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lunes, 3 de enero de 2011

UFOs: Mysterious lights in the Moon

Do you believe in abductions?

Ufos: The Roswell case

The headlines were dramatic: "The RAAF captures flying saucer on a ranch in Roswell," "The Army says it has found a flying disc," The Army is a flying saucer on a ranch in New Mexico. " On July 8, 1947, the press officer at the base of the U.S. Air Force in Roswell (Roswell Army Air Field, RAAF) had launched the biggest news of the century.

The premise was disclosed to noon, New Mexico, and due to time differences in the U.S. was late for most morning newspapers, but appeared in some evening. The initial press release was extended by the airbase, and both the sheriff's office and local newspapers were besieged by an anxious public. Suddenly, amid much anticipation, the Army changed his story: it was a UFO, but only a balloon.

The headlines today settled took for the story: "The news about flying saucers loses interest, the" album "New Mexico is just a weather balloon." For several days, appeared in many newspapers images of the alleged remains, and then ceased information about the incident for thirty years.

The crashed saucer story would have remained unknown had it not been for a casual conversation between nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, a television director of Louisiana. One day in 1978, while waiting to be interviewed about his work on UFOs, Friedman started a conversation with the station director, who said I should talk to a man named Jesse Marcel. "When I was in the Army, Marcel went on to play one of those pieces of flying saucers. He now lives in Houma, Louisiana."

An eyewitness

The next day, Friedman made contact with Jesse Marcel, information officer of the RAAF when the alleged accident occurred near Corona, 120 miles from Roswell. Marcel said he was ordered to pick up the pieces and deliver them to Wright Field (Ohio), where the Army stored captured enemy material. Not remember the exact dates.

"Meanwhile, the press officer, Walter Haut, officially announcing the news, which would be denied the same day stating that it was a weather balloon.

The UFO researcher William Moore, who worked with Friedman, won the account of a witness who gave a time frame of events. In the first issue of Flying Saucer Review, the television presenter Hughie Green stated that, near Philadelphia, heard on the car radio that the army had recovered a UFO. He tried to find out more about the case, but to no avail. Although not much, I had a date: late June or early July 1947.

Research in Depth

Moore found the newspapers of July 8, 1947 covering the Corona-Roswell incident. Articles appeared in the dates and names of the rancher, the sheriff and RAAF personnel. Friedman and Moore interviewed 62 people connected with the event, including Bill Brazel (son of the rancher who found the remains), some neighbors and Loretta Proctor, who had even picked up pieces, and the son of Jesse Marcel.

Haut, the official press had given the history, still living in Roswell, and thanks to his yearbook was able to locate witnesses and other details of the event. In 1986, Friedman and Moore had interviewed 92 people and published six articles. Friedman told the producers of Unsolved Mysteries of the desirability of issuing a report about Roswell in his program on NBC-TV. In August 1989, while filming in Roswell, Friedman met Glenn Dennis, a former employee of Ballard Funeral Home, which provided services to the air base.

For the first time, Glenn said the anomalies taken place in the base hospital in the summer of 1947. Not only was consulted on how to handle "small bodies", but was expelled by force from the hospital on your next visit.

Were alien bodies found at the scene of the accident? Dennis thinks so. She says she met a base nurse told him that two doctors had performed an autopsy on a dead "very smelly." According to Dennis, these bodies had gray-brown skin, large heads, slits or holes for a nose, ears and mouth, four tiny fingers, no thumb, and devoid of hair. After several meetings with Dennis, the nurse disappeared, apparently transferred to Britain, but when I tried to get in touch with her his letters were returned marked "Deceased."

That Unsolved Mysteries broadcast in September 1989 was a success: it was seen by 28 million people in the U.S.. It was followed by an avalanche of books, TV programs and attacks from critics. By then, investigators had split into two factions, although both agreed that a UFO had crashed on the Foster ranch, one, in which Friedman himself included, thought he had a second accident occurred in San Augustine (New Mexico).

