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viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

Alien craft classes

Excellent list of 14 classes of ships with more sightings that have been observed throughout history, as we have been photographed, filmed and narrated by eyewitnesses.

Type 1: Time

sábado, 20 de noviembre de 2010

Apollo Moon Nasa Strange Structure

Censored NASA News, Mars Rover killed tiny humans. Cover-Up


The dissimilar leisure sabotages another antique underneath the trapped crossroad.
a sprocket found in the backseat

There was life on planet MARS

Life On MARS? - New Scientific Evidence - Bullet Version

The Secret - Evidence We Are Not Alone - Full Length Feature

UFOs The Best Evidence 1 - The Visitors

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UFOs The Best Evidence 2 - The Government Cover-Up

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They discover that a vast ocean covered a third of the surface of Mars

a sprocket found in the backseat


http://www.marsanomalyresearch.com/ will have the ability to view photos of landscapes of Mars and the Moon as < /

The real origin of UFOs?

Some time ago, a NASA researcher conducted some tests related to the dynamics of gases, initially had nothing to do with the UFO phenomenon. In order to see how they moved a certain gases, let it go a little ball of glowing gas in weightlessness and, after analyzing the video he shot, he found a great discovery: the balls were moving in a manner identical to the way that stories about UFOs describe their movements.

From here, a logical explanation about the appearance of UFOs would be: in the space there is plenty of hydrogen, since it is 75% of the universe's matter. Thus, in the layers of our atmosphere would not be difficult to form large pockets of such gas, and the Sun, under certain circumstances, lit. This is how it could give the same conditions as in the NASA experiment, and the result would be a bright ball moving across the sky at great speed and twists. Just what some say they have come to see in the sky.

All this remains to be confirmed, but could be a first step to explain the UFO phenomenon, which some relate to alien craft.

What we call UFOs?

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