar to that of animals such as eels electric?, We think that the flash is not constant, but noticeable enough variants for the construction of a language. But what?. Will it be a basic as the binary system used in our planet or how the employee in telegraphy?. Maybe. Perhaps the same function to have this subtle sound that have almost all the UFOs seen by witnesses walking distance. Many claim to have seen a faint buzz more similar to that caused by the flight of a bee to a machine with motor.

A buzz which varies according to the light itself expelled by the unidentified. The third characteristic that at this stage of the UFO phenomenon is not lost to us is marked by its movement. Usually zig-zag, but also for his uncanny ability to go from inert to acquire high speeds. No matter what way up and down, left or right and your ability to perform incredible maneuvers. Only suitable for invertebrates or free beings gear. And reversals impossible, at least for human machines.

The giant squid as the "fish" in recent days (Canary Islands and Antarctica, for example) and as part of the legend of these areas are huge (and not so much) tentacled beings, whose wave vertical or straight has nothing to do with a fish. Seen from the surface might give the impression of a huge underwater ball size they can reach 20 meters (Architenthis Dux) also can cause the illusion of light and tends to create a wake with his defensive inking.

In the Museum of Natural Tenerife can see a 10-meter squid. Also it is curious that precisely in this area of the peninsula sightings Osni constant den. However, living more agile than the machines could achieve this effect, assuming of course that the species could swim, fly, dive and master the appropriate fields, all at the same time, as they seem to do these luminances unknown or perhaps you confuses us. In Canada, where they often produce UFO sightings and reports, there is a high percentage of moving just beneath the coastal sea (OSNIS). Curiously, it is there too (like Cadboro bay) where the legends of sea snakes have bright.

This point we are very divided on which we seek an explanation for UFOs. The vast majority worldwide after reviewing the case material (each day over 300 UFOs reported global average) believe that yes, that is, a UFO has the uncanny ability to dominate the media and the elements we know: the air, fire, water, earth ... but have mastered the apparent ability to cope and move at all. For a small research group begin to open up new possibilities to the study of different media and UFOs features shown in each particular. - UFO: would be known unidentified flying objects (mid air). - Osni: unidentified underwater objects (means ocean interior). - Hophni: unidentified floating objects (average sea surface or accumulations of water.) - Oeni: unidentified extra-planetary objects (seen outside our planet.) - OSBNI: unidentified underground objects (middle ground). - Foo-fighter: unidentified fireballs (midair). During World War I foo-fighters were observed by pilots of the war from both sides involved.

Years later he would claim, as well as they had not discussed because they believed were secret weapons of the enemy. But the story, and told us chariots of fire, dragons fireballs eaters or pitchers of the same gods. Of course, our former were easier to relate this phenomenon in animals and gods, mythical mind is not our current technological intelligence. We seek more complicated explanations for UFO phenomena, as the case of foo-fighters, the definition of flying machine is nothing more tempting than the dragon ... Let us not forget that we are also more imaginative and explain things our ancestors they saw their own way, but seeing them.

Why not talk about "devices or appliances, but biological descriptions like animals ... maybe because they were more like a living thing rather than a technological object? (Example: Leviathan). At this point would be meaningless mythological beings like an angel "winged" or sirens, to cite examples. And certainly the nearest we have the world of dragons ... very similar to dinosaurs, which in its winged form or on aquatic version (plesiosaurs), small amounts could have survived the great extinction of dinosaurs . That would link the mystery of UFOs with others, such as lake animals that may be no longer living fossils of dinosaurs, but adapted to the environment changes. Someday, perhaps, we too we become bio-UFOs.

The medicine man said that could be adapted, in mind and body, a marine habitat. In the current research, and experimenting with the possibility that man can adapt to the marine and space. Where the most serious problems would reduce blood oxygenation and atmospheric pressure, which influences it and the brain stem. Jean Cousteau, and dreamed of such developments. And what if the previous inhabitants of the planet would advance, either by natural selection or genetic?.

If you lived and survived in the hidden depths necessarily have developed, by the laws of biological adaptation evolved species, particularly as the speed of light (as if the big fish and have abysmal pits) and the same would happen if vital adaptation had been above the stratosphere, where atmospheric pressure and low light ... and the same option would have suffered if they had completed dwelling in the caves inside the planet. In the case of possible existence of unknown life forms in our skies and seas, and if relevant to the present casuistry ufology. It should be stressed that their behavior should be individualistic beings, as shown in lesser number as a general rule.

Although they may live in packs of 7 to 9 members, maximum number of UFO sightings ... and could be preferred sites for reproduction. Which would explain its maximum presence in places such as Bermuda, where ships and planes usually have disappeared being found decades later part of his spoils. Bio-UFO just behave like any other kind to a being known as the man we would observe, but only directly attack us when we did we feel threatened or when they or their relatives. Today, science is daily amazed at the possibilities of life that appear in unexpected places. Some designed for biological development as were the interiors of volcanoes or high radioactivity planets such as Mars or Jupiter.