Another UFO?

The theory of a second accident was based primarily on the testimony of two key witnesses. The first, Gerald Anderson, was contacted after seeing Friedman in 1990, the replacement of Unsolved Mysteries documentary At that time, the other witness, Grady Barnett, had told his story to two friends who later told Friedman.

Both witnesses told almost the same, the discovery of alien bodies at the site of the crashed saucer. According to Anderson, one of the aliens survived the crash landing. Meanwhile, however, Barnett had died and the story of Anderson could not be tested. Many ufologists believe not just in the crash of San Augustine.

The facts of Corona enjoy greater credibility. In the work of Friedman Crash at Corona, written with Don Berliner, published in 1992, resolve some of the mysteries of history. Now we just have to see what you can give it the declassification of official documents concerning the case, ordered in June 1997.

Roswell: The Complete History

The story of the Roswell crash began on July 2, 1947, when Mac Brazel heard a loud bang in the middle of thunderstorm.

The next morning, Brazel, who was the manager of the Foster Ranch, located between Roswell and the City of Corona, went to inspect a water pump. Along the way he discovered an area of one kilometer long strewn remains of a material that, when folded, turned to straighten spontaneously.

There were also pieces of what later came to be called "I-joists, which had strange symbols engraved lavender. These beams were as light as balsa wood and could not break or burn.

On June 6, Brazel returned to the place, loaded the remains he could in his old truck and delivered to the sheriff of Roswell, who in turn showed the captain Marcel. He examined them and said they were from a very strange material unlike anything he had seen.

As information officer of the only unit of the atomic bombing of the world, those of Marcel deserved some credibility. The head of the Roswell base, William Blanchard ordered Marcel and Sheridan W. Cavitt, a counterintelligence official, who accompany the rancher to the spot and collected the remains.

The Find

In his book, Crash at Corona, Friedman picks Marcel's testimony: "The remains were scattered over a vast area. They were not something that had crashed or had exploded on impact with the ground. It was something that exploded while flying at high speed. My opinion as understood in aviation is that it was not a weather balloon or an airplane or a missile. "

The two men carried in their vehicles all the pieces they could, leaving a lot of them. On the return trip to Roswell, Marcel stopped at home to teach some of the remains to his wife and son.

The next morning, Colonel Blanchard ordered sealed off the area. Sent a group of soldiers and military police to the ranch, and proceeded to a thorough search throughout the area. Back to Roswell, Lt. Haut, press officer, announced the capture of a flying saucer. The news was broadcast on local radio and appeared in the afternoon editions of newspapers in the area.

Meanwhile, Major Marcel was ordered to ship the remains of the alleged flying saucer on a B-29 and move them to Wright Field (now Wright-Patterson base), in Ohio, stopping at the headquarters of the 8th. Air Force in Fort Worth (Texas).

Meanwhile, in Washington, the head of Strategic Air Command had been informed of the case and had contacted the Chief of Staff of Fort Worth, and instructed to invent an alternative history and leave incident management in the hands of Gen. Roger Ramey, the head of that base.

When Marcel landed in Fort Worth, Ramey said he did not say anything, he took charge of the case. Irving Newton, forecaster at the base, was the scene a few pieces of a weather balloon and radar reflector, made of sheet aluminum and wooden rods. Marcel posing with the remains false and told the press that she made a mistake, it was not a flying saucer, but a radar reflector.

The new version of the story was broadcast at 17 pm, too late for newspapers, except the last edition of the Los Angeles Herald Express. The caption said "The general believed to be fragments of a weather radar."

Discovery of Bodies

Cleaning the Foster ranch and its surroundings lasted a week, during which prohibited Marcel to speak with anyone. The search for remains was expanded and two days later, he found the main element of the flying saucer, and only 1,600 m of it, the bodies of some aliens.

In 1990, Stanton Friedman interviewed a military photographer, identified only as FB, which claimed to have seen some bodies in a field near Corona. FB was stationed at the Anacostia Naval Air Station (Washington DC), when he and another photographer were ordered to go to Roswell. Once there, the two men were taken to a tent pitched in a field and told them to photograph their content. "I saw four bodies," said FB. The head seemed disproportionately large.

Since January 1995, more than thirty countries are published excerpts of the alleged autopsy of an alien. The appearance of the alleged alien from the movie is consistent with the descriptions of eye witnesses, and the cameraman claims to have shot the story on May 31, 1947, near Socorro (New Mexico). Did UFO third accident occur?

Interview with Gerald Anderson

The only live witness called Roswell Gerald Anderson. When the interview was conducted 53 years. He lives in Springfield, Missouri, United States forty years UnidosDurante silent for "fear of retaliation" and in 1989 decided to tell the incredible experience she had lived with his parents, brother, uncle and cousin.

In 1947, Anderson lived in New Mexico, was only five and a half years, and what he starred caused surprise and excitement.

His story was submitted to a lie detector test and regressive hypnosis. Never contradicted. Today, after the video where the highway was an ET course, his testimony sheds new light on the notorious case. Although coronary artery blockage, and beyond fear, silence and pressures, the memory of Anderson prevails over oblivion. This is the truth ...

"I saw a UFO and four aliens"

The sun is a fire blanket. The boy feels that hot air will pierce the nose and the stifles. He hates this weather, though his parents told him that as soon get used. Only a month ago that his family had moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. The climate and social environment were better in the north, where he was born and raised, but his dad was precision machinery operator and dreamed of working at Sandia Corporation, the prestigious military nuclear facility in New Mexico. The boy's eyes now seek shade somewhere in the plain, but not found.

Hears his father say that's barely eleven o'clock, but the heat must go above and 45 degrees. Suddenly feels an irrepressible thirst, but decides to keep quiet. He knows that there is nothing to take to reach the ranch of a famous family, who live to thirty minute drive away. Try and train first by throwing stones at Glenn, his older brother, or knowing smiles across her cousin Victor, also more and more wicked than himself. Then turned to what had really come to make this remote place called Plains of San Agustin: find attractive colored stones that his brother later changed to cigarettes, ensuring a tip and sometimes a few puffs on it. Suddenly, his eyes were caught in an object emitting light reflections, and about 100 yards from where they were.

His father and older brother saw it too, but thought they came from a broken bottle glass that reflected the sun As they approached the scene, the light intensity was higher and now the whole family wondered what he saw. Forty meters later, Gerald (Jerry) Anderson, then was five and a half, ever seen anything similar imagined in any comic book or science fiction: "I never knew if my surprise was bigger than my excitement ( confesses now sitting in the living room of his home in Springfield, Missouri). All I know is that this experience has forever changed my life and my beliefs. "

Today, at age 60, the memory of this incident, Anderson is so vivid as when I was a kid. For his life and many things happened, good and bad: he lived 18 years against their will in Albuquerque, he moved north, married and divorced, was sheriff in a small town in Missouri, remarried. It is now director of security at the University of Missouri, is a devotee of the Episcopal church, and after overcoming a terrible coronary blockage that almost causes a heart attack feels "born again." Just what he saw that day in Plains marked him for life. "The worst thing is I could not tell anyone about my experience nor forget. I took her life as both a cross and an honor ", follows.

Is open and transparent look smile. When he speaks, his voice hoarse, issued almost two meters tall, commands respect and security. Always knew that his story is unique. Today, with his family then and otos protagonists of the event, now deceased, Gerald Anderson stands as the only living witness of Roswell. Interestingly, it was an accident which caused his testimony is now known worldwide: in 1989, after seeing on television the "Mysteries of the unknown", dedicated to the Roswell incident, Anderson decided to call the number on screen explaining who he was. It had been just under 45 years of that episode. "I realized that the original actors had already died and other witnesses were second or third hand (says). I figured that my contribution could be very useful in clarifying the truth. "

Anderson believed that it was time to get out of the darkness and silence, to defy government threats, of telling the story as he had lived, without fear, pressure or subterfuge. His testimony, which trancribe then it is unique and revealing. A historical document.