Within a crater in 1998 were found spores of bacteria that used to live bases of sulfur and carbon are not as usual in unknown beings. Mars for millennia brought us a meteorite found inside which bases for microbial life. Jupiter (and some of its moons) has shown to our science radio telescopes large amounts of water ice that allow the existence, at least of the elements necessary for life. And the surprise came into the world of biologists precisely the hand of a lizard found in South Dakota (USA). Exactly fossilized heart showed the world that had four cavities and blood had been hot for the big Thescelosaurus "Willo". Any of these ideas would have been absurd a few years ago, but have not been perhaps by the same equation of possibilities. Theories that UFOs but if some part of that are seen before the astonished witnesses could be caused by an unknown life form.

Like the Dolphins have an affinity and curiosity about the man, these bio-UFOs might be tempted to flying objects such as aircraft entering its territory, barely a century ago, going down to the water well for a little over a century, and in which case they would not be new, but we who dare to introduce in their domains. Perhaps all that points to the existence of UFOs bio-defined not as artifacts but as "living beings", look in the eyes of the UFO enthusiasts downplay the UFO phenomenon. However, it is not. Because it enriches the possibilities and give the explanation of the mystery.

Nasa and Microsoft Released an Interactive Website That Allows Surfers to Explore The Red Planet

NASA and Microsoft released an interactive website that allows surfers to explore the red planet, according to a statement from the U.S. space agency and the first global software publisher.

The site "be a Martian"("is a Martian") invites the public to help researchers in their work, such as better maps of Mars.

"We live in an age when everyone can be an explorer, "said Doug McCuistion, director of the Mars exploration program at NASA.

Internet users can for example count the number of craters on the surface of Mars, a daunting task, given the large number of them.

"A collaboration of thousands of participants can help scientists make more accurate maps, "they said NASA and Microsoft in a statement.

The site contains hundreds of thousands of photographs of the red planet, many of which have never been published before.

The page address is beamartian.jpl.nasa.gov

False Cases on The UFO Phenomenon and Alien

For decades, the UFO phenomenon has generated throughout the world thousands of pictures, testimonials, documentaries and research by some of the world's most powerful governments.

The most striking were those in which the researchers had made contact with the very alien cases that was recorded through photographs, and some even documentaries.

Eventually it was discovered that these great stories were nothing more than delusions. Lies that were considered as true for many years and, in some cases, cast doubt on the scientific community. Here are some of the most representative:

Area 51: perhaps the mecca of everything related to UFOs. We talked about a military base in the state of Nevada, 170 miles from Las Vegas, USA. For decades it was subject to intense surveillance because it is said that inside were the remains of a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.

A local farmer said that it was a "flying disk", but that crashed U.S. government sources say was a weather balloon. Still, this is a place whose existence has led to major conspiracy theories, successive U.S. governments have been responsible (do not know whether voluntarily or not) to feed. It has denied its existence, it has been argued that it was a place for experimentation with extraterrestrial material, but what has always denied is that inside are the remains of ships from another world and alien bodies. But perhaps what has cast doubt over the area 51 has been the following case.

The alien autopsy: 28 August 1995, a record of 17 minutes turned the world, being a video in which an autopsy was performed one of the captured alien Roswell crash. In 2006, the producer of the film, Ray Santilli said it was a hoax and said that the alleged alien was made of chicken meat.

Hundreds of declassified UFO cases in Great Britain in March 2009, British intelligence officials carefully reviewed hundreds of UFO cases registered for decades. What was written as "UFO sighting" by the British military, and private air traffic controllers, the visit turned out to be spy planes from the U.S., of which there was no knowledge.

The "stealth bomber" and was known to the B-2 Spirit, a U.S. warplane whose design caused many to mistake him for a UFO. The CIA estimated in its day, half of the UFO sightings of the decades of 50 and 60 were nothing that this type of aircraft.

The 'Tunguska Event', one of the most striking and more research has led to a conclusion without reaching 100% accurate. An area of Siberia a century ago received a barrage of power which left charred terrain similar to the current extent of Tokyo. What caused it? Although the crash of a flying saucer was maintained between the scenarios for a while, was discarded. Several possibilities being considered: an asteroid or a nuclear explosion (scientists estimate that a thousand times more powerful than Hiroshima).

The 'Montauk Monster': a strange creature was photographed in 2008 on a beach in Montauk, on the state of New York. The picture turned to the U.S. and many ways echoed the hypotheses about the strange creature was said to be an alien, a laboratory experiment ... But soon after it was learned that a man who requested anonymity admitted that he was behind the deception.

The 'humanoid on Mars': many echoed a strange image captured by NASA's Explorer Spirit, which could be seen a figure that resembled a naked man walking on Mars. The U.S. space agency made it clear that it was a rock with a 'whimsical' caused by erosion. Many bloggers and tabloid headline, however, "is there life on Mars?".

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