"The first thing he said was something my cousin Victor. 'There is something strange. " We were about a hundred yards of a silver, circular object was rooted to the ground angle. Around the object had burnt vegetation, some still burning bushes, two or three trees that had been as cut in two, with the trunk apparently burned at the top. 'Here is something crashed, "Dad said I do not know if it's a blimp or something like that. In those moments, we were like twenty yards from the device and that was when my brother shouted 'this is a spaceship ... are Martians', then we started to freak out, walking, talking among ourselves and turning around the dial. Suddenly, I felt very scared. Especially when I saw three children lying on the floor beside the Frisbee. Another was sitting. Two of which were drawn directly were not moving. They had a sort of bandages everywhere and one even had her arm covered with those strips that looked like fabric. I approached one of them, who had a band at the waist and another on the shoulder.

He who was seated stood up and apparently was helping others with these bands I say. One that was right next to him breathing hard, so unusual. Was obviously in great pain. The other two remained motionless. The only moving, as I said before, was sitting at first and was shocked to see us. Began to retreat in panic. At first my family and I only made exclamations of surprise.

The most excited was my cousin Victor, who jumped from side to side, getting everywhere, between confused and fearful. My brother Glenn was looking at the record and took the step to Victor, who was poking his head through the crack that the ship was in the middle, to sit on it, with one leg in and half out of the flying saucer. Glenn asked him not even close, not the hard thing exploded.

Then did the same to Glenn Victor, climbing up the crack and sitting in the middle, with one leg outside and another inside the object. I was there, watching.

Meanwhile my dad and Ted were kneeling next to the creature that was alive, and Ted was talking. The creature did not respond. When someone is moved, the frightened creature was down and lifted their hands in unison, as if afraid to hurt him. Seemed fine, although there were a couple of breaks in his uniform. Instead, his teammates were visibly injured, and their uniforms were destroyed. Seemed to come from a terrible war! However, I did not see anything that looked like blood. But I noticed a metal box about the creature that was alive. Within it, there was that kind of cloth for bandages, such as covering part of the body. I think it was an emergency kit.

Breathing hard which seemed to have a broken leg or something. Others showed no deformities or something. I touched one of the creatures and never moved. By the way her eyes were like staring into space, I thought he was dead. I remember when I played it was very cold. I wondered why he had covered the bodies of their comrades. I think we cover our dead because we are afraid to watch. I thought that this practice makes sense here, on Earth, but perhaps not for them.

At one point I thought they were dolls. There was something that did not seem real to them, but one moved and reacted. I remember having put my hand on the wheel and noticed that the surface was cold, as if inside were cooled. Since we were under the blazing sun in the middle of a desert, had been normal that the unit had fallen high temperatures, but no.

The area adjacent to where I put my hand was also very cold compared to others nearby. In fact, all around us was very hot, but near the disc was very cold. "

- How close were you the alien alive?

"I'd say less than a meter. Not as much as I approached my dad and uncle. They were crouched at his side. At one point, my uncle Ted was alive touched the shoulder, as if trying to console him. At this point the creature and not recoil in fear, with their hands up, as before.

- Why did you go behind the record?

"Because my brother Glenn was there, in fact, wanted to know was my brother, who was putting his head so deep that even hurt his face. Also I could see what was inside. Appeared as electronic components, propulsion or something. They were all connected by very thin wires hanging out of the crack. Some of them flew in the wind like pony tails, and had lights all around, which also varied and flickered. When the breeze stirred, looked like fire.

In the center of the ship had something like red hieroglyphs, although as stamped on a brown background. Some lights went out and lit, a green and others yellow.

- Were the color of the lights hanging off the crack?

"Some were bright red, others bright but more whitish. Some, especially the red ones, were very bright and intense fluctuating, sometimes it really shiny and other diffuse. I never got to put both head into the crack as my brother Glenn, who told me it was very cold there.

- How big was the crack?

"I'd say about three meters. Began almost from the bottom of the disc and was almost to the top of the dome above. I believe that should be about one meter wide. The vertical crack was elliptically, like a giant parentheses. The widest part seemed to be towards the center. Looked as if something inside had exploded, opening and folding its outer material, leaving very sharp edges. There was also a strong smell, similar perhaps to alcohol or something. This was what motivated my father to repeat to my older brother who did not smoke at the risk of exploit.

It was at that moment a group of five college students and their professor, Dr. Buskirk (can not remember his first name), approached the scene. Were conducting an archaeological dig a few miles away, but after watching last night what they thought was a meteorite that had crashed, took off to inspect the area. Upon arriving and seeing the same thing that my family and me, his reactions were very similar.

First surprised and then went into shock. I remember Buskirk told Dad that he spoke several languages and tried to communicate with the alien, but without success. Then tried Buskirk understood by signs, but to no avail.

- What happened?

"He came in the army and started the terror. The one who gave the orders was a redhead of bad manners, arrogant and powerful. He was accompanied by a black soldier who executed all his boss asked. Surrounding everything apart with the butts of their rifles and ordered not to open the mouth. Within minutes it was like an invasion. Dad told him that if we were talking about that episode with someone bury us alive in the desert. As Dad was about to start work at Sandia Corporation, asked us if I did not want dirty background. I said I was dying of thirst and I was denied water. I will never forget.

- The cast of the place?

"We ordered: -" get out there, do not look back and do not open your mouth! ".- While we were in the car, we saw hundreds of soldiers in trucks and on foot, and planes that had landed on the road.

- Have you ever talked about this with anyone?

"Only with my brother and when we were alone. Sometimes, while playing with my friends, also escaped me something. Dad and Uncle Ted have always maintained silence, although I know that when he retired from Sandia, many years after the incident, my father told a friend.

- Have you ever had dreams or nightmares about ET?


- Why did he spend so many years to talk?

"For fear of threats and that if something had taken me crazy. But when I saw on TV that other witnesses had also come to the fore, I chose the same path.

I do not seek fame or money with this. In fact, after my heart problem, I moved and only a few acquaintances can find me. In this interview I agreed because I was called Stanton Friedman, a serious researcher I respect and admire because he seeks the truth.

- Is there any scientific corroboration that you tell the truth?

"So I submitted twice to a lie detector. In addition, the American psychologist John Carpenter also hypnotized me several times. The result was invariably the same: my experience there and is real. My story has no contradictions.

"Obviously, you think there is extraterrestrial life ...

- Of course! You have to look carefully at the night sky to realize that in light of the Cosmos all that seems crucial and important on Earth, has less significance and dimension that we give the land.

Interestingly, Anderson never returned to the scene until 1990, or 43 years later. He did it as part of a delegation of research, funded by the American entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, along with specialist psychologist Stanton Friedman and John Carpenter, who had already made several regressive hypnosis sessions with Anderson.

They came to the Plains of San Agustin in a helicopter. "Anderson jumped as soon as we touched ground and ran to where she remembered having seen the flying saucer and its crew embedded 4 ET (Friedman explains.) His excitement was undeniable and created an atmosphere of authenticity, as he took us from one side to another, pointing, gesturing and repeating quotes from him and his family that day. "

Anderson recalled that at that time, when there were only plains, dirt roads, the occasional rustic ranch and a windmill. In 1990 everything was the same except the aggregate, a little further north, a group of 27 radio telescopes called The Very Large Array, which stretches over 20 kilometers, configured together in a sort of "Y" surely the world's largest radio telescope. After observing the reactions of Anderson in the scene, the psychologist summed up: "There is no basis to doubt his honesty or his motives. Furthermore, in the account he gave in situ as in previous studies that performed under hypnosis for a year, there are no contradictions. I am convinced that tells the truth as he saw it and lived it. "


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